50 Bold & Motivational Tom Morello Quotes

My favorite quotes are from my favorite musicians. I’m a big fan of The Clash, The Black Keys, and The Beatles.

He is a rock singer and guitarist and is the lead guitarist of the band Rage Against the Machine.

His career in rock music started in 1980s. His style of playing in guitar is known the world over. He is often touted as one of the greatest guitarists and is known for his solo in the hit ‘Sweet Transvestite’. He is often asked to perform with other artists.

Morello was also recognized for his political beliefs as a progressive and the social justice activist. In 2006, he was given the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award by the Eleanor Roosevelt Institute.

If you have a dream, and you don’t pursue that dream, you will die in your bed some night. You have to get up and chase it. Your life will never be as good as your goals. Keep your eyes up, your hands dirty. Work and sweat, work and sweat.

50 Bold & Motivational Tom Morello Quotes

Morello is against government spying and claims that even though he is a liberal, he still wants the government to be fair to everyone.

There are people living in poverty on a daily basis – and there are huge corporations that exploit the labour of people in third-world countries. In fact, it is both feasible and necessary that we all live better.

I agree with Tom, you can change the world and make it better by working with hackers, programmers and the people who have been oppressed. We can also take down the government.

Tom Morello thinks that new artistic challenges help you grow both as a person and as an artist. This could be a good way of staying motivated as an artist, as well as growing as a person.

The musician said that he grew up in the music business and was never rebellious.

 The U.S. economy was built on slavery and it is based on a system of oppression where the wealthy and powerful make demands of the working class and the poor.  The American system produces the most unequal and unhealthy society in the world. It is the reason so many people are struggling to survive, which leads to the third freedom. The freedom to be a slave.

The guitarist says the reason he doesn’t do things fearlessly is that he tries to make an honest assessment of where he is at and where he needs to go. He has a lot of ideas and he hasn’t done a good job of sticking with anything.

Tom Morello Interview (2009)
Tom Morello sits down with the LA Times to talk about his new solo album, The Atlas Underground, and his history with Rage Against The Machine.

Tom Morello is an activist that is not afraid of rocking the political boat by saying what he thinks. He is one of the most outspoken and active guitar players in the world.

10th of 50 Tom Morello Quotes

Singer and guitarist who has played in several bands over the years (see Wikipedia).

That statement makes sense because I think music is like a force. It has this power. And the most powerful music is music with purpose. It’s what we are saying when we say we are going to do something or we are going to stand up or we are going to resist or we are going to protest something. It’s the most powerful song, because it carries the message in it. But it also carries the emotion, and it’s the best kind of energy. It’s a good kind of positive energy. And it’s a good energy to have out there. And that’s what I think it is about.

Morello said that, as musicians and artists, our responsibility is to tell the truth and the best way to do that is through our music, art and ideas.

Tom Morello says that tonight is the rock and roll all night and party everyday hall of fame.

I was born into a family where music was in the forefront of every aspect of life. Whether it was the music lessons our parents would take us to, or the music lessons we would take ourselves, learning about music was a big part of life.

   Guitar is the foundation that underlies metal. Without the guitar no guitar, no metal. I’ve always been on a personal mission to save the guitar. It’s kind of like a father/son thing where I’ve always wanted to pass on to my sons what I learned from my own father. We need to pass on the guitar. There was a time when music was about music, not money. We need to restore that.

I was a fan of heavy metal music when I was younger. First I had the punk rock and then I moved onto the hip hop stuff.

I understand and appreciate your position, but I still believe your position is wrong. It’s time for us to question authority.

20th of 50 Tom Morello Quotes

There are many more examples of people being violent in the service of the greater good, but you get the point. The list of violent protests is long and includes the Revolutionary War, Civil War, American labor strikes, and many others.

I agree with Tom. However, I think there is one difference in the treatment of Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning: Snowden wants nothing more than to get out of this and return to his life, while Bradley Manning wants to make a positive change for the better in the world.

The guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and the Prophets of Rage is also a very committed environmentalist. He’s very outspoken against fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

In this case, I think the cause of poverty is the violence that can arise from inequality. So, you can’t have a meaningful conversation about poverty without discussing violence, which is what I was thinking about in the last part of the sentence.

I do not know who Tom Morello is, but he is the embodiment of the machine he is raging against – the Republican Party – for 2 decades.

Tom Morello talks about his upbringing and growing up in a small, conservative town in the suburbs of Chicago.

While Morello has been described as a “fusion of Bruce Springsteen and Rage Against the Machine,” you can find a lot of African influence in his music. In fact, he is a proud Kenyan and a proud African.

Tom Morello said his main concern is when people are considered terrorists for questioning a leader. He doesn’t feel that the people in power have enough knowledge of issues to make informed decisions.

Tom Morello explained that the real estate agent was hired to find an apartment for him and his wife because of the potential racial issues involving renting to an interracial couple.

30th of 50 Tom Morello Quotes

No.1 and 2 can’t be the best. Only one can be the best, because the others, they’re just a bunch of other people. If we could have our way, we’d eliminate the whole thing and just go to a Battle of the Bands. But we don’t have that kind of power, so we’re stuck with this thing.

I think the idea that resistance is necessary to keep things in balance and that we need it is true. And I think, when you think about a large part of the population of the world being disenfranchised, it’s just a very sad thing.

The rock guitarist didn’t start playing traditional music until he was a teenager, and he made his mark as a virtuoso by the time he was 18.

When you listen to a band like Slayer, you know that you don’t have to dig very deep to find the dark places in your own psyche.

We make music to protest the ills of society and the problems that we see in the world. We don’t have to be a part of the problem, but we do have an obligation to be a part of the solution. It’s important for us to stay vigilant and make sure we don’t let anything take away our right to protest and to speak out on the issues that we have an interest in.

While musicians, fans, and grassroots political organizers are a powerful force for social justice, a job is a job. Musicians, fans, and grassroots political organizations can’t make people to spend money and hire musicians.

I love the lyrics because they are inspiring and they show how much Tom Morello cares about the world and about the people in it. He wants to see people willing to stand up and do things. He wants people to get angry and not be afraid to stand up to change the world. It’s so great to see that kind of love from a musician.

Well, that’s true, I suppose. But it’s not to Springsteen’s detriment or Rage Against the Machine that he doesn’t understand them. I think he’s just as confused with Rage Against the Machine as he is with the Beatles or the Beach Boys or the Who or the Rolling Stones or The Grateful Dead or whatever.

A band that calls themselves Tom Morello has released a song about Donald Trump. He was elected to be the next President of the United States and he said he would “Make America Great Again”.

The fact that the guitarist doesn’t play the guitar like Eddie Van Halen is intentional. He doesn’t use the frets, the double stops, and different techniques (like finger tapping). He uses chords. Tom loves Eddie but he’s not gonna say that Eddie played Eddie Van Halen like he played.

40th of 50 Tom Morello Quotes

I can’t help but believe that the skin you’re in makes choices for you.

A song should make people wanna tap their foot and get with their girlfriend. And a great song should make police and suburbs burn. I’m only interested in writing great songs.

Tom Morello integrated Libertyville, Illinois (actually the town is named Villa Park), the town was home to thousands of white residents. Morello was the first person of color to reside in the town.

There is a huge disparity between the rich and the poor in the United States. If you are poor, you don’t have the same rights as a rich person because the rich person has their own rights that you do not have.

Tom Morello is an extremely politically aware musician. He’s an avid Trump supporter. It’s no wonder then that his views on elite status are very similar to Trump’s.

[Note from the writer]: At this point, I began a new paragraph in order to set up the following sentences.

I don’t understand how his ideas are “antithetical to the message of Rage.” Morello’s lyrics are mostly about economic struggles of working class people, which is pretty much the same message of Rage, only without the use of “f” words.

Electric Sheep are a doom metal band from Birmingham, Alabama. The band has only released one album, an eponymous self-titled release in 1993. Their main influences are bands like Sabbath and Black Sabbath, and they are also known for having a song called ‘Limp Bizkit’ on their EP.

In the 1980s record companies made money by selling music. In the 2000s, record companies make money by selling CDs. Record companies were the business that made music. In the 21st century, music is more expensive than water.

In the year 2000, everyone gathered together and decided that they were tired of the shit that they had been doing for the past two thousand years. They wanted to stop wasting their time on petty conflicts and to instead focus their efforts on creating something great. So, while most of the world celebrated the coming of the new millennium, the few million people of New York City decided to celebrate it in a completely different way. They set off a massive firecracker.

People living in poverty tend to get sicker and worse off, but it’s not profitable to invest more resources into making them better.

Well, I think that’s exactly what I wanted to say. I’m sure there are bands out there that would never want to be the second-best band on one of their shows. I think we all agree on that.


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