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Artificial intelligence is a technology that allows a machine to learn human behavior, and machine learning is a subset of AI that allows a machine to learn automatically. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not the same, but they are very closely related, and Machine Learning is a subcategory of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the ability to use memory, knowledge, experience, understanding, reasoning, imagination, and judgment to solve problems and adapt to new situations. When exhibited by machines. 

For example,

i) This technology is being used in autonomous vehicles, like the Google Car

ii) Apple’s Assistant Siri

Applications of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence is being used in the following applications

  • Autonomous vehicles (such as drones and self-driving cars)
  • Medical diagnosis in cancer research 
  • Predicting the chances of getting ill or a disease
  • Proving mathematical theorems
  • Playing games (such as chess or go) and predicting the outcomes
  • Predicting which number on a lottery ticket may win
  • Search engines (such as Google search)
  • Online assistants (such as Siri) 

The set of controls in AI will be highly complex because of the nature of the processing of information and must be dealt with based on the nature of the AI tool and the purpose, etc.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning develops programs that can change when exposed to new data. The process of machine learning is similar to that of data mining. 

For example: 

  • Machine learning has been used for image, video, and text recognition and serves as the power behind recommendation engines. Apple Siri is a good example.
  • Faster route selection, ads recommendation, smartphones with facial recognition 
  • Driverless cars, Netflix movie recommendations, etc

You can learn more about it from Great Learning’s AI and Machine Learning course. It will help you learn how to apply these and get better results and insights. 

Risk of Artificial Intelligence are: 

However, Machine Learning, being an application based on AI, the nature of risk to it remains similar to those posed by AI systems. So, the risks are:

  • AI relies heavily on data, but if it gets incorrect data can lead to incorrect conclusions.
  • AI (robots) carries a security threat. Therefore, countries are discussing having a KILL button in all AI-capable machines, and this is important; otherwise, someday, machines may pose security risks.
  • In the long term, AI may kill human skills of thinking the unthinkable. They shall process all data in a structured manner, where machines shall provide solutions based on their learning over some time. These machines shall not have the capability of thinking out of the box. 


AI and machine learning are interrelated, and artificial intelligence is the future because, nowadays, AI is used in all kinds of work in today’s world. You can check out Great Learning’s AI and ML courses, where you can enroll even if you are a complete beginner in order to boost your career in AI and machine learning.

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