Larry Mullen Jr. Net Worth

He is the lead guitarist of the popular band U2.


He plays guitar and writes songs, his most famous song is called ‘The Boys of County Leitrim’.

I would have to say the best thing about U2 is that they are able to stay at the top of their game no matter what. Whether you like them, or not, they will always be around because they are a great band.

He was born in Dublin. He was co-founder of U2.

I’m not sure of how Larry has invested his money, but it is pretty damn impressive.

Larry Mullen is famous for having an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Early Life 

The best birthday present you’ll ever know he’ll get on his birthday.

He worked at a number of jobs including as a car mechanic, a security guard at an airport and most recently as a security guard at the University of Dublin.

Mullen founded the band U2, who came together after he saw the band Simple Minds play at the Celtic Theatre. Mullen played the drums from the band’s inception, with Bono (vocals), The Edge (Guitar) and Larry Mullen Jr. (bass).


After Larry Mullen Jr. started U2, it became a huge big band. It consisted of U2. The name changed because the band needed a better name. The first name of the band was the Larry Mullen Band, and then they changed it to the U2.

The band changed its name to U2.
[Both]: In the early days, when the band was called the Dubliners, the foursome was not always there.
[Both]: The Dubliners were never more than three people.
[Both]: The Edge was the lead vocalist and guitarist at the time.
[Both]: The Edge has been with the band since the beginning, and is often credited with discovering Bono.
[Both]: The Edge is also the band’s longest-running member.

Mullen Jr played in a band called The Wallflowers. The Wallflowers was an American rock band formed in 1996 by lead singer/guitarist Jakob Dylan, lead guitarist and vocalist/background vocalist/keyboardist/accordionist Joel Cummins, bassist and vocalist Alison Mosshart (formerly of the band Heroin), and drummer Michael Shuman.

I never saw you smile in the pictures, but I know that you smile just like that! You are the most important one among all the band members because you are the leader. You are the most caring one and a great husband and father.

As of July 2022, Larry Mullen Jr. is estimated to be worth around $300 million dollars.

How Does Larry Mullen Jr. Spend His Money?

He has bought some property and donated some of the money he gets from playing.

Larry Mullen Jr’s Home 

Mullen owns an incredible home in Howth, Ireland.

That said, you could probably drop the hyphens (depending on your audience and general style) and just use

That said, Mullen owns an incredible home in Howth.

or, if it’s a well known place by that name,

That said, Mullen owns an incredible home in Howth.

Larry Mullen Jr’s and U2’s Charity Work 

They are actively involved in the causes of human rights. These include the causes of poverty, the fight against AIDS, the fight against terrorism and against hunger.


He started playing guitar at the age of six and his dad, Larry Mullen Sr., taught him how to play. He played in a band with his brothers, and went on to play with a bunch of other awesome Irish bands including The Coronas and The Stiff Records. By the time he turned 16, he joined Metallica and never looked back.

Favorite Quotes from Larry Mullen Jr. 

Larry Mullen, Jr. said that all of the band members were brought up in a family where Christianity, Irishness, and traditional music were combined as one. He also said that he and the other band members are lucky to be living at the time, because they have something to show the world.

As a solo artist, Larry Mullen, Jr. felt that he was very much invested in every aspect of the music. He put his heart and soul into each and every one of his songs. He put his family and his home life on the back burner because he dedicated himself to his music.

I found this quote by a famous drummer to be quite interesting! If you didn’t know – Larry Mullen, Jr. is the drummer of the band U2 (and lead singer Bono). This quote was told to Rolling Stone while they were promoting their album, “Achtung Baby”. During this interview, Mullen talked about the struggles of being a musician. He is a well known pop music singer/drummer and is famous for his work with the band, U2.

Bono had the best reason on earth to dislike George Bush, and instead of saying what he really thought about what went down in the Iraq war, he made a song that expressed hatred towards Bush. It’s like trying to hold a grudge against a bully by getting angry with a bully’s mother.

3 Life Lessons from Larry Mullen Jr. 

First, it’s important to work for what you want, not what you can get away with.
There is an old saying, “You can’t teach a pig to sing; it will only grunt.”
You must always keep an eye on the bigger picture. In golf, this means you have to keep an eye on the bigger picture.

1. Relevance 

The thing about relevance is being creative and doing things that you believe in, whether that’s music or acting or painting a picture, or whatever that is.

2. Some Cases

Well, the biggest thing about acting is that you have to have a look, and you have to have a voice. You need an ear, and hopefully an eye.
And sometimes you need to be able to project, which is difficult.

3. We Need To Challenge Ourselves 

We’re trying to break it on the next level, and we’re trying to make sure that when we do hit a big success that we’ve set our ship to be really, really steady and reliable.


Early on in his career Mullen started playing with other Irish musicians from The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Molloy & The Buckskin Boys. He had a very successful career with these bands, performing and touring with them until he formed U2.

I’m not sure of how Larry has invested his money, but it is pretty damn impressive.

Larry Mullen is famous for having an estimated net worth of $300 million.

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