45 Inspiring Graduation Quotes

You should have considered this before planning your graduation.

Graduation quotes are a great way to celebrate an achievement. Whether you’re graduating high school, college or even MBA. It’ll make sure you see the light at the end of the tunnel, as you step into the next phase of your life.

I have studied everything about you and your interests, and I feel that we are very well matched.

45 Inspiring Graduation Quotes

You have to dream before you can act; and you have to act before you can succeed; and you have to succeed before you can teach others to do the same.

Don’t pay too much attention to time, because time doesn’t exist. Just keep going.

I can’t believe how many people actually use that one. It’s a good catchphrase, but I don’t feel that I believe in it very much. If I did, people would be in top shape everywhere.

When you are a young leader in a family business, the family business needs to be moving forward. You will feel as though you are just waiting for something to happen, and you must get up and get moving before the opportunity passes you by.

The real reason why things may not be happening is that I may not be ready to do them. The real reason why I may not know something that I should know is that I may not be aware of it.

6. A person can be changed by the thoughts he thinks. If you want to change someone, think differently.

You shouldn’t bother trying to be something when you don’t have any control over your life. If you think something will make you happy when you can’t control your emotions, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Be the master of your destiny, not its slave.

You need to get over the fear of failure and learn to take risks. If you continue to make mistakes you will never change your situation. Instead, you need to accept the fact that you have made mistakes in the past and that there will be more in the future. Learn from these mistakes and keep going. Keep moving toward your goal.

We have been brainwashed by a consumer society and we don’t have to experience the world the way the people creating the products tell us this experience is. Once we know this we have to work hard at making the world more habitable for all creatures on planet Earth.

10th of 45 Graduation Quotes

You are the only person that you are. You are the only person on this Earth that will be able to say “You are the only person that you are.” That is your gift to yourself.

This is me, working for it! I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.

If you’ve dreamed of what you want, you can make it happen.

Don’t give up on your dreams, or you will give up on yourself.

The thickness of pursuing a goal or dream, does not mean to work at it all the time. At a certain point, we need to take a rest and reevaluate ourselves. We should not be afraid of the challenge because momentum builds success.

I have learned that when you have made up your mind about something you are less afraid of the outcome.

When people say you can’t do something, the most important thing is to prove them wrong. Seeing their faces light up as you succeed is priceless.

If you do the right things, you will always find the right people.

It takes courage to change your mindset and refuse to be the captive of your environment in which you find yourself.

When you have the initial motivation for something it’s easier to keep going. A habit takes time to build, so you need to keep reminding yourself of why you started it.

20th of 45 Graduation Quotes

Life is not for everyone. If you do not love the journey, you will be bored and miserable. I would rather enjoy the trip, and not be constantly concerned about where I was going or why.

The more you dream, the farther you get. The more you dream, the better you become.

Sometimes, it is really hard to find the good looking guys/gals who will catch your heart. In fact, you can find a lot of people with good and bad looking faces.

You don’t have to dream about being rich or famous to reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

During tough times, you can either be consumed by fear and despair, or you can remain tough. It is in times of difficulty that you must decide what type of person you want to be.

You are already where you want to be. Act from that place. Use your resources. Be creative with your efforts.

In that book they say that we should keep ourselves strong and endure hardships in order to reach the goals you set out for yourself.

I aim to write well. I will aim to use well-constructed phrases when possible.

Life is a teacher of experience, but I’m the one who learns. What we do with this experience determines how we see the world.

if your don’t do much you will still be respected by the people you know or you don’t know.

30th of 45 Graduation Quotes

You’re gonna have to fight multiple battles to win this thing.

Your greatest success will always be determined by your actions today.

Fearlessness is a great quality to develop, but you have to earn it first. Once you have it, you can live a life without fear, you just have to live with the fact that your past is still affecting your present.

People usually judge a person by what they’ve done or don’t do now, instead of what they want to or will do in the future.

 If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less than excellent work.

Every one of us has a lot to do. We are constantly doing things and never have time to do the things we want to do. If you want to do something, you have to make time.

Never give up means don’t ever give up. You’re right, it’s a place and time that the tide will turn. You just have to keep fighting.

The key to life is accepting challenges. If you let challenges stop you from living a life of fun and excitement, you are dead.

When you work, you feel like it’s work. But if you would rather be doing something else, it’s not work.
When you don’t work, you feel like you’re doing nothing. But if you would rather be doing something else, it’s not doing nothing.

40th of 45 Graduation Quotes

Persistence and persistence will result in success.

I had to stop thinking long, hard about the future and just live life now.

Everyone has a limited imagination. Don’t hold yourself back because of someone else. Don’t hold others back because of something you have.

My friend, I always like to use this quote from Einstein on a regular basis. It reminds me that I am not the only one who will be judged by how much value I create in my life.

The things that you work on today will remain incomplete. The best thing about work is that you can never be done.

If I were to believe my own self-evaluation, I’d think that I’m doing well. If I’m in fact doing well, I’d also think that I don’t need to improve. But I should be patient and continue to improve.


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