4 Healthy Habits That Will Help You Get Through College

Being a student is not easy. Most students struggle through most of their college experience. And graduation brings little relief since college debt is still to be paid off.

That all sounds terrifying for sure, but what if it was avoidable? What if cramming all night and never getting enough sleep was not the norm? 

This article will tell you about 4 habits that you need to develop as soon as possible to remember college as a positive time.

Admit Your Imperfection

Being able to admit that you cannot deal with it all on your own is the first step to a better life. College education is getting progressively harder. Although older people might argue that we have it too easy with all the technology at our disposal, they don’t quite see that the workload has increased at least tenfold as well. That’s why custom essay is here to help.

So, the first habit you need to develop to graduate without grey hair is asking for help. If you didn’t understand the lecture, don’t be shy to ask the professor some questions afterward. Get writing help by EssayPro if you forget about an essay that is due. Call your friends over for a study session if you can’t deal with all the homework on your own.

As soon as you admit that you can’t always do it all, you’ll see how much easier your life will get. Asking for help is an essential part of adulthood. Otherwise, why would everybody hire assistants and secretaries? People tend to bite more than they can chew sometimes. But before you’re in a position where hiring someone to help you is appropriate, you can use more easily available tools. 

Apart from exchanging knowledge with your friends, you can also use apps and organization tools to keep track of your assignments. Forgetting a deadline is very common for students, but it can lead to serious problems. For that, download an app or two or simply use the calendar that’s built-in on your phone. Set alarms and notifications and put sticky notes all over the room. Do what it takes to never miss a deadline. As for the apps, the following ones are considered the best:

  • Todoist
  • Evernote
  • Wunderlist
  • myHomework Student Planner

Work Out Regularly

Sure, if you’re a busy student, you must be thinking, ‘how can I work out regularly if I barely have time to eat?’ The truth is, if you exercise on a schedule, your body will start to create more energy to accommodate for those workouts. That means the more strength you use, the more your body produces!

If you find yourself coming home at the end of the day so tired you can’t move a muscle, working out might feel counterintuitive. However, it’s the right thing to do. Once you start incorporating more movement into your daily routine, you’ll start feeling more energized and happy. Apart from that, your stamina will get better, resulting in an improved ability to concentrate on your studies.

And don’t forget the more obvious benefits. Your body is strong, mobile, and flexible for one. If you start taking care of your body early enough, you can avoid many problems and diseases when you are older. The future might not seem important now, but it’s easier to prevent something than to treat it.

Many people only associate working out with going to the gym and lifting weights and immediately dismiss it as boring. But the world of sports is not that limited. If you think you’ve in very bad shape and you’re afraid of diving headfirst, try something low intensity, like yoga or simple stretching. You don’t have to push yourself to the limit; it’s more about taking the time to pay attention to your body.

Even walking for 30 minutes a day can make a big difference. Spending time outdoors, enjoying nature, and just breathing can be very calming and relaxing. Listening to your body more can lead to tremendous benefits for your overall mood.

Pay Out Your Debt

Student debt is a tremendous problem in the US, and it only keeps growing. One thing you can do for your future self is to start paying it off as soon as possible. While at college, get a part-time job and put all the money you can into getting rid of the debt. Make biweekly payments. This way, each payment won’t feel like too much, and you might be able to pay more. 

Set up autopay. If you allow the money to be deducted from your account automatically, federal student loan servicers offer a quarter-point interest. And if you happen to have extra cash, put it in your loan as well, but make sure that the sum goes into the general account, not in the next month’s payment.

As you graduate, you will want to start a better life for yourself, get a nice job, a place to live, a car, etc. But it will not be possible if you have that debt looming over you. So, take care to pay it off as soon as possible. And even better, try to take as little as you can in the first place. Care to study the loan’s requirements before signing up for something that big. Study the interest rate, count how much it will be in 10 and 20 years.

Sleep Well

Sleeping 8 hours a day may feel like a stretch for a student. You’re healthy, full of life and your schedule is full. Why would you sleep more than six hours? Or even better, why sleep at all? That’s what many students think during their college years. They pull all-nighters before exams and neglect sleep for parties and social events. 

But if you don’t sleep well, your nervous system and body don’t have enough time to recharge and repair. Every day without proper sleep will leave an impact on your body and psyche. That’s why it’s so important to sleep well, even when you’re young and don’t necessarily feel the repercussions yet.

Make sure your sleep quality is as good as it can be. If your dorm doesn’t provide a good mattress, invest in one. If you don’t have enough money, ask your parents or try to thrift it. Sleep in an eye mask to ensure no light can bother you. Use earplugs, too. Even if your neighbor is quiet, sudden noises can wake you up and disturb your sleep.

Abstain from caffeinated drinks at least 8 hours before bedtime. This means that if you’re going to sleep at midnight, your last cup of coffee should be at 4 pm tops. Ideally, you shouldn’t drink coffee later than at 2 pm.

Choose a non-violent alarm clock. If you have a fitness tracker, use the alarm clock in that. They usually track your sleep pattern and can wake you up when it’s the most natural for you.

Wrapping Up

Students often neglect their physical, mental, and financial health for the sake of having fun or just because they don’t think of it as important. When you put off such things for the future you to deal with, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Preventing problems before they occur is much easier than handling health issues. So, think about the person you want to be in 10 years from now and the life you want to live and make sure every decision you make contributes to that life.

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