100 Spectacular Self-love Quotes To Memorise

I love self love quotes because they can be applied to our daily lives.
Self love quotes can be applied to our everyday lives.
It can help us be our best and to live life to the fullest!
It can help us stop self-loathing and start becoming the best version of ourselves!

Self-love is when we love ourselves first and foremost, regardless of what anyone else thinks of us.

Self-love is how you treat yourself. It’s how you live your life, it’s about you.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as self-loving people may think that it is. There are a lot of people out there who are having a difficult time loving themselves and they are not as lucky as they think they are.

People are very strict with people who are kind to others, they will criticize them instead of supporting them.
They should have sympathy on people who are being persecuted.

So, here’s the thing – if an Instagram model you like has an image you think you can be – or even an image you think has come from you – which, obviously, you know, the photographer has taken, and they haven’t credited you, we want to remove it. We’re not here to do that.

While some are just straight up about how awesome you are, others are less flattering, but just as useful. No matter which one you choose, it’s important to keep a good sense of positivity in order to be your best self.

These are the 100 best and most spectacular self-love quotes.

100 Spectacular Self-Love Quotes

Everyone you meet is your mirror. If you are able to treat others with love and compassion, this will show in your own life.

Find peace within, find love within, find happiness within, and find peace within. If you do that, that will give you the love you seek from your family.

God loves us, and the universe takes care of us. The universe takes care of our needs – and the needs of anyone else who needs the universe’s help (or anyone who doesn’t). Our job is first to love ourself and our God self. And then to help others. We are all one – the universe takes care of us, the universe loves us – and we can love others.

By paying attention to what is true in me, I become available to another. By making room for my experience, I make room for others to share theirs.

This is how she describes women, who cannot achieve their goals of living a happy and fulfilled life because they are insecure about themselves.

Being beautiful is about being true to who you are. It’s not about what people think, but what you think about yourself.

It’s obvious that many people who wake up look outside of themselves to find love.
These people can look outside of themselves to find true peace, true happiness, and
true happiness.

If you take action, you will make a difference. Your actions will create the difference.

If you put your soul out there and put it out there for the world to see, whether they like it or hate it, is not your problem. You’ve already put your soul out there, so don’t care what other people think.

We all have a bad self image. Sometimes we blame ourselves and our circumstances. We have to get to know ourselves. And we have to get real with our bodies. We can’t live as slaves to the media. We have to accept ourselves completely as we are. We have to love ourselves. And that alone will bring confidence and good decisions. We will be able to be sexy.

11th of 100 Self-Love Quotes

If you don’t care about yourself, you are not giving a complete measure of love.

Most people live their life as if they are a collection of parts which they call “I”. It’s really a collection of stories that they call “I”. If we can’t be satisfied with “I”, we judge other people based on what we feel about “I”.

There are tons of words or phrases that can be used to describe the different types of bullying. However, the phrase “accept no one’s definition of your life” is a great quote to use in a presentation about bullying. It is a quote that can be used in different ways to teach people how to deal with bullying.

People usually have the tendency to flatter themselves by thinking that other people consider them as perfect as they perceive themselves, but unfortunately the opposite is true.

I learned that the only way to gain self respect and self worth is to respect yourself.
It is the only way to gain self respect. It is the only way to love yourself.

A quote from Bob Moawad. You are in charge of your life. A quote from the late Bob Moawad. Life is an amazing journey you alone are responsible for the quality of it. A quote from the late Bob Moawad. You are in charge of your life. A quote from the late Bob Moawad.

A time comes when the fear of change is more painful than the change that needs to happen.

Many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are. If you want to be happy, you should probably focus on what you are.

When you first decided to leave your marriage, you had doubts. You probably questioned whether you were really strong enough, and whether you would really be able to do it. You probably thought of your husband as “sacred” and felt guilty about wanting to leave him. Maybe you were afraid that if you did, you would lose him. As a result, you probably lived in fear. But you can heal. It is possible to heal if you are willing to try.

20th of 100 Self-Love Quotes

It is hard to stay positive when we are down in the dumps. If we take up a new activity, we have a chance to take a little break and see the positive side of things. We also have a chance to build up our muscle to overcome future challenges.

“Above all, be true to yourself” can be seen in the quote by the Unknown. The quote is a great quote for any person to understand their own flaws because a person can put themselves outside of their natural state by putting their heart into things that are not natural for them.

A more formal statement would be something like

I choose to follow the path that I most commonly follow, in the direction that I experience that leads me to the most happiness and fulfillment, to the best that I know.

When it comes to fame, fortune, and popularity, Golden Hawn is a trailblazer. She is the youngest of Hollywood’s first female Asian-American supercouple, having married her longtime partner Kurt Russell in 2002. She has three children’s books published and is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur in her 20s. Her family has always been her first priority, and she’s no stranger to balancing work, family, and self-care.

Our entire life ultimately consists in accepting ourselves as we are.

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.

There will be people who are so convinced of their own superiority that they cannot accept any opinions other than their own.

The best way to reduce pain and suffering, is to learn to love yourself. The only thing that can cure you is your own awareness, your attention. If you are not aware of anything, you can’t get rid of anything.

The best songwriters are always telling you who they are. We should do the same, without over thinking it. We’re not in a hurry. We want to take our time. We’re not trying to be hip.

Do what makes you come alive. If you don’t like a job, quit.
If you don’t like your job, quit.
If you don’t like your job, quit.
If you don’t like your life, change it.
If you want to be happy, change something.

30th of 100 Self-Love Quotes

I think everybody is weird. We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.

It doesn’t really matter what other people call you or what you should answer to, but it is very important what you do.

The quote is from the 1970s sitcom, which followed a working-class woman who starts a family with her husband.

I want to look the world straight in the face and I want to tell the people the truth about them. I want to help the people see the truth. I want to help them get to their feet and to take action.

People who are most popular are those who get the approval of the masses while people who need approval to be happy get more of it.

Self-care is the act of giving your own energy to yourself, as much as it is giving your attention to others, in all things, including your own well-being. As a human you should take care of yourself, and do all you can to maintain and improve your own health, welfare and happiness.

If you feel great about yourself you won’t feel a need to show of your greatness.

Self-improvement doesn’t occur on top of the stack. Improvement happens in the background, and is often done while one is already working on something.

(4) The stack is the place where the most work gets done.

It is important to value ourselves to value our time. We cannot value our time if we do not value ourselves. It is said that if you do not value yourself, you will not value your time. If you do not value your time, you will not make any use of it.

When you don’t have any self-confidence or self-love, you don’t have any self-worth. The only way to develop self-confidence and self-love is to change your mindset. When you are looking externally for praise and approval, it is impossible for you to develop self-discipline. If you continue to seek approval from others, you will remain unhappy.

40th of 100 Self-Love Quotes

Louise L. Hay, author of the book “You Can Heal Your Life,” suggests this way of getting out of a stuck pattern of self-criticism.

The price of becoming acquainted with yourself is that you may have to accept that you do not know yourself as well as you know others.

Accepting our own weakness means not only accepting our mistakes, but also realizing that human beings are not perfect, and we are all imperfect. We are not perfect, but we can be perfect in God’s eyes. We are not perfect, but when we get that, growth begins. That’s when we start to accept ourselves.

It’s a fact that she loves me, and she wants me to be happy. I can love her if she is happy.

People do not have to wait for a loved one to bring them flowers, they have the power to plant flowers themselves, and then grow them in their own home.

This is the hardest challenge for all of us: to be ourselves in a world where some people want to make us be somebody else.

“Love yourself just as you are right now. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now.” From a book called The Power of Now.

We don’t have to justify our actions. We do things voluntarily, even if it is occasionally fun and nice. We choose it. ‘Healthy self-love’ is the opposite of the self-love that makes us feel guilty for all the things we enjoy.

48th of 100 Self-Love Quotes

Trust in yourself, so that you can see your own magnificence. The more you get to see your own magnificence, the larger is your capacity to expand and fully live in it.

Stacey Charter says to not rely on someone else for your happiness and self-worth. Only you can be responsible for that. If you can’t love and respect yourself – no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are – completely; the good and the bad – and make changes as YOU see fit – not because you think someone else wants you to be different.

It is never too late to be what you were or what you should be.

As a self-help guru, I’m going to tell you what I’ve always told my clients – “loving yourself is not vanity, it’s sanity.” This quote also illustrates the fact that self-love is a choice and that you have the power to make the decision to be kind to yourself every single day.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a United States First Lady, from 1933 to 1945.

You have the right to be unique, to be an individual. You must take steps to become your own unique self.

I love myself, I accept all that I am, I embrace every part of my self, I love myself, I accept every part of my inner self.

The beautiful people we know have found a way to face the hardship in their life. We see their compassion and love towards others as they show kindness and respect. People who have lived through failure in life are the most beautiful people to be around because they are kind, humble, and thoughtful.

You need to get to know your heart and your purpose and figure out what you want to do with your life. You need to do what you love and do it with passion.

58th of 100 Self-Love Quotes

(1) we often miss the most important things because we’re looking at the problems;
(2) looking back at the problems, we also miss the solution;
(3) we never really understand the solution until we try to use it.

The real question to ask yourself is, when you view reality through the lens of your own mind, do you feel happiness? Do you feel love for yourself and others? If you feel no joy when you look at your own thoughts and actions, then you know how to change the world. If you feel a sense of joy when you look at your own thoughts and actions, then you know how to change the world.

Buddha says that the only person who is worthy of your love and affection is yourself.

Being satisfied with who you are and what you have is the key to a more balanced and satisfying life.

It is not about winning or losing but making sure that our mission in life is to be true to our principles and to be true to ourselves.

We don’t have to go through life loving ourselves. We can learn to enjoy ourselves. That will make life easier.

You are a person, not a person. You have the right to be an individual and you have an obligation as an individual to be one.

After being diagnosed with Stage 4 metastasised breast cancer in 2017, C. Joy Bell has now released her first-ever single “The Only Person Who Can Pull Me Down Is Myself” that is based on the fact that she has cancer and does not want to give in to it.

66th of 100 Self-Love Quotes

One of my favorite quotes that I read in a book by Mary Dunbar (a friend of mine in real life and a very inspiring person) is that we are born with a unique and special gift, and we should discover it and discover how to use it. Everyone of us has a gift, and we all have the right to discover it and use it.

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.
You cannot be comfortable without approval.

My main goal is to be the most authentic version of myself.

I make decisions for myself. I make choices for myself. I choose for myself. I choose to be happy, to accept myself, to love myself, to be happy, no matter what they say.

When the people you care about are suffering or going through a difficult time, you really have to think about how you can make them feel better. There is a side of you that you leave at every meeting with another person.

It’s easy to think you know what people think about you, especially if you spend a lot of time with them. But that’s actually an inaccurate way to think about how other people see you.

Low self-esteem can be like driving through life with your hand-brake on.

When we live out our life in alignment with ourselves and our authentic self, we have a feeling of respect that flows into our life. It allows us to make better decisions, and allows us to feel better about our life. It allows all of us to feel more respect for ourselves and for others.

We should always be happy for ourselves, and then others are happier.

“Self-pity gets you nowhere. Accepting yourself as a bundle of possibilities and undertaking the most interesting game in the world is the best way to experience life”.

76th of 100 Self-Love Quotes

When we conform, we are rewarded with approval, but if we don’t conform, we are isolated.

Don’t look to a friend, family, or significant other to reinforce your self-worth but rather look to achievements and your successes and believe in your ability to overcome any adversity you may face.

Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you’re wrong. There are always difficulties arising that tempt you to believe that your critics’ points are valid. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.

The more we look to the world for our value and self-esteem the more likely we are to become a self-centered person. It is much better to focus on our own efforts, talents, and successes and be proud of ourselves.

Self-discipline is the most important aspect of achieving success in life. I practice self-discipline daily and I am not only always with myself, but I am happy, healthy, and I am surrounded by people that I love.

Just like a rainbow is a colorful representation of the sun’s rays through the atmosphere to the ground, people can be colored by many positive and negative forces in their lives. In the same way a rainbow can be a beautiful thing, people’s lives can also be full of colorful things.

I can be proud of myself and sing my own praises.

The most important lesson, however, is to be happy with yourself. Being happy with yourself is not denying your faults, but being ok with them. To be happy with yourself is about accepting yourself the way you are.
Accept yourself and be happy with yourself. That way you will be happy with others, too.

– Margo Anand

But that’s not even all.

A scarcity of self-worth cannot be remedied by money, recognition, affection, attention or influence.

85th of 100 Self-Love Quotes

It means that we do not need to change ourselves in order to be accepted by others.

If you love where you live, you’ve got to make some space for it in your life. You should take time to visit a place that gives you joy and be grateful that you live in a place that nurtures your life.

A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success and is a great way to grow and live.

It can be a challenge to maintain self-respect in the presence of others. It can be difficult to accept yourself in the company of your peers. Yet, if one chooses to take pride in one’s decisions and actions, instead of having to live up to the expectations of others, there is no limit to what one can accomplish.

In my research I’ve found that the biggest reason people aren’t more self-compassionate is that they’re afraid that being self-compassionate will be self-indulgent. Most people have got it wrong because our culture tells them that being hard on themselves will keep them in line.

In order to give love to yourself, you need to learn to love yourself. How do you learn to love yourself? You learn to love yourself by loving yourself.

I’m talking about falling in love with yourself, and helping others to love themselves, as a way to have the love and support of those around you.

92nd of 100 Self-Love Quotes

If you think that you are not able to be happy in your life, or that your life is too difficult to enjoy, then you’ll probably have to stand in some of your own sunshine in order to make your life a little bit brighter.

Many people have the thought that I am a gloomy person. I think it is wrong. Being gloomy is like being a stained glass window. When the sun shines on it, it reflects the light brightly. Like humans, people have a lot of things that make them shine. But when the darkness sets in, the beautiful light is revealed from their inner beauty.

The idea that we can love only ourselves is wrong.
So, the real question is: what makes us think that there is a “other” who can love us? That person will not be here because he doesn’t exist.
We will love only ourselves.
We will love only ourselves.
We will love only ourselves.

When you don’t have any confidence in yourself, you spend all of your time trying to impress other people. You live your life by the expectations of others. You do not dare to be yourself.

If you’re too busy being busy for comfort, you’ll find yourself falling from the branches of hope. But there are days you drop words of comfort on yourself like falling leaves, and remind yourself that it is enough to carry yourself into your fall.

“love yourself” is the beginning of a life-long romance.

Love yourself for doing what you are doing. Love yourself for feeling what you are feeling.

God has given you a gift of life and you aren’t going to go around proving yourself to anyone else. You just do your job and do it well. Because people matter to God and God cares for us, regardless of our station in life. But He can only do this if we are willing to let go of the ego and give our all to Him.

The more we do other people justice, the more we do ourselves justice.


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