100 Reassuring Bravery & Courage Quotes

For me, one of my favorite quotes from courage is “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” I think this quote is good, because you can have courage in any situation. Whether it be a low-impact activity or a high-impact one, you can still have courage.

We could have an entirely new world.

The amount we can get done is limited. More than that and we would start to do too much. It would get in the way of quality.

The question we need to ask ourselves, is why we work so much when we have a lot of time and it’s free? It could be that we like to get paid even if we don’t have to, or it could be that we’re afraid to quit our jobs and move away from everyone we know.

To make a change, to go from 0 to 100, we need to be fearless. We need to take risks and step outside the comfort zone. And if we fail then, that’s awesome. It’s like when we failed at making the first cup of tea we learnt a lot.

I want you to get a chance to experience what it feels to be successful, to have dreams come true, and to get things done.
So, you will have a chance to experience success.

We have handpicked one of the best collections of bravery & courage quotes for you to enjoy.

100 Reassuring Bravery & Courage Quotes

Brave people are those who do what they think is right, even when no one is looking. They’re the ones who have the courage to listen to their soul, to their character, to their intellect–and trust that their soul, that their character, that their intellect, are always speaking to them, guiding them in the right direction.

Brave is the one who faces the challenges in their life. And in order to face them one should have to be brave.

3. Courage is important for those who are bold to think in public and bold to share in a society. Also, it is important for those who are silent to listen to others.

One more time we can be brave enough to accept love as a gift and believe that we deserve another chance.

I think that most courageous people try to love.

I was convinced I didn’t love myself until I said it out loud to others. I wanted to give my boyfriend the best gift ever: the gift of unconditional love. I’m a firm believer that you only get what you give. I knew I was worthy of love. I knew he was worthy of loving me. I wanted to show him.

You may not be in control over what’s happening in your life but you can make sure that you are in control of the way you react to the events that are happening.

Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts, and you can always go back to Square 1.

I’m not as familiar with the concept of courage as I am with that of cowardice, but I think that your quote is well taken.

10th of 100 Bravery & Courage Quotes

We are more proud of ourselves when we achieve something as the result of our own efforts than we are when we get something for nothing.

Be brave. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Dreams do come true.

Courage and perseverance are like a magic wand before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.

Courage is having the strength to speak your truth and tell people all of your heart.

In order to be successful, in order to have a clear conscience and a good reputation, you must practice integrity. You must do what is right. You must know what the truth is. You must speak the truth. You cannot get away with anything if you practice integrity.

If you only care about your own interests, you will always be scared. You can overcome your fear only if there are other factors, other concerns and considerations driving you.

It’s the heart
afraid of breaking
That never
learns to dance.

Even though I like to think I’m a humble person, and I know I make a few mistakes along the way, I’m also the type of person that will do the right thing even when the rest of the world isn’t looking.

In the same way as success means having the courage to become the person you believe you were meant to be.

19th of 100 Bravery & Courage Quotes

The secret to happiness is to have courage to do what you feel is right for you, and not what you think someone expects you to do (such as being a good citizen, or being obedient).

Courage takes some doing. It has a habit of leading to trouble.

It’s just the right amount of courage and heart to have when you are a 17-year-old girl, you go surfing and you get bitten by a shark and your arm gets bitten off.

This quote is one that I remember from a few years ago. I saw it on a t-shirt and it stuck in my brain and I remembered it a while ago but I can’t remember who said it. Something about not caring if you live or die makes me think of this quote.

For the first time in my life, I have found a place where I feel safe and I am not scared to be who I am. I am finally free to love without fear of being judged or shunned. I am finally free to be me. Every day I learn how to love and accept myself. I am finally free to be me.

When it comes to finding love, I think that a lot of us are afraid to take the risk and put ourselves out there. There are times where I think we let our insecurities and fears get in the way. We allow them to dictate what we do and how we act. Sometimes, we don’t want to risk getting hurt or feel like we are too vulnerable to find love. We are afraid of what we feel and what we are, and yet, we are never too vulnerable to love.

I’m willing to risk it! I’m not afraid to try out new places and new people! I want to see what there is to see and try out everything!

The real way to become brave is to just do it and to learn from it. If you are afraid to do something, first do it and then figure out why you were afraid and what you thought you would do if you were not afraid.

Veronica Roth was brave enough to write a book about a teenage girl who is forced to choose between good and evil. She was brave enough to put her life in danger on the chance that she might save someone else. She was brave enough to take the chance that her past might ruin her future. She was brave enough to face the fact that she might not know where she belongs. In the end, she was brave enough to live a life that matters.

30th of 100 Bravery & Courage Quotes

I believe that we all need courage to go against the grain in our lives. Courage should come from a strong belief in life and in ourselves, and courage should be shown in how we live our lives, not just in actions that we take.

All of us are weaklings who lack courage and the power to think we are right. It’s a struggle between what we know and don’t know.

Courage is about standing up to your fear. It’s about learning to do something when your instinct is to run or to give in to your fears. It’s about using your brain and your heart when every cell of your body is screaming at you to fight or flee. And then following through on what you believe is the right thing to do.

Creative people have to be able to let go of their old ideas in order to start over and make a new one. This takes some guts!

Courage is the ability to be able to fight against one’s own nature in order to do an exceptional thing.

We all know that courage is measured by action, but sometimes it’s needed to be brave and stand up to your friends, as well as your enemies.

Emma Donoghue is an Irish author who wrote the book ‘Room’. It tells the story of a child who suffers from the absence of love. The book also talks about the importance of family. The quote says that you must keep yourself brave and make small steps to achieve your goals.


“That’s what courage is. Taking your disappointments and your failures, your guilt and your shame, all the wounds received and inflicted, and sinking them in the past. Starting again. Damning yesterday and facing tomorrow with your head held high. Times change. It’s those that see it coming, and plan for it, and change themselves to suit, that prosper.”

-Joe Abercrombie

This is a quote by the heroine who is a survivor of the Sohoku earthquake, which happened in Japan in 2011. In the quote, she states, there are times of hardship when people forget the courage they need to keep fighting, and survive. But she says that as long as they have something to believe in, courage will never truly leave them. They only have to reach deep in their heart to find it.

Life doesn’t wait, even if we don’t have time, nor do we have much time to decide if we will adapt or if we will die. There is no point in pretending that we are still not ready. Life will not wait. We have a week, or less, to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.

41st of 100 Bravery & Courage Quotes

If you want to improve something… you need to think in a different way, to find a different perspective. Then, you can build something different, that doesn’t look at the same things in the same way.

You are courageous because you are terrified of what could happen, and you are always learning something new.

I am not afraid to risk disappointing others. I am afraid of what happens when I don’t love myself and I am afraid of how I feel when I am not loved. I am not afraid that others will be disappointed with me. I’m afraid of the consequences of not loving myself and loving others.

John Patrick Shanley talks about how, when he was younger, he was afraid of everything, even of his own voice, because he would lose his audience. This affected his career choices. He decided to try to perform the best he could. Over time, he had greater self-confidence. He now has the courage to be himself.

It takes a lot of courage to face up to things that we don’t want to do because we feed ourselves so much denial.

Siegel uses “love” to show a strong connection to all things.

Life is hard and we all will get bumps in the road along the way.
Having love in your life helps you stay on the path and move towards a future.

As an investor, you need to think carefully about which direction you are investing when the economy is booming, or in downturns. The best way to do this is to use a diversified approach. This is the reason why the investor would invest in commodities, and in the stock market through diversified accounts.

Courage is like a little flower that opens up in my heart. It’s not like I have to do anything to get it to open up, it just opens up in my heart when I’m faced with challenges that I have to keep pushing through to get to the other side.

50th of 100 Bravery & Courage Quotes

Wisdom doesn’t equal knowledge plus courage. You don’t just have to know what to do and when to do it; you also have to be brave enough to follow through.

Facing life’s tough stuff, facing the reality of our mistakes, getting over them and moving on, that’s what makes us strong.

There are times when you have to keep going even though you are afraid.

People can be so judgmental. Don’t assume. Find the courage to ask questions. Express how you really feel. Avoid misunderstandings and drama. And with just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.

I believe that the most important thing is to be willing to challenge yourself in order to challenge the world.

Change is always scary but we need to be brave enough to make it. If you are afraid, you will never change anything. If you take steps to change and you are brave enough, you will likely get what you desire.

Live bravely, live bravely, be courageous […] There’s really nothing to lose. There’s no wrong you can’t make right again, so be kinder to yourself. Have fun, take chances. There are no boundaries.

I think that some people are more capable of holding on and hanging in there than others. I think that the ability to know when to let go and then do it shows that you have a sense of humor and I think that’s a great quality to have.

58th of 100 Bravery & Courage Quotes

Accepting our true selves is the courage it takes to be who we really are.

This is the moment in the story of the two lovers where each one is thinking about the other and realizes that they need each other.

Every day we need to ask ourselves what is truly important to us.
We need to have the wisdom and the courage to build our life around our answer.

No matter what you do, you’ll fail a lot. It’s okay, as long as you keep trying.

Follow your passion. The journey will not always be smooth, but you can rely on the fact that your passion will not wane. Even if you don’t feel like practicing, you can just go for the feeling.

The author was about to make some tough decisions in a dangerous situation, but she chose not to go through with them. That’s the mark of courage.

If you want to become anything, you will have to develop a vision of it. Develop a dream of it.

People are born with different talents and different interests and many of them cannot think logically. Some people get discouraged when faced with difficult situations.

To keep yourself from being bullied by others and take your power back, just stand up for yourself and your beliefs. Keep your head held high and never lower yourself to their level by giving in to their bullying.

68th of 100 Bravery & Courage Quotes

“The truth comes out of vulnerability, and vulnerability comes from courage.”

We are “weak” (or perhaps more accurately, “vulnerable”) in our truth. We fear its revelation. We fear revealing it. We fear its consequence. We fear the consequence of showing it. We fear the consequence of vulnerability. We fear vulnerability.

To be amazed has nothing to do with strength. It is the courage to let yourself be left speechless. To be surprised and see it. To see the blue in the sky and remember. It is the act of remembering with a smile on your face. To see and remember the simple pleasure of friendship. To deliberately travel and experience all these things.

When I was at a very young age, I was very much afraid to do things by myself. It was an irrational fear, like I was afraid of dying or something. I was so afraid to stand on my own two feet, literally. Until I got older, I never thought I could do things on my own and do them like a grown-up, but I found that I did actually do those things and that they didn’t hurt me.

I will be strong no matter what happens in my life. My life will get better and better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.

 I can’t believe that I’m writing this right now. Every time I make a decision, I find out how wrong I was. It has become apparent that I don’t have the courage to take risks. It’s not that I don’t want to; I’m just afraid that I’ll end up being wrong again.

73. Everyone including YOU suffers when you refuse to BE and DO all you can!

If we were not brave enough to take a leap of faith; we would not be able to soar with the eagles and be able to see our possibilities.

You are not a failure just because you have never succeeded at some point in your life. You are only a failure if you give up.

The message that Dr. Kalam gave to the youth of the country is a great example that you should not feel intimidated by the obstacles that you will come across in life, you must always maintain your belief and conviction that there is nothing that is difficult for you to achieve because when you do believe like that, you will achieve.

I believe in taking action and doing what is right. I believe in having the courage to stand up for what you believe in. I believe in being honest and true to yourself. There are some goals which are attainable by many, but there are others that will benefit you, your family, and your team. I believe in being determined to achieve and to never give up.

78th of 100 Bravery & Courage Quotes

There is no greater test of courage than to stand when everyone else is falling.

It requires a tremendous amount of courage to look at something without the knowledge that you have seen it before.

I forgive because there is nothing else I can do but say that I have had enough of this. I know that it’s possible to change and so I choose to change and I’m not going to dwell on this any longer.

It’s hard to admit we’re wrong. It can be hard to admit we’re wrong to someone. It’s pretty awful feeling to be called out on something.
It must feel even worse when they are your friends.

Courage is never to let your inactions be influenced by your fears.

I think this sentence is quite an interesting one because the first part of the sentence is in the past tense while the second part is in the present tense. In my opinion, it indicates that the reader should act and not be paralyzed by fear.


This is the third one in English.


Courage and risk-taking to change in life is an integral part of life, growth and learning.

If you don’t want to start doing something then you’re not courageous.

In this world of constant change it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

There are no pitfall traps in Nova Scotia. Don’t give up. Even if I am in the lowest pits of Nova Scotia, I will exercise faith and keep my good courage. I will come out on top.

Sometimes making a wrong choice is better than making no choice. You have the courage to go forward, and that is rare. A person who stands at the fork, unable to pick, will never get anywhere.

How to get to the final destination
In order to arrive at the final destination, it will be enough to be able to take steps. But what if you don’t know where to start?

There is a method to find your place in the world, even if you’re lost.

88th of 100 Bravery & Courage Quotes

Courage comes from being who you really are. To be authentic is the highest courage.

When people say that you cannot do something, do not be a victim of that. Because the worst thing is to stay silent, and to accept that things are the way they are.

Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you’re not unhappy. The more you love someone, the better you are at hurting that person, the more you need to be unhappy.

Epicurus was wrong. We develop courage through adversity and difficulty in life.

The Bible teaches that the Lord is near; that he is real, in our time and in our midst. The nearness of Christ is our assurance that we are not lost. Christ’s nearness to us is our greatest encouragement.

We are the ones who are standing at the edge of an unknown future and we are called to be fearless in the face of that unknown future. Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace.

93. Failure is unimportant. It’s courage to make a fool of yourself.

The people who don’t have dreams will always remain stagnant and will never make it. You need to have a dream to be successful in this life.

The more you understand that you are a source of strength, instead of a source of weakness, the more you will be able to endure the sharp pains of self discovery.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I love this quote by Jonathan. I find it to be a reminder that I should embrace life’s challenges, because it is through the hard times, that we are able to grow and learn about ourselves. This is why I always make sure that I am living a full life. I love the courage it takes to do so and I cherish the life lessons I am able to learn through that.

A wise man once said, the longer you do something, the more likely it’s to end in disaster.

The only true measure of courage is always being able to stand under pressure.

I don’t like the sound of vulnerability. I’m afraid it’s only words. Words are easy, and they’re easy to lie with. And that’s not true.

So here is an example where the original quotes sound like they are saying something different but they really do mean the same thing.

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
You will be faced with a decision as to whether or not you want to get out there and try again. So, if you find that you’ve just realized that you want to stop the negative self-talk that is holding you back, consider the following strategies.


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I’m going to run my mouth, so I’m going to run my mouth. I can’t control it.

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