40 Inspiring January Jones Quotes & Sayings

January Jones is a very funny actress who can sometimes be really mean.

January Jones was born on May 9, 1975 in the United States. She is the daughter of John Jones and Mary. She is the sister of John Christopher Jones. Jones is known for her small roles on ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘The Last Man on Earth’.

She is best known for her role as Betty Draper in Mad Men a critically acclaimed television series about the advertising world in 1960s America.

I am a huge admirer. I think she is a really good actress. I think she has tremendous potential.

40 Inspiring January Jones Quotes & Sayings

The actress spoke about her childhood in Iowa. She said she grew up with the city of 400 people, and went on to the University of Iowa where she majored in French.

There is a fairy tale that starts with “Once upon a time,” and it is filled with a young girl and a handsome prince. This is the fairy tale that January Jones wants to live in. January Jones wants to be Cinderella.

Maybe, just maybe, there is something easier about being single and not having to worry about whether you’ve said or done something wrong. Maybe, just maybe, there’s something more fulfilling about doing things just for you.

Jones was one of the most anticipated people at the Golden Globes. She picked up her award wearing a white leather coat with a plunging neckline. She showed off her legs in white and black sequins on the red carpet and looked super glamorous.

There’s always that voice in your head or that feeling that you’re a little bit dissatisfied. And maybe the reason why you’re dissatisfied is that you’re not seeing change or you’re not seeing a better future. You want to be happy. You want to be fulfilled. And you want to be living in a better future.

“Déjà vu” literally means “already seen”, but in this context it means, “I already feel like I’m living the right life”. In fact, the word has many meanings, but in this one, it means that something, someone, or even the way you live, feels familiar to you.

I think that Don Draper’s storyline on Mad Men shows that. He’s married this woman who he thinks is the perfect woman and someone he should love. She looks right, acts right, doesn’t say too much. But then he’s sexually attracted to very outspoken, independent women.

I’m just one of those people that loves everything about filmmaking and art. But I think I’ve been working in film and television for the last ten years. And now I’m in the position to be able to have a life and be creative and travel and have experiences, and that’s what being a movie star has been about.

10th of 40 January Jones Quotes

January says that she doesn’t know if she believes in destiny or fate, but it kind of feels that way sometimes.

My dad liked how January went with James. My sisters’ names are Jina and Jacey Jones. I feel so happy for my mom and dad. My sister Jacey and I have a birthday party on February 26th.

I remember having sex with someone where we started crying and I got a little bit hard and it was really embarrassing and I didn’t know how to put it away. I thought that was the end, and I was just like, “What have I done?!” But when I saw her look up, I thought, “Oh, we’re just friends”. And that’s why I feel she’s really interesting, because she’s really normal.

The show really did feel like a movie to me. It was so well acted that it felt like a mini-movie. Every scene was brilliant. The look of the show reflected a time in fashion and life that I’d never really seen depicted before, and it was an all-around fascinating show.

My parents had a TV dinner with my sister Jacey and I. My parents liked how January dated Jones. My mom has a daughter that is named Jina Jones. My other sister Jacey was also watching.

I actually get more nervous when it comes to the emotional, less physical scenes.

20th of 40 January Jones Quotes

It seems like January Jones has only been in the public eye a bit over a year but she already seems like an old pro. I can’t help but notice the way she carries herself, as though she’s been doing it her entire life. Her answers were very direct, and I’m sure it comes from years of experience.

That’s probably why she chose him (and everyone else) in her list of favorites.

Things will never stay the same. It’s important to be happy with who you are at any given time, no matter how much work you have ahead of you.

Jones said that the character of Betty Draper is very much like her. Betty is a person who believes that what she does is what she “should” do.

I think it’s a good idea to have a plan for the day and to remember your schedule, so that you don’t have to ask someone what the schedule is or where you’re going.

I am not very good at playing roles that aren’t my own. But it is always so much fun to play roles that aren’t you, and so much more challenging!

When asked about portraying a character who is so driven by her emotions, Jones said that the actress finds it hard to act physically, while her facial expressions are easier to fake.

The actress who is known for her role as Betty Draper in the American TV series Mad Men says that she could be a superhero or a stripper.

I’m grateful for the support and love I had growing up. I’m grateful I had parents who loved me unconditionally.

Actress January Jones made a comment to the BBC about how men don’t want a woman who will say what she has to say with no holds barred, but it seems that this is one actress who has no problem speaking her mind about any subject.

30th of 40 January Jones Quotes

As a child growing up in California, January Jones played a variety of sports.

Women of my generation have a lot to take for granted. My generation has a lot to learn from women of previous generations.

She’s been pretty consistent in her career, and in her life, to be honest. I think the thing that’s different is that she was always in the public eye. She didn’t have the chance to develop a private space and be able to have private thoughts and feel the way that she does now.

In an interview for Vogue Magazine, January Jones revealed that in her young years, she wanted to be a marine biologist or a meteorologist.

I’m like this with most things I have to do. I’m kind of a grumpy old lady. And I’m a really good actor.

Jones was having fun with her role as Betty Draper, having fun with the character. I think it’s fun to be the one who is left speechless, to be in that place of not knowing what to say.

In a recent interview, January Jones described herself as a “very outspoken woman” who can’t imagine living in a time when she couldn’t express her feelings.

I just don’t see typecasting much happening to Jones. She seems so happy on the surface and I just don’t see her as a hateful person, even in the movies. I think her role in this film will just make her character seem a bit more in the background and make people more interested in who she is as a person.


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