40 Greatest Mike Tyson Quotes Of All Time

Tyson is the youngest fighter in the history of the sport of boxing. His first big punch came to the world on March 6th, 1985, when he knocked out Hector Mercedes in the 1st round at Madison Square Garden.

Tyson became the youngest Heavyweight champion when he defeated Michael Spinks on May 19, 1986. He was well known for his boxing style and his controversial behavior.

Mike Tyson said this and this and this and this. He also said a lot of other great things, too.

40 Greatest Mike Tyson Quotes

You have to be able to take failure and turn it into success. If you can’t do both of these things, you’ve got a problem. And you’ll never get to where you want to go.

In the same way Tyson stated that he wouldn’t fight anybody, he also stated that he could evade any strikes that came at him. It wasn’t a statement to say that he could evade punches, but rather a statement to say that he could dodge them.

You can try to dream up impossible situations, or you could just create an environment where your dreams could happen.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what you do, you can’t get them to like you, and you can’t get them to have anything to do with you. The only thing you can do is to keep trying to improve yourself and keep doing what you think is right. You’ll never get a reaction, but at least you’ll have earned it, and that will be an accomplishment in itself.

Tyson was determined to become the heavyweight champion, so he had to remain steadfast regardless of anything negative that occurred.

 “You need to learn independence. You need to be independent – itâ€(tm)s important — it builds character.” - Mike Tyson.

You have to fake it and pretend to be someone you’re not in order to achieve what you want or get what you want. To become who you want.

While Mike Tyson may have been known for his ‘pump-your-own-gas’ attitude, he has become known for his humble nature and is known for his philanthropy. He is particularly interested in education, and often uses his own money to help out students in need.

To be a fighter I have to train. It doesn’t matter how well I am in a fight it is the training that counts. I have a lot of help. I would suggest, rather than the ghetto, to think of a place you are really happy to be and the people you are happy to be around. You should make yourself happy with your training. Happy people will make happy fighters.

It is not possible to know where everyone is, nor is it possible to know who everyone is. We can only know who we are. Knowing this, we should not let fear force us into becoming enemies, and we should not let love force us into becoming friends. So we must understand that everyone is just a part of the whole. We are all connected, and we cannot understand the whole without knowing the parts.

11th of 40 Mike Tyson Quotes 

As usual, Mike Tyson is making a point that is obvious to many of us, and yet he uses this metaphor to emphasize his point. He says a lot of things, but he is saying this with such clarity and precision and with the force of his will that we have to accept it.

Mike Tyson was quoted as saying that his only goal is to know how to think about things. The only thing that he does is just to pray for inspirations on how to think.

The fact that the only title challenger Tyson ever faced in his entire career was a chump that laid on his back and gave up.

There isn’t anything wrong in making mistakes. However, you do not want to make the same mistakes as the one you’ve made in the past. We all make and/or do mistakes. But for the ones that you have done in the past, you do not want to do the same again and again.

15. It’s good to know how to read, but it’s dangerous to know how to read and not how to interpret what you’re reading.

In the second set of “paraphrases”, we don’t replace the original text, we add to the original text.

I think Tyson was referring to himself, not to his opponent. He was in such a rage before this quote that it would be strange for him to turn around and reference himself.
[Author]: Tyson is wrong here. Anger is, in fact, his best friend. A good anger is a friend to the man who owns it because he can use it to channel his inner creativity, and this is what allows him to create.

If you are in a relationship, you should not have to fight with someone you love but you should expect to be expected to fight with them occasionally. It is part of a relationship. If you are in a relationship with someone who has a problem with fighting, then maybe you are the problem in the relationship.

Greatness is not living well with those you meet on your way. When you are accepted by the people, they accept you as well; the world is a better place to live in.

Mike Tyson, an American boxer from New Castle, New York, is regarded as one of the greatest boxers in history. Before he became a boxer, he was a professional standup comedian.

The boxing legend was asked to explain why he doesn’t like to have a party. “Everything about that is negative,” he said.

21st of 40 Mike Tyson Quotes 

A positive win is always more confidence building than a negative win. If you have a negative win then you are down but if you’re winning you have the opportunity to turn things around.

Passion and love are a necessary part of any successful relationship. If you don’t feel it, you will be devastated by it.

Mike Tyson claims to be the best fighter in the history of boxing. He’s also been in a lot of wars, but they don’t pay money on this website.

Anyone can do what they need to do, but doing it like they love it? That takes it to a whole different level. A champion does it like they love it, even when they don’t.

I think that I can be great and it’s because I want to be great that really matters.

Mike Tyson made this statement when asked about his career and how he quit boxing. The statement is used as evidence that ‘Tyson was no longer concerned’ with his boxing career. As far as it being true or not, the statement itself is not very convincing.

Don’t wait and work hard on what you love to do. The results will come by itself if you are dedicated to your work.

No matter what you do or where you go, you always want to be the best and have the most respect and the most attention you can get.

I believe the same thing could be said about many athletes. The one’s that are truly at their peak are those that believe they are unbeatable.

If the opponent is out of his mind, then he is no longer of this world. If the opponent is out of the world, then I need to go out of the world.

31st of 40 of Mike Tyson Quotes 

Humility is very important. It’s about the mind, it’s about your mentality. It’s about your personality.

Being a full-time competitor, I always have to follow strict training schedules, especially during this off-season. Having to be so disciplined in my eating and exercising is what has helped me get to where I am.

In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, Tyson said he was not rich and he was always broke. He said he has not been able to maintain his home in years and the only thing he has to show for his fame and fortune is a home he rents in Philadelphia.

If you want to be a boxing legend, you have to learn to be a boxer. If you don’t do that, you are going to be a boxer. You have to be able to hit the way a boxer does. You have to be able to punch, not hold your hands high…

I didn’t really know Mike Tyson when he was a kid, I think he was a middle aged man when I first met him, but I remember him being a big teddy bear and I’m glad he was humble.

I used to be a world champion boxer for eleven years. I’ve faced off against all kinds of fighters. I can tell you, no one’s ever been tougher than me. So, I truly feel sorry for anyone in those shoes. And even if the guy is a pretty tough cookie, it’s like a knife to the heart when you know you can never win.

A tough economy affects everybody. We have to get out of this tough economy through hard work.

Artists are people who are great at making other people laugh, or cry, or think, or dance, or sing, or play, or cook. The artist should be great at what he or she does, and should be able to express himself or herself.

39th of 40 Mike Tyson Quotes 

The world will be a better place once the American people understand there’s no such thing as “race” when it comes to intelligence.

When you’re in a winning streak you’re happy, or you’re in a losing streak you’re down, and when you’re in a lull you’re not thinking about it, so you can’t let it get to you.


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