40 Famous Jon Ossoff Quotes & Sayings

My favorite quote is, as you said, “if the people I represent and I represent them, then I will win.”

He is a Democratic party politician who is in the position of serving as the senior United States senator from Georgia, and he was most notable in the 2016 US presidential election. This is an African American who has become a successful figure in American politics.

A Jewish Democrat, Stacey Abrams, lost the 2017 mid-term congressional election in Georgia. Abrams’ name was also on the ballot for governor, but she and her running mate were defeated by the incumbent Republican governor, Brian Kemp. She blamed the loss on voter suppression techniques.

He supports the legalization of medical marijuana, which he calls an effective alternative to opioids and believes should be made available to everyone that wants to use it. He believes death penalty is bad and the death penalty can be used only for murder.

Jon Ossoff is a Democrat running for Congress in GA. As we wrote before, it’s a special election that will determine whether Democrats take control of the House in the 2018 midterm elections.

45 Famous Jon Ossoff Quotes & Sayings

The problem started long before. What the GOP doesn’t realize is that they have a candidate for the US House who actually can beat them. This would be the first time an opponent to a Republican in a US House race managed to reach this level of voter support.

He held a top-secret security clearance.

Jon Ossoff is an ambitious Democrat running to replace Tom Price in Congress. He has more than $30 million in his campaign. One of the reasons for his enormous campaign is that he is a Democrat running to represent Georgia’s 6th Congressional District.

The people of Georgia are ready to take a stand for change. The people of Georgia are ready to make their voices heard. The people of Georgia are ready to vote.

Ossoff is a bit of a mystery to me. I think the only explanation for his victory is that he’s a black dude for some reason who has name recognition and is a Democrat.

Money in politics is a major problem. Anonymously giving a lot of money is a big issue.

A massive local volunteer organization, linked to small-dollar fundraising, showed that it can compete with the power of the right wing machine, made up of PACs and mega-donors, and super PACs.

Jon Ossoff won a special election in Georgia to serve the remainder of Tom Price’s term, but lost the larger race for Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District to Republican Karen Handel.

Ossoff said that across the spectrum of voters, they want to see more efficient management of their tax dollars.

10th of 40 Jon Ossoff Quotes

In any campaign, the most important job is to make sure people get out to vote.

We have a person who identifies as a Georgian and wants to do the right thing by Georgia.

Ossoff is making the case that he is an outsider, something that makes him better prepared to “change the culture in Washington, D.C.” Ossoff is promising to “change the culture” as his slogan. This promises to resonate with voters in Georgia, as well as with other voters in the country who are fed up with the corruption and broken promises the United States has been enduring lately.

Jon Ossoff believes that the vast majority of Americans want decent and civil political dialogue and that politicians should call for calm and unity, even when there are intense differences of opinion.

Jon Ossoff said voting is a constitutional right.

“I’m pragmatic” – Jon Ossoff on his campaign to save Democracy.

It’s very clear that the federal government is incapable and its employees are not efficient. As citizens, we can do much more.

I’m Jon Ossoff and I’m running for Congress.

Jon Ossoff worked on Capitol Hill for five years, and he saw how things work and how they don’t. He saw the partisanship, the gridlock, the pettiness, and the corruption.

Jon says he’s not that interested in labels or litmus tests, and that the most important thing for the new members of Congress is to do a good job of representing people.

20th of 40 Jon Ossoff Quotes

Health care is something I am personally going to focus on as part of my campaign.

Washington has been wasting $millions on government contractors. As a lawyer, I helped fight to stop these waste and abuse, but it wasn’t enough. I didn’t work for taxpayers either. Most of the work I did was on Wall Street.

The 2018 congressional election will provide voters and donors in Georgia with a choice between a political insider and a political outsider. And the former will offer a “political circus,” the latter promises to fix the broken Washington agenda.

Jon Ossoff helped expose atrocities committed by ISIS against women and girls. He is evil, and we have to stop him.

Democrats will continue to focus on Obamacare in an effort to appeal to voters. The party was helped by the recent defeat of two Republican congressmen.

Jon Ossoff said the minimum wage should be a living wage.

One out of 4,435 members of the House is not going to transform the culture of the institution, but we’ve got to start somewhere.

30th of 40 Jon Ossoff Quotes

While metro Atlanta has plenty of room for growth, there is much work to be done.

A district with a lot of international commerce is where Ossoff wants to run for Congress, so I guess he thinks international business experience is an asset.

“I’ve been reaching out to voters across the political spectrum from the very beginning,” Ossoff said in an interview with Georgia Public Broadcasting on Tuesday. He said he’s been getting a lot of support from younger voters.

Ossoff wants to win by using issues to win over voters, as opposed to labeling them as Democrats or Republicans.

He is not going to win. Why do Republicans not understand that? The left hates them and their agenda. They hate the GOP, and they hate the President. They cannot accept that we won. They are going to lose.

Jon Ossoff supports increasing taxes on the rich.

Ossoff is a former House representative for Georgia and is running against Karen Handel. The race is seen as a test of the energy that Democrats are drawing from the election of Donald Trump.

The Georgia Democrat promised to be more bold in his speeches and less cautious about how he positions himself.

I think he means that no matter where you go, you speak in a loud voice, so that you can be heard over the crowd.

Ossoff is the Democratic candidate in a special election for the U.S. House seat in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. It is the same seat that former Democratic congressman Hank Johnson lost to David Perdue in a special election, also in 2017.

Jon Ossoff will have lots of women helping him out to win Georgia’s special House election.


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