30 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes To Remember

A man whose weight over the years became legendary.

He’s a great source of motivation for us to learn more about bodybuilding, health management and nutrition. He’s definitely helped us a lot to become who we are today.

It was originally a dream of mine to play golf with Arnold, ever since I was little and he was my hero. At the time, I lived in Phoenix, AZ. We had just finished a tournament together in California and all three of us went out to dinner after. I was about 14 years old.
In the restaurant, I asked him if he was interested in coming to Arizona and he said yes. We played golf every week for a year, on and off, and I was always his partner.

When he first started he was focused on body building. He was really smart to learn the business of body building. He was actually pretty good at it.

The knowledge Schwarzenegger had made him successful while he was still in the early stages of his life.

30 Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

Everyone makes themselves more likable by taking care of the people less fortunate.

If you’re going through hard times and feel like you are running out of ideas, you can take pride in the fact that you’re still trying.

You will find that if you are like everyone else, then you will be very bad at life and everyone will hate you.

This is a great quote. It brings to mind the fact that I have no gym membership. So I have to do my exercises on my own. And I can never get bored during my workouts. It is always a challenge with a daily life. You know I can never get tired to do my exercises.

It is important to get to the first place.
But it is equally important to stay there and enjoy its benefits.
To learn from your mistakes and to do better next time.
To be confident that you will be able to succeed.
To take the next step, because the next one will be better.
To be honest with your goals and with yourself,
because if you don’t tell the truth to others, you won’t be able to tell it to yourself.
You will be disappointed to realize that your goals are not the biggest thing in your life.

I guarantee you will discover that when you help others, they also help you, and that while public service improves the lives and the world around you, it is your own life that is the greatest reward.

Arnold’s statement perfectly explains the importance of working out. Working out strengthens your body, which is the building block for your future. You can’t expect to build a house if you don’t have the right tools. The same thing applies to life; your body is like a house and your mind is like the tools that you use to build it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said that to think you can do anything is the only limit. To imagine that you can do something gives you the power to do it. To genuinely believe that you can accomplish a goal will give you the power to attain it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said that the last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That’s what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they’ll go through the pain no matter what happens.

10th of 30 Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

I don’t know about you guys, but I have found the time to study. I have put in a lot of work for these past few months, so I’m expecting great results.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Austrian bodybuilder. The Terminator. The movie star. The man who made the original Arnie. The actor. The bodybuilder. The star. The bodybuilder. The actor. The movie star. The actor. The bodybuilder. The star. The movie star. The bodybuilder. The Terminator. The Arnie. The man who made the original Arnie. The Austrian bodybuilder. The star. The movie star. The bodybuilder.

Just like winning cures losing Arnold Schwarzenegger said that positive thinking can be contagious, winning can lead to winning others.

What is it that we all really need? We all need a sense of community. We all need to be reminded to be kind to each other. We need to remind ourselves that there is more to life than our own wants and desires. We need to remember to give to others more than we get from others. We need to care for others more than we care for ourselves. We need to be reminded that everything we have comes from everyone else.

If you want to change something, you have to give it your all and never stop believing in the change.

The people who’s time is most valuable is also those who are able to allocate their time the most efficiently. Time is a very precious commodity. If you don’t find the time you need, you need to either find a way to make the time you do have more productive or to take more time.

16th of 30 Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

Be hungry for success. Do things that make your mark. Make sure people see you and hear what you say. I think this is all really important for a leader, if you don’t have humility you cannot get anywhere. As you grow larger, don’t forget to be hungry to help others.

One of the greatest success stories I’ve ever heard. He was bullied as a child and felt like a second-class citizen, but he was determined not to let it happen to him. It made him a better person and a better athlete.

Having knowledge and understanding helps you make good decisions and avoid bad habits.

When the economy collapsed, people were looking for a hero. They wanted someone to take responsibility, take control. I was someone who was willing to do that. We could take on the unions. We could take on the insurance companies. We could take on the big drug companies. We could take on the banks.

You have to train your body, mind and soul to perform at a level that you never thought possible in your lifetime.

It is important that we not fail. If we do, we will have lost.

22nd of 30 Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

A lot of people think the reason they can’t remember anything is that they are lazy. I mean, it’s a bit strange because they try their hardest to remember everything, but in reality, the reason the things they try to remember are so hard to recall is because they’ve been stored in such a way that they are so difficult to access.

I’ve always believed that we have to accept ourselves as we are and not worry about what others say about us. However, in the past, I failed to realize the power that our words have. It is only very recently that I have begun to accept myself as I am, and not worry about what others may think.

You can’t build a successful company by waiting for someone else to help you. You can only build a successful company if you take action.

Arnold always finishes what he starts. He doesn’t leave things undone.

There are days where you may feel depressed and sad. However, don’t give up; there are ways to overcome these situations.

Arnold is one of the most successful bodybuilders of all time and is truly a gentleman. He is also the only bodybuilder to be in two Sports Illustrated covers. Arnold has been in the political arena as California Governor and is now in the Governor’s mansion in Sacramento. He has been honored as the greatest body builder ever and his quotes are always worth reading. Arnold talks about the political arena and acting careers and what he is up to now in the video below.

A guy once said, “Life is just a series of good decisions in a bad world.” I feel like one of those decisions was to get a motorcycle. Not that I mind driving in traffic, it’s just that I like the idea of being in control.

28. When you have a problem, say it, don’t be afraid to admit it.

I think we all have experienced this. I don’t want to sound like a cheesy self-help guru, but this can be applied to any situation. If you don’t think you can succeed, the best thing to do is to stop trying.

Money is not the answer to all of life’s problems. I now have $50 million, but I was just as happy when I was $48 million.


Arnold Schwarzenegger said that he liked to hit things. He also likes to be hit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been around for a long time. He has done his work, and now it’s your turn to keep his legacy alive.

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