27 Witty, Enlightening & Famous Voltaire Quotes

Voltaire was a French writer during the 18th century.

The French Revolution and the establishment of the Republic had a significant influence on him. In his words, “I was becoming mad” from the stress of the revolution, and from the shock of “seeing so much vice and misery” in the wake of the French Revolution.

Voltaire is the most famous French author of all time and his quotes have inspired many great writers to read and think.

27 Voltaire Quotes

You judge a man not by his answers, but by his questions.

Those who can make you believe absurdities are trying to gain the advantage over you. They are trying to make you think that they know more than you, when in fact they are just making you confused.

A person needs to appreciate his own strengths and strengths of others to achieve success.

Be boring; tell all about yourself. Boring people are always interesting.

This is a quote I love. It’s about not risking the truth, even if it’s an accused person, but it can even apply to anyone.

You must accept the cards of life. But once they are in your hand, you alone must decide how to play them in order to win the game.

Common sense is not something you can give to someone else, because it comes from the inside.

The problem with the determinist is that it takes away the mystery and the imagination. So if we’re free, the choices we make as human beings are completely determined by our environment. We can’t really affect that. The best we can do is to try to find our place in the universe. And the universe is not random, or a chaotic, or a random, or whatever, it’s an elegant plan.

Faith is the belief in something or someone for which there is no proof.

10th of 27 Voltaire Quotes

I strongly dislike what you are saying, but will argue for your right to say it.

The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Be as independent as possible of people around you. That means you don’t have to care about other opinions.

Medical treatment does not consist of amusing the patient. It consists of taking advantage of the natural healing properties of the body when it comes to treat a disease.

It is hard to get people to stop worshipping the gods that they have chosen.

A problem can’t last when you are thinking about it for long.

Love is the result of many things that we can never count on; it is the way in which we view and interact with others. Love is an art that we must practice every day.

We all have to make our own learning journey and we all make mistakes along the way. The important thing is that we don’t give up on our road map because we aren’t making the right moves. We learn from our mistakes and continue our journey.

An opportunity to do mischief presents itself every day, and an opportunity to do good lies at the doorstep once a year.

We all know that common sense is an old woman who works at Home Depot but the fact that this saying means what it means is genius. It’s not just that you can cut down on trips to the supermarket; it’s that you can cut down on trips to Home Depot. If you can say goodbye to Home Depot, then you can say goodbye to the majority of your trips to the supermarket and a few trips to the Dollar Store.

20th of 27 Voltaire Quotes

If there were no God, it would be necessary to fabricate God.

It is not allowed to kill a person but if you kill someone and it’s a large number, you are exempt from punishment when you beat the drums.

The real world is a dangerous place — it’s important to be open to new opportunities and to be able to think positively about your future.

Free will was the main point in my analysis of the topic of liberty.

So what you’re doing here is taking the experience of other people as some kind of lesson for you.

The great thing about words is they let people hide their true thoughts behind them.

It’s not worth risking your life for a good cause. We should follow our conscience, live life as we planned it, and never do anything that would harm us.

The quote was so famous and so well-known that even the most ignorant of scholars have heard it.


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