25 Greatest Shawn Wayans Quotes

I’ve learned that the thing that makes me funnier is that I’m a great actor, but I’m no better than anyone else. I think I’m even funnier in my own special way.

Shawn Wayans is currently working on his new movie called ‘White Chicks’ which is a remake of the 2004 movie with the same title.

He has a son with wife Amber Rose. He is perhaps best known for his role, playing a pair of FBI agents forced to masquerade as spoiled white blonde heiresses in the movie ‘White Chicks’. After he produced and wrote the film ‘Dance Flick’ in 2009 he has been relatively quiet in Hollywood.

25 Greatest Shawn Wayans Quotes

Shawn Wayans said that he wanted to be a comedian in the sixth grade. He knew he could make it in this world as a comedian even though he didn’t care about anything else.

The first film was made with no expectations so the audience was shocked.
The second film was made with expectations so the audience was not shocked because we were expecting them to be there.
The third film was made to cater to the expectations of the audience so the audience was not shocked.
The fourth film was made with no expectations so the audience was shocked.
The fifth film was made with no expectations so the audience was not shocked.

If you write the script, it means you’re going to have to shoot it because it’s going to be the same as what you wrote. You can lose whole scenes when you’re shooting.

Shawn, thank you for your candid, and kind words. It is a true pleasure working with you and the whole family at our house. You guys are the best.

While discussing the concept of social media, Shawn Wayans discussed how people don’t understand that they are being tracked and followed. In the end, he thinks people are generally lazy and that it is in the interest of the people to create a more open environment.

The pressure to deliver Scary Movie 2 with a high level of quality came from the studio and Shawn. They insisted they needed a hit to keep the financial burden on them. Shawn and I discussed this in detail, and together we came up with a plan to make a film that was better than the first one. This is a result of our collaboration.

When you have a problem you have to consider the different angles.

Shani is excited that the series is expanding, and he is excited about how he feels about his character because he has no dialogue in the opening.

Shawn Wayans once said that we should not be too literal with our comedy and that we should try for the funny, not too gross.

10th of 25 Shawn Wayans Quotes 

I really enjoy his comedic timing, and his ability to make a joke that’s extremely relatable. He’s a master of that. And he’s also a very smart guy. He’s somebody that’s very well-versed in the film industry.

Just look at the way that this has worked its way up the ladder. It’s been a long, lonely climb.

Shawn mentioned that it was like hard meets soft. Also, you can’t deny the fact that the “street dudes” are just that, and they dress like it. They are not as “soft” as they appear.

The best way to get your video to be seen on YouTube is to play the game of making your video funny.

The show had a lot of laughs and fun when the family would talk to each other during their “dude” interviews. However, they weren’t the best interviews as it didn’t feel right to talk about adult things on camera.

People are afraid to give advice because people don’t like to be told what to do. However, when people are afraid to give advice they end up causing others to not realize that they are better off in doing so.

Shawn Wayans says that his new family is focused on extending the brand of their production company, Black & Blaine, and that they are focused on telling stories.

It’s a sport that seems to be growing in popularity, and Shawn Wayans is excited to get his own team involved in it. He’s also been on a search to find the right coach and the right way to train.

Shawn Wayans explains that there were challenges with production because of the special effects. There are just some things that, although written, special effects just isn’t able to do.

Shawn Wayans feels like he and his brother, Damon, have been working in the comedy industry for over 25 years. Shawn Wayans is a comedy guru with a hit show, “White Chicks,” and Damon Wayans is a successful comedian and actor. Shawn Wayans has been a part of the comedy scene for so long that he’s practically set in his ways and can’t see any future in change. His comments are the biggest reasons why the film won’t be as successful as their last one.

20th of 25 Shawn Wayans Quotes 

I really enjoyed seeing some of the characters come into their own again after dealing with a lot of hard times and obstacles. There were some really funny moments that will make you laugh out loud… but there were also some tough situations that will have you crying real tears.

There are many things that Shawn Wayans has said that are so hilarious that we couldn’t possibly paraphrase them all, but this one is as good as the others.

Shawn Wayans is very concerned that the public view the new “Ghostface” as a comic-book villain rather than the masked killer who has been terrorizing New Orleans since 1991. As a result, he has been working with writer-director John Landis to make sure the movie is funny rather than scary and dark.

We have a finger on the pulse of comedy. This means we decide what to watch by what’s funny.

Shawn Wayans, the comic actor and producer of many of our favorite films, is no stranger to satire and was the first to introduce us to the comedic genius of the character he plays, “Ghostbusters.” But he is also a writer, screenwriter, producer, and actor with an illustrious history of creating some of the most memorable characters and most successful comedies of all time.


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