30 Awesome Harry Styles Quotes

Harry Styles is a British singer, songwriter, and actor. Styles is a member of the group One Direction, which was assembled by Simon Cowell in The X Factor UK 2010.

In July 2018, Styles released ‘Water Under the Bridge’, a collaboration with Ariana Grande, its title track was a big part of the promotional campaign and is a certified platinum record. Styles also wrote the song “Break Your Heart Tonight” with Justin Bieber.

Harry Styles is one of the world’s most liked and admired pop stars of today. His musical talent, looks, and confidence has made him one of the most charismatic and famous people in the world.

30 Awesome Harry Styles Quotes

Harry Styles did a tweet talking about how he can make your girlfriend scream louder than you ever could just with pressing a button that’s linked to your girlfriend.

Harry is a guy that likes to dress up but doesn’t try to impress girls with his looks. Instead, he is more concerned with what he does for them and what he does for the fans.

Harry Styles also talks about the time he saw Chris Martin perform in Florida before the band went on stage while he had the microphone. He says that Martin’s performance was really good and his voice is amazing.

There are women out there who want to be with you but haven’t met you yet. So there’s a huge number of women who want to be with you.

As a tall, lanky guy, I do appreciate having a girl reach for my hand at a bar, as it shows that she wants to hold it, not just my shoulder.

If you like girls who have two eyes (you can still watch a video with the caption “I like girls with two eyes” because in the UK this is allowed).

When choosing a wife, the man should not choose a beautiful woman, but choose a woman who can make his world beautiful.

Harry Styles believes that age is only a number and maturity is a choice. He has stated that the older he gets the more he thinks about the choices he has made and the people around him. As an audience member, we can all relate to this statement and are pleased to see that Harry has stayed so positive throughout the tour.

 Harry Styles said that we have a choice.

10. “I don’t think you can really define love.”. He talks about the way that people view him and his music. He feels like he’s more than that and that he needs to be more than that but he doesn’t know how.

11th of 30 Harry Styles 

Harry Styles said that he is tired of being alone most nights. He wishes he could have someone to cuddle with at night.

I think when you’re writing songs, it’s impossible to not draw on personal experiences, whether it be traveling or girls, or anything.

I think he is a very interesting singer. I think it’s an interesting style, the way he sings.

Harry Styles’s song “Perfect” is about how much he loves the way that Taylor looks in her jeans.

Harry Styles’ quote has been in the media for the past 2 weeks. People are talking about and arguing over whether or not the quote is about having casual sex.

Harry is a good person, though he has to say sorry to his fans for his bad habit of getting naked. Fans often comment on the fact that the singer has a weird habit of getting naked all the time, so he has to say sorry.

Harry Styles said if you will get into trouble, then you better get in trouble real hard.

Harry Styles said that the word “famous” has no meaning because people just say it because it’s the latest thing.

The British Singer’s favorite things involve skill and he loves anything that’s a bit of a challenge.

Harry Styles said that he didn’t want to be famous, but he doesn’t want to let fame go to his head. It gives him a better perspective on things. Harry Styles has a better understanding on how things work when he’s not trying to be famous.

Harry Styles was raised in a traditional, loving family. He respects women and has a great relationship with his mum, but it seems that many people are picturing him when they hear his music.

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I love these two boys, the one is so cool and the other is so sweet. You can see what Harry said, the room is alive with so many stories that they don’t want to explain.

It is actually a very simple task in the most convenient position. However, it is a perfect opportunity to relax and have a bath, so if you want to do multitasking, then this is the best place for you. Just be sure to turn the sound off because you might disturb someone in your bathroom.

Harry Styles said that he wants a girl who is smart and serious. Harry said that if a girl is smart then she will think that he is worthy of her.

Harry Styles says that he finds ambition really attractive too. If someone is good at something they love doing, he wants someone who is driven.

Calling a girl ‘fat’ and then seeing her eat and starve herself is a good decision.. if you are able to stop the thought process.

Harry said that his first real crush was Louis Tomlinson. Louis is a musician. They are in a band called The Wanted. Harry is a singer in the band. They are called Harry Stylez.

Harry styles has always been a very genuine person, he isn’t afraid to say things he doesn’t want to. He’s very self-aware and it shows on stage.

Harry Styles said there’s a common misperception that eye contact is an intimate act. But he has a better way of looking at it; it can be a great way to flirt and make friends.

29th of 30 Harry Styles Quotes 

Harry is in a relationship with Taylor Swift, but the couple are not married yet and he’s talking about his ex.

I think Harry Styles has four nipples. I think he is a twin. One of his nipples went away and left its nipples behind.


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