Harry Styles Net Worth

Harry Styles has an estimated net worth of $130 million according to sources.


Harry Styles has a net worth of roughly $90 million.

Harry Styles is an English singer and songwriter and the former lead vocalist of the English boyband One Direction.

One Direction released five studio albums and won several awards. Styles joined in the group when they were still young, and he is still a member of the group to this day.

Early Life

Harry Edward Stiles was born on February 1, 1994, in Redditch.

Styles got his name after his father, Desmond Styles, changed his surname from his original middle name of Cox to his new surname of Styles. He spent most of his childhood in Holmes Chapel after his father divorced his mother.

Styles’ life was very turbulent, but thanks to his music, he could stay afloat, and continue with his dream. Once he turned 20, he decided to work with his friends as a member of a trio at the time called The Jordanaires.


He auditioned as a solo candidate for the series of ‘The X Factor’; he was rejected as a solo candidate. But after the audition, he was selected along with four other fellow competitors to form a new group act for the remainder of the series.

styles has renamed One Direction to ‘The lads’. The first track they have released as ‘The lads’ is ‘Torn’.

Their musical compositions were also noted for their catchy tunes and they gained huge popularity in the UK. The boy band became the biggest contenders. Later, they became the biggest contenders of the title and their popularity skyrocketed.

The band was formed in 2011 by producers Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh at the age of 11. They were named after the band One Direction. They were first introduced to the public when they won series one of X-Factor in 2010. Throughout their lifetime, they have gained massive fan following. In 2011, they released their first album in December 2010. In 2014, they were named as one of the “Top 100 Celebrity Groomsmen” at the 2014 BAFTA TV Awards.

At the end of 2009 they released a cover of The Beatles’ ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ and it reached number seven. The group appeared on Later…with Jools Holland and on Celebrity Mastermind with Ian McKellen.

After leaving One Direction in 2015, Zayn did a lot of solo stuff but it wasn’t until 2019 that he released his solo album ‘Earth’ with some incredible singles. He was nominated for the Q Awards and has sold over ten million albums.

Styles was signed to Columbia Records in 2007 and made a number of appearances including; on the tracks Lonely Days by Snow Patrol, Dreaming Out Loud by Paramore, and The Scientist by T.I..

The most successful musician of all time is making $180 Million.


He is currently a member of Ed Sheeran’s X-Factor 2017 band.
At 19 years old, he is the youngest member of the group.
He released an album last year called Fine Line with other members of the band.


Favorite Quotes from Harry Styles 

I think that the thing with Harry is that he kind of lets his music take him where he wants to go. He really never really defines himself, and I think that that’s another thing that makes him so special. He takes the world by surprise.

Harry Styles says that even if he gets to a point where he’s having a normal life, he will always have to deal with being famous. He just had to be aware of the fact that everything he does will be different and that he will always have to prepare for the media.

3 Powerful Lessons from Harry Styles’ Lyrics 

Harry Styles net worth is $40 million. His lyrics teach us to focus on our strengths and our passions. We are our own greatest critics, and we should never doubt ourselves. We should embrace our flaws and work on our weaknesses. We need to put our best foot forward and use our strengths to our advantage. And lastly, we should always be kind to ourselves and to others.

1. Meet Me In The Hallway

Yeah. There’s a lot of advice. I’m always, like, “Oh, I got to work on being a better person.” [Laughs] But I just feel like it’s in the back of your mind always. You don’t wanna go back to being the same person. We’re all getting older, getting wiser, so you just gotta stay humble and try to focus on everything.

2. Sign Of The Times

If you’re in this for the long run, don’t break up because that just makes the relationship that much harder on you.

3. Two Ghosts

If you get separated from someone, don’t make a song about it because people are going to search for it online and then it’s going to be on the news.


Harry Styles is one of the most popular singers in the world. He released his first solo single ‘Sign of the Times’. The song became a hit and he released his debut album ‘Fine Line between Fiction and Fact,’ which became number one on the UK Albums Chart.

He was one of the most successful recording artistes in the world, and one of the most influential.

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