Melanie Brown Net Worth

Melanie Brown has an estimated net worth of $60 million.


Melanie Brown is an English singer, and actress who, as a member of the Spice Girls, is known for her raspy voice and her often abrasive personality.

Brown has gone on to record more than 120 chart-topping songs and has sold more than 90 million records worldwide. As a member of the iconic girl group, Spice Girls, she was nicknamed “Scary Spice”.

In 2000, Kim debuted her solo album ‘Hot’, where her single ‘I Want You Back’ got to number 1.

As of May 2019, Melanie Brown’s net worth is estimated to be $4.8 million.

Although this figure is estimated, Melanie has made $5 Million since her start in the ’90s.

Early Life 

Her father, Michael Brown, was born on the 29th of May, 1926, in Leeds. His mother, Margaret, also had the same birthday, May 29th.

Brown has one sister, actress and writer, Rebecca Cooke, who has worked with her on various projects including co-writing the film, ‘My Friend Dahmer’ which is currently in production and will be directed by her brother James.
[Other]: Brown lives in Los Angeles.
[Other]: On January 7, 2010, Brown announced that she was engaged to be married to her longtime boyfriend, producer and director, Justin Pfeffer.

In 1993, she joined the band The Housemartins, where she was the vocalist. She also worked as a backing singer and session vocalist.[1] She was their lead singer until the band split up in 1997. She has appeared on the cover of their album, “The Key”, credited as “Sylvia Bissett”, as she was the main vocalist.


The Spice Girls are famous for their pop music, and as a member of the group, Spice Girl Mel B was known as “Scary Spice.” They are also known for their dance moves, which they often use to express their emotions.

The Spice Girls established a new name for a girl band because they proved that girls and young ladies can sing as well as boys can sing. The Spice Girls proved that the world was ready for a girl band.

The Spice Girls were the first band I ever saw perform on television, and I guess I was already a big fan, because I had a poster of the Spice Girls taped on my bedroom wall.

Before the release, Brown was the first of the group to release a solo EP. The EP, named ‘Ain’t That Peculiar’, contained ‘I Want You Back’. The first two songs were originally performed by the group and released on their debut album.

Her new album, ‘L.A. State of Mind’, is viral. The singer is also the co-host of the Australian version of America’s Got Talent, the Australia Got Talent series, she is also a judge on Dancing with the Stars as well as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

When people think about Melanie Brown, they usually think about her hair, clothes, and expensive habits.

How Does Melanie Brown Spend Her Money?

Melanie Brown is an example of a celebrity who spends her money on charity.

Melanie Brown’s Charity Work

Brown has worked with several charities including: Children in Need, Beatbullying, Believe in Dreams, Boys & Girls Club of America, Education Africa, Elton John AIDS Foundation, Helen Bamber Foundation, Los Angeles LGBT Center, Make A Wish Foundation, and Meals On Wheels.


Melanie Brown’s career has spanned a lot of different types of roles – from being part of Spice Girls to being a TV presenter. In this clip from 2007, Brown talks about how she got started in music and her love for the sport.

Favorite Quotes from Melanie Brown

Both Melanie and my parents worked really hard and were very much the same. My parents worked long hours and were super-dedicated to me. They always taught us to be honest and to work hard, and I am sure that this is what has helped me to be a successful lawyer.

Melanie Brown has been a Spice Girl since the Spice Girls were first formed, and she was the original Spice Girl in the “Wannabe” video. She was the first one to wear the iconic girl power dress that was made famous by the Spice Girls, and she’s the only one to be a part of every girl power video the Spice Girls have released.

3 Awesome Lessons from Melanie Brown 

There are many lessons we can learn from Melanie Brown. For instance, having a lot of money and fame makes your life pretty easy. Also, it’s always important to surround yourself with people that are like-minded, and that care about you.

1. Get Ready For Action 

I wish people would remember that the hardest part of it to get started is just getting yourself to the gym or into your workout clothes.

2. Workout 

You also have the option to add a few minutes extra to your program, and this can be your favorite, or how long a time you want to spend at the gym or how many times you want to do this workout.

3. Eat Healthily 

There are other factors, though, that can be far more influential than diet, such as the environment, genetics, and age.


Melanie Brown is a well and famous singer, dancer and actress.

The Spice Girls’ leader Victoria Beckham was a pop star and singer whose career spanned multiple decades. She was nominated in the Best Original Song category at the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

As of May 2019, Melanie Brown’s net worth is estimated to be $4.8 million.

Although this figure is estimated, Melanie has made $5 Million since her start in the ’90s.

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