The 1,000 Most Popular Girls Names

Girls names are one of the most popular names in the U.S. In 2017, you can expect to hear girls names Jennifer, Emily, Sophie, Emma, Olivia, and Abigail.

We know how much she means to us and that she will always be a part of our family and we want to name her.

Making the decision to start a family is never easy, but choosing to do it in the US is an even bigger commitment than most.

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If you want to learn your family names, or if you’re interested in reading the birth names of other children, check out the data or sign up for an account online.

So, you’re trying to decide on a name for your daughter? Great! So, we’ve put together a list of names you’ve probably heard before, but maybe don’t know much about. You’ll need to narrow things down until you find the one you like.

Find out which top 1,000 girls names are for you!

The 1,000 Most Popular Girls Names

The Social Security Administration has compiled a list of girl names that have been popular in recent years, including the birth years of each girl name.

Top Five Most Popular Girls Names

If you’re not feeling like reading through 1,000 girls names, here are the five most popular ones.

Girls Names Gaining Popularity

It is surprising to see another name rising on the popularity chart. It was not surprising to see names like Gabriella and Emma climb the chart.

Harper is the 9th most popular girls name this year because it’s the most popular name for girls in 2018 so far.

Mika and Charlotte are also both doing well, as Mia moves up from 10th to 7th position, and from 46th to 6th position respectively.

Although the top five names seem to still be traditional, it’s also clear that people are starting to lean on more unique names, like Dior and Oaklynn.

 Name of a person or place can become an object of obsession, and that’s where names like the name of a band or a country can evolve with time, but as a way to be remembered, names also take on a different meaning depending on the context.

Palmer, Adalee, Haisley and Yara are some of the most popular girls’ names over the past decade.

Girls Names On The Decline

There’s an uptick of people opting for Abigail as a girl’s name, but the top ten has been very consistent for a few years now.

It seems that most popular girls’ names are seeing less gains in the rankings. Elsa is one of the few names that seems to be increasing in rankings, but that doesn’t seem to be a trend.

The names Camila, Mila, and Aria continued to gain popularity while Audrina, Courtney, and Angelique continue to drop out of the 1,000 most popular girls names.

The 1,000 Most Popular Girls Names

We suggest selecting the names of your favorite girls that are in the top 1000, and then you can go through the list of these 1000 names and choose the best.

Now, for a few suggestions.


and we hope you got to see the list of the one thousand most popular baby names.

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