26 Of The Most Inspiring Paris Hilton Quotes

Paris Hilton is the youngest of Hilton sisters and the second-oldest of five children. She was born in 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Actresses are always told by their mothers that they have to do acting in order to fulfill their dream. However, most of the time, it turns into a nightmare.

In the past, she was a model for Playboy magazine and was also the face of a cosmetics company. She also did a music album in the past that was released at first only in France but has now been able to get wide circulation and sales. It is currently her second best seller behind Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ and is also the highest selling album by a French woman.

Paris Hilton really seems to be having fun lately! She’s making a lot of silly headlines recently, and we love her for it!

26 Paris Hilton Quotes 

I will go with a cat because I believe cats have a better life.
I’ve seen a lot of my relatives and friends with cats. They make me happier. They make my room brighter and they purr. Cats are very sweet. I just wish I could have a cat.

Paris Hilton is an actress, model, and businesswoman. She has an estimated net worth of $400 million.

There’s a difference between knowing who to be mean to and having an actual talent for it.
And Paris Hilton, when she goes on interviews, is in fact, mean.
But she’s not mean about anything. In any case, she is not a real heiress.

 Paris Hilton talks about her brand as a business woman as well as herself as a musician. She makes music because it’s a passion and because it’s fun to her.

The way you paraphrase is also important, as we’re used to reading in English.

It’s a beautiful place and very overwhelming because you can only understand what is going on when you’ve been there for a while. The best advice is to sleep as late as possible so you can discover new things and see what is going on.

You have the right to express yourself in the way you choose (if you’re not doing anything to harm others).

We are not here to sit around and write about how we don’t know anything about anyone. We are here to serve the community. We are here to be of service and to help.

Life is short and one should not be boring. Hence dressing cute wherever one goes is the secret to living a happy and fulfilling life.

10th of 26 Paris Hilton Quotes 

“I’m like an American princess.” The actress’ father is from New York, she was born in London, and her mother is from Louisiana.

11. Some girls were born with glitter in their veins.

Life is too short to live in a state of comfort.

Paris Hilton’s dreams are usually about animals because she loves animals so much. Like, she has wild animals living with her all the time and she even names them. Sometimes she dreams about people too.

If a girl has close friends, she will have an amazing life.

While you’re on your way to the top, you’re going to need to do all the things that you’re going to let anyone else do.

The wedding is the one day you spend with the people you love, getting the chance to love them back even if one day your life changes.

Paris Hilton is an actress, model, singer, fashion designer, businesswoman, television personality, and philanthropist. She is also well-known for her bad behavior on public occasions.

I think that Paris is an average person. She does not believe in using any marketing technique. I think that it is the reason why her brand is successful.

My kitchen is a little bit like Alice’s Wonderland. There’s a lot of things flying out of it, because I’m always cooking!

If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.

20th of 26 Paris Hilton Quotes 

In the interview with Larry King, Paris said that cheating is normal for many people. She also said that it’s not a good idea to cheat.

Paris Hilton is an extremely attractive and wealthy woman that is popular for her appearances on music videos, television, magazines, and movie roles. She has been accused of having multiple relationships with men and her public images have been very controversial. She’s known to enjoy partying, hanging out with her friends, spending time with her boyfriends, and is extremely into her career. Paris does not have many close female friendships. She seems to be very insecure and sometimes acts childish, but the media treats her very well.

She said that they do not like to make walls there.

If you dress and act the part you can achieve success without the need to be someone’s daughter. If you don’t give the impression that you are rich then no one will think that you are and you will not be the target of jealousy.

I was very moved. I was in fact moved by the depth of his thoughts about Africa and how much he loves both South Africa and West Africa. He feels both cultures are great and very welcoming.

People are going to try a little bit of what I do so I am going to put on a little bit of what they do. They might even call me the original but I am just the one who started it and made it big.

There’s no doubt that Barbie is a fashion icon. People often think I’m Paris Hilton because my style and attitude are so similar. People can’t help but be impressed by my lifestyle and achievements.


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