Amber Rose Net Worth

Amber Rose’s net worth is estimated to be $18 million. It is estimated that her income is $20 million on average per year.


She is the daughter of hip-hop artist Kanye West. Her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, is also a rapper and entrepreneur. Amber Rose is also a model and entrepreneur. Her first line of clothing is named after her.

Rose was born in Philadelphia, and she grew up on a farm in the suburbs of the city. At 16-years-old, she was discovered by a modeling agency and she eventually joined the ranks of the top of models in the country.

Early Life

Amber Levonchuck was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the 21st of October, 1983 to Dorothy Rose and Michael Levonchuck. She is the daughter to Dorothy Rose and Michael Levonchuck. Her father is of Italian and Irish descent and her mother is of Cape Verdean African and maternal Scottish descent from Ayrshire.

During her childhood, Amber was involved in prostitution in order to earn money to support her family. After she was unable to find a job so she began stripping. In addition, she also attempted to sell crack cocaine at the age of 16 while working as a stripper.


At age 16, she began her career. Rose ended her career during her first pregnancy.

Amber started her career in fashion modeling and continued her journey in the entertainment industry while working under the production house of Sean John.

It was not until after she was signed to Kanye’s label that Jay Z married Beyonce. Kim and Kanye attended the wedding ceremony as couple of friends and the couple went on to form what is now a global brand.

She gained popularity after she acted in several music videos of the industry’s big names like in Young Jeezy’s ‘Vacation’, Nicki Minaj’s ‘Massive Attack’, and Fabolous ‘You Be Killin Em’. She was the first to gain this title but it hasn’t stopped since then, with other names like Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, YG to name a few, all taking their shots at the title.

In 2012, she married Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend and model, Jason Trawick, and had a child together. In 2013, she was featured in a pictorial in the August issue of Playboy magazine. In the same year, she started modeling for designer, Dolce & Gabbana. The Italian fashion company has been a longtime sponsor of the reality dating series. She also appeared in Italian Vogue. In 2014, she appeared in a video for Dolce’s fragrance, Dolce’s Sweet Ambition. The ad was featured in many national magazines and newspapers.

Amber started her career as a designer by launching a line of signature eyewear in 2009 under the website Her eyewear collection is designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer while providing visual clarity for the wearer. Amber’s eyewear line consists of three styles – Frames, Shades and Sunglasses. Each style is handcrafted using the finest materials and designed for each wearers lifestyle.

 She works in a variety of places including in New York, London, Los Angeles and Paris. She has a fashion line which was also launched in January 2018. The first collection is her line called the ‘How to Be a Bad Bitch clothing line’, it was inspired by her book. In March 2018 she also launched her own jewelry line called the ‘Bad Bitch jewelry line’.

As of July 2020, Amber Rose’s net worth was $2 Million.


Amber Rose is one of the most popular pornstars on the planet. She has appeared in over 200 porn movies, and her name is used as the title of one of the most well-known adult production studios around.

Favorite Quotes from Amber Rose

“I try to keep it natural when it comes to make-up. There’s a very minimalistic and clean aesthetic that I like, so I don’t like to add a lot extra to my face. I always feel like less is more, and so I use very few products, and I go for a very neutral, natural color palette.” -Amber Rose.

When I eat cilantro, I feel like someone sprayed perfume down my throat. My throat closes up, even if there’s only a little bit. I like Mexican food, and I’ll go out to a Mexican restaurant, and tell them, ‘Look, I will die if you get cilantro in my food.’ Then there’s always that one little piece that falls in, and I gag.

“That’s not true at all. I don’t think anyone downgraded. They just changed what they wanted with me.” – Amber Rose

In the song “Gettin’ Over You” from her third album Amber Rose appears with two other girlfriends she describes as “Bitches on my wrist”.

3 Lessons from Amber Rose About Feminism 

First- you must be focused on building a platform. Make sure to not only focus on building a platform if you want to succeed, but you should also build a platform if you want to achieve your goals.

1. Refuse to Be Ashamed of Your Sexuality

And I get it. I totally do! But even if they were just a little bit more sensitive to other cultures, I think we can all use a little more sensitivity.

2. Women Have to Stick Together

So the same text can be paraphrased, but the context will not be the same.

3. Brush Off the Haters

Well, the fact is, I am. I am a slut and I am a whore in a country that’s full of sluts and whores. I’ve got nothing against them.


The model Amber Rose is well-known for her sexy and sexy appearances. Her body is one of the most attractive of all time and that has earned her many of the best men in the industry who are willing to have her in their videos for their music. She was also a model for several big fashion brands.

Amber is a famous Instagram model with more than 18 million followers.

This is the year her life can finally begin to prosper and thrive.

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