Paris Hilton Net Worth

The net worth of Paris Hilton is estimated at $30 million.


Paris Hilton is a model who has a net worth of $300 Million, which is estimated by Forbes and TMZ.

Paris Hilton is rumored to be engaged and getting married to a man who gave her a $2 million engagement ring. Sources say that Paris had been dating Chris Zylka, but now they are rumored to be engaged. The engagement was reportedly confirmed after Paris allegedly proposed to him in front of a wedding chapel.

Early Life

Paris Hilton’s parents are very social people. Her mother is a former actress/socialite while her father is a businessman. She has 3 younger siblings: Nicky, Barron and Conrad.

Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump, and Nicole Richie were all close friends with Paris Hilton. They traveled together and knew her family. They would go to their homes in the Hamptons and stay in their guest rooms. Paris was never considered a part of the socialite group because she was very shy.

She attended many different schools while attending high school, including a school for emotionally troubled teens and one that had been founded, but not long later closed by Cardinal William Timothy Manning. At various times, Paris was a student at St. Paul the Apostle School, St. John’s College High School, and St. Agnes High School.


Paris Hilton has always been ahead of her time. She began with television, and has now ventured into her own brand, with her own line of designer apparel and accessories. She has also ventured into music.

Aside from modeling and acting, Paris has also had major success as a singer, and as a businesswoman. She owns a hair extension line, a lifestyle brand, and has been published several books.

In 2007, the hotel heiress Paris Hilton announced her engagement to record producer and actor, Chris Zylka.


Paris Hilton: “I really don’t have any friends”.
Paris Hilton: “I don’t want to move to L.A.”.
Paris Hilton: “I have such small breasts they could be my feet”.
Paris Hilton: “I haven’t had a drink in 5 years”.

Favorite Quotes from Paris Hilton

Whether a woman is wearing high heels or not, she should be confident, she should be sexy.

This week we find out more about the life of Paris Hilton.
We’ll also find out how Paris likes to have fun.

Paris said that she doesn’t want to be known as the granddaughter of the Hilton, she wants to be known as Paris.


She has had many scandals in her life, and her net worth is estimated to be about $300 million.

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