25 Surprisingly Inspirational Papoose Quotes

In December 2014, Papoose released an EP called ‘Virtues’ which was supported by a tour through America. It is his first release on his own independent ‘Papoose Records’ label. His debut album ‘The Underestanding’ was released in 2015.

Besides music, he also starred in the spin-off shows ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ and ‘Dirty Little Secrets’.

Papoose, known as Jay-Z’s first wife and mother of his three children, died after a long battle with cervical cancer last week.
She was 42.

25 Surprisingly Inspirational Papoose Quotes

And, on the next page of the article, the rap name of the song is given as “Flex,” just as before.

He has a special way of saying “fuck the devil” in an unironic way. It’s the only way.

After many failed attempts at getting on his feet, Papoose will be returning to the studio to be featured on Remy Ma’s new project. This will be his first appearance on record. This past week, he received a Grammy Nomination for his featured verse on Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” off his new project, Wins & Losses.

Papoose said he got sentenced the heaviest for fighting for his family.

A few days ago, I saw this guy who was trying to be a rapper, but he sounded like a toddler. I didn’t listen to his music because I wanted to help him.

In Brooklyn, the pen is very good for writing and, in the same time, it is bad for one’s health.

Papoose had to back his gun out in the deli and told the n*gga to make his sandwich with no pickles.

Papoose is one of the best Hip Hop MC’s to ever do it. I can’t even find the verse to the song, you just have to listen. He is from Detroit, where Hip Hop was born. He’s also a super super great guy. Go see him live.

9. That’s why the reason why I give it to him with no hesitation. I push his sh*t back like constipation.

10th of 25 Papoose Quotes 

I was only trying to be a good father for the ones who depend on me. I will spend all my money as much as I can, but I don’t have to spend all my time. I will wait a long time to spend the last money that I can.

When I smoked so much weed that dudes on the beach had to have an umbrella to get high with me. I don’t need to name names. I’ll drop more names later.

Papoose said that it is because of all the police targeting him, that he didn’t know if he was going to die or not.

Papoose is saying here in the video “if I already know you, and I give you a gun, I cant give you yours back. And I have to make sure you buy it”.

One of the most popular rappers in the West, Papoose is making his debut as a solo artist with this new single, and the results are phenomenal.

To die at such a young age is sad, but at least I can say I was a good rapper.

Before you go on the booth to talk about papoose, always remember, the vocal booth is not bullet proof!

People should not be offended by anything they hear from Papoose. He will not let the gun in his jeans. He will handle his own business. And his genes are the same as his family.

In 2016, Papoose said that it was his first time raping anyone and that he would have to buy a gun to do it because it’d be statutory rape.

This is pretty much the only thing that I could parse into an actual
sentence. Can anybody help me understand it any more?

The Nile is an actual river in Egypt. Also this is not really an example.

20th of 25 Papoose Quotes 

Papoose says that he is the first rapper to bring it to the mic like he does a Kobe Bryant.

21. A white man knocks on my door with a gun inside it, I will open up and let him in, then I will put every thing I have in his head and in his chin.

A lot of artists with huge names have said that they have a “ponytail” voice. But you have a voice that’s very different. You actually have a big voice, and it’s very strong. That’s why I think you and I are a perfect match.

This is a reference to the song “You Don’t Want To Know” which is a minute long track released in 1995. A few years later Papoose would release his own track “60 Seconds” which is over a minute long and still uses the same sample.

Papoose says the bridge is the border between the United States and Mexico. It is a place where you can find the sons of Mexican people.

The n*ggas just wanna be nuts, but I’m doing a whole other thing. I’m busting nuts like my genitals.


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