The 1,000 Most Popular Boys Names

In 2018, the most popular boys names are John, Aaron, Tyler, Jake, Tyler, and Max, but we are not sure how many boys are named Max.

I was surprised to find that you can only choose one boy’s name when registering a birth certificate in the United States. This is a bit different from the UK where you can add additional names to your baby’s birth certificate.

But we want to make your experience special and we hope you can help with the naming by sharing what is important to you.

The process of getting a new haircut can be a fun one and can even be quite interesting, provided you have a good list of names to choose from.

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If you’re not a parent, you can narrow down the list by clicking the plus (+) symbol at the top of the page.
You can also browse through the names we haven’t featured yet, or let us know your own fave in the comments below.

The most popular boys names are: Jacob, Joshua, James, Nathan, Eli, Michael, Jacob, Sam, and Matthew.

The 1,000 Most Popular Boys Names


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Top Five Most Popular Boys Names

You can also check out the list of most-read articles, which you can find under the “Most Read” section of the website.

Boys Names Gaining Popularity

Liam and Noah were among the top boy names used in the United States in 2014.

But, the names that have stayed on the list and are still popular are names like Sophia, Felix, Leo, and Emma.

While Elijah was busy with his training, Lucas was also doing a pretty good job going up the ranks.

The number one name was also a surprise, as there were no changes in the rankings. The name that was voted as number one was…

Saint grew in popularity. Even though she lost to the other six, she still grew in popularity.

You may also see them appearing in the ‘biggas’ and ‘bitches’ category in 2017.

Boys Names On The Decline

Thanks to celebrities and the power of social media, it’s becoming harder and harder to find a good baby name, so it’s only natural to think more and more about traditional names.

In 2012, Michael was officially knocked out of the top ten after 80 years and is currently sitting at position 15, according to the current data from the Social Security Administration.

While some people are choosing to go with new names, others are continuing on with their traditional names of past generations.

The 1,000 Most Popular Boys Names

Read through the list, pick out a dozen or so of your favorite movies, and then pick one of those up and read it.


We hope you enjoyed being inspired by these baby names.

Yes, there are a lot of options.

If you’re having trouble coming up with names for your baby, try looking through a list of names before you even start looking at baby shower invitations.

I recommend getting on one of those dating apps and seeing whose profile you like the best, but if you want to skip all that, then just write your last name on a piece of paper and grab a Sharpie, and start drawing a cute heart and little stars.

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