25 Light-hearted & Hilarious Jim Parsons Quotes

The best, best of all is that I am a man of ideas and principles and when you are a man of ideas and principles you would do anything to protect them from violence and destruction.

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Parsons has played a character in the film ‘Home’, and he has also appeared on the television show ‘Reno 911’. He also appeared in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile, and he played a role in the TV series ‘Parenthood’.

This is the best Jim Parsons quotes ever.

25 Light-Hearted & Hilarious Jim Parsons Quotes

When people asked me what I wanted as a Christmas present, I said that I wanted to see a tennis match.

People often get tested when something is wrong because it’s considered normal.

Jim is one of the nicest actors ever. He also makes me laugh with his smartass comments. I love it when he cracks jokes, he always gets it right.

The main reason I voiced Jim Parsons is he has done a lot of voice acting and has a much bigger voice than I do. The other reason is because he is in a show I watch called “The Big Bang Theory”. (He is a main cast member too.) He was the first voice I used to test out my ability to voice acting.

If there were any other voice actors I used for testing purposes, I do not remember their names, but I know that one of them came from another channel within the same network that I was testing on.

Parsons goes on to talk about that he “doesn’t feel judged” in the UK, because there are no laws that forbid you from being gay.

7th of 25 Jim Parsons Quotes 

He grew up in a musical family. He also said that he was very interested in music from a very young age.

Jim Parsons was fascinated with meteorology at a young age. He used to live on the Gulf Coast and hurricanes blew through there. That’s the class he failed in college: meteorology.

It’s really cool to hear how that translates to television, because I’ve always thought that animation requires that, especially because there’s no set location and you can think of anything you want. I love the idea of thinking of something and then realizing you can just make it up and that it can be really cool, which is also why people get excited about theatre.

It’s not uncommon for people who are growing up in a poor neighborhood and struggling to have a rough start in life. Jim Parsons grew up in that environment as a child.

Jim Parsons is funny when he wants to be. But the comedian is not there, the person is not there, I just see a person who is funny and I see another person who is funny, but I see a person.

Jim Parsons says that he grew up with two different parakeets – one that lived for five years, and one that lived for 13 years – so he always had a bit of an attraction to birds and it’s an oddly good fit for a movie about birdwatchers.

I didn’t know what shy was. But if I had been a child, I might have had a few things to say about it.

Jim said that if I ever wrote a script myself, it would be very emotional material since I’m really emotional.

When Jim started his own acting career, he was determined to find work in theater. And he was able to do that, even making it to Broadway.

Coffee is the most important thing, coffee is the life and if you drink coffee, you can live.

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17. Most people don’t live in big city apartments and have a maid clean their homes. They live in homes where the neighbors know their kids and if they aren’t happy, they can just move on and find a better neighborhood. In other words, they live in normal country towns or small towns, as opposed to cities.

Jim Parsons tried to make himself into an extraordinary actor because he’s afraid of failing at something he would rather avoid.

There are times where I can’t wait to be in the car and driving! And there are times I just want to drive on my own – so I can focus on my own thoughts, and not be distracted by other people in the car that I would normally talk to. I actually am a better driver, but I still like a chat in the car!

I have no idea what that means.
The only time I have ever used that expression is in the following two sentences.

I think I’d feel too self-conscious to ask someone to leave if they weren’t doing any damage, but I understand why Jim Parsons would. The fact that I’m doing some damage is good enough reason to let them stay.

Jim Parsons was asked how he was going to react when he first found out that the writers chose an imaginary childhood friend for Sheldon. Jim said that it never occurred to him that the person he had thought of and played with as a child would happen to be on the show. He later found out that when he and his brother played with the toy soldiers he also played with a character named Sheldon, which is why he was the person Sheldon talked to who he thought was so small and green because the toy Sheldon he had had came in green and small.

Intelligence is usually sexy because it is typically the only reason for any real progress.
Intelligence is usually sexy until it becomes irritating. After that, you’re stuck.

Jim Parsons has many qualities the audience loves, but one of the things people love the most about him is that he is just a very down-to-earth, like-able guy.

He said it’s obvious that as an actor, he is doing something that will earn him money. And he also mentioned the role in “The Big Bang Theory” is the most important role of his career, in his opinion.


Jim Parsons is a great actor who plays a great character on The Big Bang Theory.

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