23 Powerful Method Man Quotes That He Actually Said

I feel like he is the only rapper that truly gives me goosebumps. I love it when he gives me goosebumps.

Method Man has recorded four studio albums, a Greatest Hits album, and numerous mixtapes.

The Wu-Tang Clan were known for their dark and graphic album covers. The group’s lyrics often criticised the United States government.

Method Man’s six solo albums and collaboration with artists such as Teyana Taylor and Redman was a major part of his success.

He has also appeared in films including ‘Belly’, ‘How High’, ‘Garden State’, ‘The Wackness’, ‘Venom’, and has had minor roles in ‘The Red Tails’, ‘The Big Short’, and ‘The Spectacular Now’.

You know you’re good when you know that you have to say something even if you don’t have to.

23 Powerful Method Man Quotes That He Actually Said

Martin Luther King had a dream to end racial discrimination in the U.S. When he was asked to give up his rights and liberties to make this dream a reality, he answered to do what is right for the cause, even if it meant taking a hit for the rest of us.

We are talking about lines that are so good that they make the police stop and wait for you. Bust shots at Big Ben are like the time when you break in the school.

When you have a strong mind, there are little things you can do to change the course of history. You can make a new world and I’ll make sure that we all live in the best one.

Method Man brought the pain the first time he did it.

Rapper trying to become an actor is a great movie line.

So basically, if you’re a fan of Wu-Tang, you’re probably an Asian person, and there are a lot of Asian rappers.

I believe that this line is the most relatable and applicable in this entire list.

It’s about how you have to be able to keep things together even if you’re a little drunk, or, you might not have anything to work with. But, you have to work on your craft, which is rap.

“I call my brother ‘Sun’ cause he shine like one.” – Wu-Tang Clan

The third thing is that the phrase ‘shine like one’ was inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan song “I Call My Brother Sun”, making this joke the second Wu-Tang joke in a row.

10th of 23 Method Man Quotes 

I want to be a producer and do nothing but make videos about videos about videos about videos.

In the same way that “Sweet dew” was a phrase that I used to describe a beautiful woman, to me it was a description of the effect that Method Man’s verses had on me. They’re both poetic lyrics that describe a relationship at its peak, and I feel like they’re both great examples of how to use rhyming and meter to create emotional impact.

He used to watch a lot of movies from the 1990’s, which was great before “The Wire”. After a while, he started watching a lot of comedy films from that era, because he liked the comedy in those films, which led to him watching a lot of older Spike Lee, Eddie Murphy, and Chris Rock. As an adult, he’s a little more open-minded, and appreciates a wide range of comedy.

The rapper said that on the night of the millennium he and his family held their hands over a ball and champagne in his hands.

There is a possibility that money is a drug. You should be mindful of this.

As a matter of fact, the first thing he did was tell the press that Method Man was the voice of the franchise.

You know, I’ve been trying to get a fight for years now.

It is time for you to step into the role of the judge, jury, and executioner of the people and the culture that you’re supposed to be representing as an educated, rational adult who would never take a flight without being searched and would not allow it to happen to someone he recognizes and respects.

You have to show your love for your man by putting in an effort. You have to show your woman by making her feel special and appreciating her for who she is. You have to show your child, by giving them love and support every day and every way you can.

When you’re tired and you’re trying to take on too much, you find yourself in a state that isn’t really a state at all. It’s like your head is in a wind tunnel. Everything is vibrating.

20th of 23 Method Man Quotes 

This was the final recording session for the album. After the previous day’s recording, Meth had only slept for 4 hours, and at this point, “he felt like a total and complete train wreck.”[Source]. His first recording session was plagued by issues, but he wanted to keep going.

Method Man has been one of the more prolific rappers on the scene since he released his debut album “I’m Serious” way back in the aughts. The reason for his artistic growth? “I’ve got more creative control when I do music now.” The Wu-Tang’s leader added that his new single “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” is one of the best he’s ever done.

I am going to be a businessman and I am going to take over the hip-hop game and I am going to be the most influential person in the game. I am going to be a mogul who has a lot of money and I am going to be the one who does the actual work.

(2) Method Man’s real-life experience.

 I never realized that there was a huge conspiracy to try to give the Wu-Tang Clan what they deserved to win this competition.


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