Ghostface Killah Net Worth

Ghostface is one of the most popular hip hop artist out there. Ghostface is worth about $15 Million.


As of July 20, 2020, Ghostface Killah’s net worth is estimated to be $10Million.

Ghostface was the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan and he’s also the founder of Starks Enterprises. In 1996, he released the album Ironman and now he is releasing his new album “The Big Doe Rehab” on January 16th, 2019.

Early Life

Dennis Coles was born on the 9th of May, 1970, in New York.
Coles started his career as a street hustler. In 1994, Coles became a drug dealer and by 1996 he became a notorious drug dealer.

He would not be seen from his home for weeks, only returning to work with RZA in the studio.

The Wu-Tang Clan was formed because Ghostface Killah found the other members of the group and recruited them to the Wu-Tang.

The Wu-Tang Clan, as a whole, had a very cohesive, self-contained universe, as opposed to the loose band-like organization of, say, N.W.A [1].


The group had no real music industry contacts, so Wu-Tang Clan signed with Loud Records/Columbia Records. Their debut album, ‘Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’, was released two years later. In 2000, Ghostface Killah’s solo debut, ‘Godzilla: The Album’, was released.

The album featured three RZA produced songs, and three Missy Elliott produced songs, and a lot of guest appearances from D-Block, Jacki-O, and other Wu-Tang affiliates with the exception of Raekwon.

On September 17, 2003, Raekwon was released from prison.

Ghostface, however, was only brought on board to support Wu-Tang. Wu-Tang Clan, however, had other plans. The music industry is like a business. A business may need a logo, but it also needs a product. Wu-Tang Clan was a product. Wu-Tang Clan was the Wu-Tang Clan. The business needed a logo, but it couldn’t afford a logo. Wu-Tang was the logo.

A few months after the release of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II, Def Jam made a deal with Raekwon to bring his Wu-Tang Clan to the forefront.

Wu-Massacre, the album itself is a collection of Wu-Tang Clan-inspired songs that are mostly instrumental and feature a wide variety of instruments from string instruments to a synthesizer. The album contains elements that sound similar to Wu-Tang’s music and also features lyrics that show the influence of The Game, although the songs do not feature that rapper on the album.

 It’s been promoted heavily in Korea for the past month and a half. The album has sold more than 64,000 units as of May 12, 2010. It features production from the Scram Jones, Mathematics, and RZA who produced the album’s lead single, “Our Dreams”.

Ghostface Killah is one of the highest paid rappers in the world today and has a net worth of $10 Million; he is the highest paid rapper in the world right now.

Ghostface Killah has $10 Million in net worth.



Rapper Ghostface Killah is one of the most important figures in hip-hop music. To this day, he’s released some of the most influential albums.

Favorite Quotes from Ghostface Killah 

Ghostface Killah says that Wu-Tang Clan is the product of the battle of the different rap battles that took place in the early 1990s.
These battles had to be fought out in order for the Wu-Tang Clan to find itself, and it took a lot of blood and sweat to find that name.

“It was the beauty that caught me and held my soul hostage. Remember those days? Had you smellin’ my boxers.” – Ghostface Killah

“Catch A Groove with the Devil” by Blackalicious is a hip hop song which uses a few words in the original title.

Ghostface Killah said he doesn’t have to wear anything strange and unusual. He wants to be in a position to showcase his own style.

After the release of the mixtape, The Rza started making plans for the album. He spent his time working on the recording and mixing of the album. He also got to know the material that he recorded and worked hard on it to make it an exceptional album.

3 Lessons from Ghostface Killah and Wu-Tang Clan 

Ghostface Killah has earned his wealth with his many hits, and his name is still on the lips of people around the globe. However, while his wealth is truly a testament to his talent, it will never truly be enough to fill his head with enough knowledge about the world and the Universe.

1. Seek the Old Earth

If you are not willing to do the work, then you will never advance your knowledge and skills. So, it’s best to put in enough effort to help you learn stuff and get better.

2. We Witness the Saga

(pause, then) The media, the political parties, the political pundits, and the politicians are the writers and the director, and everyone has an opinion.
(pause, then) The President and his team are the actors, who are the producers and the crew and the stage. Everyone is the audience.

3. Our Immune System 

A technique that attacks the brain, causing fear, anger and confusion. This technique is used as a ploy to force the victim’s body to respond with physical or mental reactions.


Ghostface Killah is considered an underrated emcee. He is one of the best lyricists of all time. He can rap better than most emcees with great storytelling ability.

He is a great story teller, his music with Wu-Tang Clan has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Ghostface Killah is one of the highest paid rappers in the world today and has a net worth of $10 Million; he is the highest paid rapper in the world right now.

Ghostface Killah has $10 Million in net worth.

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