Mobb Deep Net Worth

Mobb Deep’s net worth was $2 million in 1998 and $25 million in 2001.


It was reported that the two rappers had a series of confrontations with Nas. In one of their songs, they called Nas “The B-Side.” Many believe the “Shook Ones (Part 2)” is a diss track.

With their net worth hitting $10 Million, the New York City rappers are on par with other rappers like Drake and Lil Wayne.


Early Life 

At the time, rap music was underground, and had no way of getting in the record business. Havoc and Prodigy started making a demo tape. They would then find the addresses of record label headquarters on the back of albums, and bring a cassette player.

After being signed to Jive Records, Prodigy started working on his debut album which was later released in 1986.



Mobb deep’s second album ‘The Infamous’ was released in 1995 and was the starting point for the underground hip hop scene. The album, the first by the duo Havoc and Prodigy, has more of the street oriented tracks that would follow as the crew matured.

Mobb Deep came out with this album, ‘The Infamous…’. It was a darker and sample-based album. Havoc was the one that produced the beats from this point, and he also produced the track ‘One’.

Mobb Deep is an East Coast rapper who has collaborated with the West Coast Hip Hop scene. They have released a few singles, including a duet with rapper Eminem called “Fefe”.

In 2015, in preparation for its ninth studio album, Mobb Deep released the album ‘The Infamous, Pt. 1’, a double album that included one CD with original new music and one with unreleased tracks from sessions from ‘The Infamous’.

In 2016, Mobb Deep released its tenth studio album, ‘Doomed and Gone, Part 1’, a double album that included one CD with original new music and one with unreleased tracks from sessions from ‘Doomed and Gone, Part 1’.


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A lot of people would say that Mobb Deep were the pioneers of West Coast East Coast rap. In reality, the Wu-Tang Clan and a lot of other New York rappers could have taken them out. However, in the early nineties, the Wu-Tang Clan was still at a development stage and Mobb Deep were the ones who brought West Coast rappers to the East Coast and really helped to build the East Coast hip-hop scene.


Favorite Quotes from Mobb Deep

“And God made dirt, so this dirt won’t hurt if I listen to the lessons and the rules I learned.” – Mobb Deep

It’s a similar phenomenon to the so called hendiadys. It is a figure of speech where a noun is modified by the phrase containing the same part of speech. For example, “The cat sat on the mat” [Noun + Adjective]. This phrase is used to emphasize that the cat’s action was the direct result of the mat sitting there.

We can come up with an infinite number of reasons why this could be a good thing for you, but ultimately it’s that simple.

-Yeah, my moms always tell me, man, “Yo, there’s no need to overdo ’cause, you know, you have sickle cell and if you don’t take care of it, it can affect your whole body.” So I have to be careful. I mean, you know what you’re supposed to be eating, and I have to eat all that and it’s just about how much you exercise and how much you sleep.


3 Life Lessons from Mobb Deep 

In this world, there are no guarantees. But despite this, it is always essential to aim high, work hard, and achieve goals.

1. Hope and Hardwork 

Let nothing hold you back, and be persistent in your work. Keep working hard and your results will come.

2. Life is Not Always Good 

Being alive is like a bicycle with one wheel in front of the other. You leave tire marks of the past behind. You might break sometimes and even have a flat tire. But you never run out of gas.

3. Focus 

What you focus upon grows! You’ll attract more of what you focus upon positive or negative. It’s your choice. Focus on what you have and what’s right, not on what you don’t have and what’s wrong. Say thank you and be grateful for what you have.


Eminem is an American rapper and he has sold over 20 million records. He is known for his music and his controversial lyrics. He was born in 1982.

* Note: Mobb Deep also has two other members: Prodigy and Havoc.

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