Why Having A Stable Life Is Killing You From The Inside

They’re trying to build a model of all of us.

We’re constantly told that “this is the way it’s supposed to be”, and you go to school and you get a degree and you get a job and you get married to someone who you can start a family with.

Not so fast! There’s a strong case to be made for doing this differently! It’s possible to understand the source code of many systems, including both simple and complex systems.

No matter what we choose to do, we need to choose wisely, because the past will not take pity on us, and the future will not leave a place for us.

Why A Stable Life is Killing You From the Inside

I’m not sure what creativity and passion we’re being asked to settle for, but I’m not sure what we should be doing instead.

Some people say they want a stable life but as soon as they are able, they change their mind. The truth about them is revealed when you look deeply into their eyes.

There are two ways of life, one is stable and one is unstable.

A stable job is a career killer. You’re going to spend the best years of your life working towards a stable job. It’s the only job you’re going to get. So you better get the most out of it.

Stable jobs are a career killer because there’s a chance that you can’t take a career off of one. You will never find a job that lets you do something else while making more money than you’re now doing.

1. Following for the Sake of Following is Stupid

No! I don’t want to!

If you have a bunch of friends who go to college, regardless of whether they share your thoughts or not, if their decisions affect you, that’s a problem.

Well, I think that if everybody follows everybody else, that’s just gonna be one big pack, and there’s really no sense in following that. If everybody really thinks like you do, then that’s just gonna be the same thing as everybody else is doing.

Yes, even if the majority of people goes a particular way, that doesn’t mean it’s right option for you too!

Think about what you enjoy before making decisions in life. Don’t just go to school because that’s the route everyone else is going.

2. Settling Down Early is Skipping Half of the Good S**t

If I had not made the decision 2 years ago to come to Canada, for the sole purpose of wanting a better life, I could well be engaged now at the age of 21 and have a full time job I don’t really enjoy.

It was important for me to do what I wanted, but at the same time, I was so nervous because I didn’t even know if I could do it, and I didn’t know how to.

I definitely think I was missing out on a lot more than I would care to tell you. Then I started travelling and that’s when it all started to go crazy.

I think we should respect each other’s choices, we can all move on and in the meantime love and support one another through it all! Love and support is a great way to start a relationship.

If that’s the case, you guys should work really hard at making some of your products really affordable as well.

Even if you’re not a man, you can still enjoy the amazing fun you can have when you’re not tied down.

3. Opportunity is in Abundance, Seriously

Many people get stuck in a rut because they don’t think about change if they don’t get an opportunity to change.

The word Opportunity has been redefined many times. Opportunity is everywhere. You have the opportunity everyday to better yourself, to improve your circumstances.

I like that one. There’s a bunch of little opportunities to help out the people around you, the people you don’t think are worthy. You can help them, you don’t have to wait for the big opportunities to happen.

So I have to be in touch with people I don’t know, or who don’t know me!

I think that people who are successful tend to see the opportunities rather than the problems as stepping stones. But everyone has problems, and they have to deal with them, as well as with the opportunities that come up. If you don’t deal with that, you won’t be as successful as you can be.

4. Going Where Average Goes is Only Going to Get You What Average Gets

I want my life to be better than average.

I am the first person to ever get a tshirt.

It’s very unlikely that you will get ahead in life if you go by the majority. You will be average. You are much better off starting with the minority and working your way up.

If you truly want to live a phenomenal life, you have to make decisions that the majority of people won’t make. You have to make the right decisions even when the majority might make the wrong decisions.

Following the majority, we’re only seeing what’s happening now.

5. Stability Doesn’t Actually Feel All that Great

You still have a lot of ways to go.

The more you’re unstable, the more meaningful your life becomes, because you value stability. In a stable life, you value stability. If you don’t have a stable life, you don’t value stability. Life’s more meaningful than stability.

It doesn’t make sense that the people living in this apartment are willing to live this way but the people living in that building keep complaining about all the noise and activity in their apartments.

I got through some of the worst. I got through some of the best. I got through some of the most difficult. I got through some of the greatest lessons. I got through some failures. I’ve gotten through some of the most interesting experiences. I’ve gotten through some struggles. Some of you have struggled as well.

6. Once You Cross That Threshold, It’s Harder to Come Back

If you become dependent on drugs and you open yourself up to a stable life: full time job, house, girlfriend, car; it’s a lot harder to get out of that situation. And if you don’t do anything: you’re basically a prisoner, so it becomes your life.

You have to know what you really want and make sure that your life matches that so that your goals and dreams will all be a match to your happiness. If you’re going to bring in a relationship into your life, make sure that you’re ready emotionally and that you’re truly ready to deal with what comes with that lifestyle.

Do you really want to remain with your husband? Do you really want to settle down in your current life? I know some people think that you get to experience a lot of things in life once you settle down, but these things are not really the same things that you can experience in life.

The first is about making a decision.

I think that I can honestly say that I’ve never had a job or a life experience where I felt that I had everything under control. I was never in a situation where I had the resources or the knowledge that I could have handled any situation. Whether it’s my relationships, whether it’s my relationships with clients or business associates or my relationships with my family or even with my own friends, I’ve always found that I need help.

7. You Regret List Will Keep on Growing

It’s easy to wish you were someone else, especially because that person doesn’t have to work hard or worry about bills, or whether they will live or die because they are not that important. But if you are lucky enough you will be able to be that person sometime in the future. But what if you just wish you could be someone else right now? Well, that is possible.

It could mean you’ve noticed a message in the comments and like to let them know that you took a minute to write something.

It’s not only you that has all these wishes, so… you’re in trouble.

The first line is a simple direct question, which is generally better than an open question. If you’re asking for something, try to put it in a question, not an order.

I wish I could tell them about my true self. But I am trapped in the lie that I tell them about myself. So I tell them all the time that they don’t tell me about their true self.

The most important lessons in life are learned when you’re living life and you’re trying new things. You’ll have to sacrifice the thing you love in order to do that. Make sure you learn from those hard lessons.

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