21 Motivating Kid Ink Quotes On Forgetting The Past

I can’t stop these quotes from making me laugh and smile. I’m having a great time listening and watching these. I love the Kid Ink quotes.

My favorite is probably “Piss on Your Grave” because of the lyric “piss on your grave” about how it’s not about where you’re at but where you’re going to.

21 Motivating Kid Ink Quotes

I swear to God I walk with the Lord, but the devil keeps following.

Kid Ink regrets the time he’s wasted on people who treat him like garbage.

Kid Ink says that you should go out and do stuff to get noticed and then once you’ve gained some attention, you need to be able to get your s*** right.

I want to stay out of the trouble that I got myself into. If it’s what you want, then it’s worth the fall.

Kid Ink is a hard worker and is always moving forward. He is an amazing rapper and I admire what he has accomplished and what he is doing. I see Kid Ink as one of the top artists in the game.

Kid Ink said he’s not feeling any pressure after a little over a year in the rap game. He also thinks he’s not the best rapper out there but he’s just keeping it real.

7th of 21 Kid Ink Quotes

Kid Ink shares that we should look into the negative and overcome it. Even if we are not in the situation, we should take the time to look into it and come to a conclusion. He mentions this when talking about overcoming negative situations.

This is the perfect quote and I can’t agree more. Kid Ink is not looking to sell an image. He’s about bringing a message to Hip Hop but at the end of the day it’s all about his music and that’s the way he operates. He says he’s open to opinions and he listens to what people say but there’s no doubt he is the artist to see. He’s the artist who can make you feel like it’s you in the room with him.

9. Don’t be distracted by people you disagree with or those who question your motives. You are a successful artist because you were smart enough to learn the business and understand the rules. Learn to set your intentions and your mind will be set in the direction of success.

Kid Ink says that what doesn’t kill you might give you a second chance to show the world who you really are.

 Kid Ink used to sit in his house and write. He always thought about his album “T.I.P.” Now we know the project is coming. Watch the video and stay tuned for more details.

Kid Ink had a hard time in his early days because many people had expectations around his rap career. He wanted people to be comfortable with him just based on the fact that he was himself. He wanted people to just like him for who he is. He never wanted to be anyone but himself.

14th of 21 Kid Ink Quotes

My first impression on meeting him was how humble he seemed. I immediately started to get the feeling that he had a lot to offer and would be a great mentor of sorts.

The song is about how both are attracted to each other, but have to lie to do it because of their parents.

The truth is the best defense. That is why we are here, trying to figure out what is the truth.

Kid Ink says he has a new mixtape coming out soon called “Backyard Compilation” and you can read the full press release below.

I’m willing to bet that Kid Ink doesn’t leave his house unless he has a plan. I’m sure that if Kid Ink left his house, he would have plans.

Living everyday not knowing when the pain you’re in is going to end, makes it harder to be at peace with the fact that you’re not going to be here forever.

Kid Ink talks about how his new album is his most personal work, and it will be a reflection of his story.

Kid Ink said that he was dreaming about a moment in his life that would change his life. He said that he didn’t want to wake up, but he was sure that his life would change after that moment.


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