50 Yung Bleu Quotes On Success, Careers & Music

What do you mean my favorite ones? I have a lot of great quotes.

Yung Bleu is an American rapper and social media personality who is well known for his song ‘Miss It’, which has over sixty-nine million views on YouTube.

 Bleu began his music career at the age of 11. He has signed a record deal with Badazz’s Columbia Records-affiliated imprint, Badazz Music Syndicate. He has featured with A-list rap artist “Drake”, “Kevin Gates”, “Wiz Khalifa”, and “Moneybagg Yo”.

1. “He is the light of my life.”
[Yung Bleu]: We are family and that is how I see our relationship.

[Yung Bleu]: And being around your light is like seeing my light.

50 Yung Bleu Quotes On Success, Careers & Music

Yung Bleu said that his house is bigger than Boosie’s house, but the size of his pool isn’t bigger than Boosie’s. He also said that it took him a long time to build his house and that Boosie did not build his house before.

The singer started recording his beats off the original track on his computer and then playing it off of his old boom box. Then he would use his mobile phone to record that track onto his new boom box.

I am a singer and I need to speak for the things I see and hear about. I have a lot more to say and I will be speaking for what I see and hear about. I am also a teacher in the school of life. I am a student of life. I am more than an actress. I am a singer. I am beyond just being a performer.

As Bleu said, he is not necessarily talking about the streets but about his music. It might also be a little bit of a diss towards those who rap about girls but not really make any money from it.

He’s real big on manifesting. He always tells people that you have to speak what you want to see happen. For example, he always brings up the idea of manifesting the kind of car, apartment, girl or whatever he wants. He basically speaks about him having a certain idea and that he has to really speak on it.

I think that it’s different than just a typical audience. It’s a diverse audience that I’m not used to. I’m used to playing in front of people who know the lyrics. They’re excited. They’re people who are not as educated about the culture. This, all of these people are just people who just love music and are into the song and just came and wanted a good time.

8. When Yung Bleu wrote down the names for the songs, he didn’t already know what the songs were going to sound like. Then he made the songs about the song names, and in doing so, he wrote the songs.

As an artist who’s been around for more than a minute and still selling out shows, Yung Bleu has proven his musical knowledge.

10th of 50 Yung Bleu Quotes

Yung bleu said that he just wants to be himself and keep his dreams alive.

Yung Bleu told XXL that he put his heart and soul into this album and worked around his other artist so that the chemistry would be there.

I think I’ll have to sign to a major label if I wanna go where I want to go to be successful. But right now, I don’t feel the need to.

13. “My first thought was to write a song about our first time meeting”. At first, my idea was to write a song called “The first time we met”. But then I changed it to “I can’t be without you”, because I thought it would have been a better song to be in the movie.

According to Yung Bleu, his breakout single before the Drake-assisted “Pop Out” was “On My Way Home”.

The rapper talks openly about his depression and his anxiety, and his goal is to help other people around him by being a part of their lives.

This is why I do what I do. I’m a rapper, and I’m a producer, and I’m a songwriter. I just wanna be remembered. I wanna make an impact to where, 10 years from now, you still listen to my music.

If a rapper wants to release music, he will. If he wants to make it big, then he will. Yung Bleu’s first feature was “B-ch Bad” and he didn’t wait. He went with it and he has been moving since.

The group exploded and it led to them finding other artists.

Yung Bleu is one of the most interesting acts on OVO’s roster. Bleu does his thing, rapping about everything but nothing about himself. In fact, he doesn’t mention his name at all. Yet, he’s one of the most popular rappers on the label. Bleu even raps about one of the most overused themes in music right now, the “self-actualization” theme.

20th of 50 Yung Bleu Quotes

This quote sounds like a quote from one of the many “mainstream” rappers Yung Bleu is trying to emulate. He might even be saying something like “I can’t do what these rappers do, but I can do what they do,” but that makes no sense at all.

He is a great musician and I hope everything works out for him. I have met him and he is a nice person and is always happy. It was good to have him around.

“I’m the closest to Future on the album.” Yung was also impressed with Kanye’s album and his ability to rhyme.

With me, the underground scene was very important. (We came) from the same place, the same region. We did not really have a label, but we had our own movement.

While Yung Bleu has always been pretty much a ball of funk, his self-titled album is a little bit more somber, especially the title track. I think this is likely a result of his new-found life in Atlanta.

The young rapper has a formula which he has to follow when he writes a song.

He showed us a great side of himself. And that’s when he started to make me believe I could do it. I started to take on more responsibility. I was so used to being scared, but he helped me become fearless. I started to grow in confidence when he showed me so much love.

Bleu said music has always been his first love and he is always eager to make new friends in the field.

Yung Bleu always sees the positive side of every situation, while Ape is the baddest of them all. He’s the only one who would do crazy things like drive his own car to a festival and then drive back home without a ticket, and he is the only one who’s been arrested multiple times.

30th of 50 Yung Bleu Quotes

The more I talk to Bleu, the more I realize how much she wants to make this transition in her own way. She is not one to say yes or no when it comes to life choices. When she has some ideas in mind she is going to stick with them. She has not made up her mind on her next step, but she will do it in her own way.

 Yung Bleu said that PartyNextDoor doesn’t fit that category because he’s not like the majority of them but he thinks PartyNextDoor and The Weeknd would blend well together.

Yung Bleu has a point. His music is the type that can soothe the soul while the listener wonders what those fellow fans are doing in their own homes and living their own life.

I’m from Brooklyn and we’re all linked, whether they like it or not. I get the same respect as the people who have an affinity to Brooklyn.
Also, Bleu is from my city. I’m from Brooklyn and Bleu is from my city. We’re all linked together.

 You can tell a lot about a song just by the vibe you get from just listening to it. I know that the vibe in this song drives me and the way I see it, is all I could ask for.

I just think the idea of “I don’t know” is kind of powerful.

Yung Bleu’s debut solo album is his first to fully embrace this concept. The album is about his experiences in high school and his first time coming out as bisexual and experiencing life as a young gay man. It’s an incredibly honest journey and the album is an emotional experience that will surely resonate with those who have been through similar situations. This album is personal, it’s honest, and it’s beautiful.

Bey’s been in a weird place lately. He’s been singing about how much dudes hurt Beyoncé, but now his fans are saying the same thing about him. Like, dude, I’m not trying to say I’m bigger than Beyoncé, but what the dudes want to say.

I believe that the success that a black person has in their particular city has more to do with them than anything in the world.

It’s true. He doesn’t give a fuck about what you’re dressed like. If he wants to see you out, he sees you out. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t.

40th of 50 Yung Bleu Quotes

Bleu is the best there is! She never lets up! She is always making music that is hard to classify, but she always has the best sounds and beats!

Bleu is talking about the time when he produced the first music video for Drake. He mentioned that he was so confused and that he was feeling like he messed up, but he still ended up producing a masterpiece.

42. I do everything at my house. I mix and master it, everything. A lot of people don’t know how talented I am bruh. I’m really talented, I’m a star.

We can read it as if they both said “I am a star, I’m a star”.
There is a difference between a double negative and a double positive.

You may not be able to find an original statement that sounds more like a typical Yung Bleu line… but this one is pretty close.

A lot of people I know say that they like the way I grind, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m confident or what, but when I’m in the booth I feel like people appreciate it and they like that I work hard.

In the beginning, I felt like I wasn’t getting the love I deserved. I was an underground artist with an underground style, which I love. So I felt like I was always under the radar. I had to push myself to be seen.

On getting the chance to rap on WZRD’s “D.D.T” beat, I knew that I couldn’t not do it. Bleu wasn’t only representing a specific culture, but a specific region of the world. Every rapper has a story, and mine was about being from the streets of New York and then moving to the suburbs, and then moving to Atlanta, and then finally to California.

It sounded cool, but I thought it would sound good if it were just said in one sentence.

The first person I saw was Yung Bleu, he gave me the whole rap battle.

I was forced to “collaborate” with artists that I collaborated with in the past because that’s what was needed for success at the time.

Yung Bleu talks about the cheating that he’s been through and how in the rap community that is not cool. Yung Bleu really opened up this season by discussing how he was cheated on and was in a loving relationship where he felt comfortable sharing this and how he’s been able to get through it.


_____ is one of the original members of Yung Bleu, and she’s responsible for many of her songs. _____ is known for her strong vocal range and her high-pitched singing voice.

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