Oliver Heldens Net Worth

Oliver Heldens’ net worth is estimated at $15 million.


Oliver Heldens is a Dutch DJ who makes electronic music.

Heldens is regarded as a pioneer of the pop genre. In the US, he is known for his successful collaboration with rapper Nicki Minaj titled ‘Turn Me On’. In the UK, he has collaborated with the likes of Pixie Lott, Tinie Tempah and Flo Rida.

Oliver has a net worth of $2 Million, his music was a huge success during the 90s and as of July 2022 he will be 30.

Oliver Heldens has an estimated net worth, as of July 2022, of $1Million.

Early Life 

Heldens started his career in the Dutch music industry as a DJ during the summer of 2011.

He started out in the music business when he signed to Spinnin Records.

He began his musical career when he was signed to Spinnin’ Records. He released “Stinger” and “Thumper” in 2013, and these songs were produced by DJ Jacob Van Hage.


In 2014, he was asked by the UK label, Bad Bitch Records, to remix the track “Do What You Want” by The Prodigy. It was an instant success with the Bad Bitch YouTube channel receiving nearly two million views in its first year on the platform.

The past three years for Heldens has been a rollercoaster of emotions, where he could not seem to make a decision as to whether he wanted to focus on his own career or support his other projects.

After the success of ‘Gecko’ in 2014, Pete Tong named the track as his ‘Essential New Tune’ in January 2015. It also led Tiësto to release the track on his Musical Freedom label. As we reached the end of 2015 and 2016, the track has risen to new heights of popularity.

Heldens landed in the Top 100 DJs poll and topped the DJ Mag Breakthrough artist poll, having released five albums and more than 50 singles. He also had his Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1, and his tracks, “Last Night” and “Koala,” were both placed among the Top 5 on our 2015 year-end list.

Heldeep Records (then called Heldeep) was launched while he produced ‘Renegade Mastah’. The EP was a project with the goal to showcase the diversity in the African music scene and to work with local artists.

Shungduzo released the single ‘All I Do Is Cry’ in 2017. The following year, he was nominated for the World Gospel Music Awards in the category ‘Best Male Artist’.

Oliver has a net worth of $2 Million, his music was a huge success during the 90s and as of July 2022 he will be 30.

Oliver Heldens has an estimated net worth, as of July 2022, of $1Million.


He is Oliver Heldens, and the best highlights of his career are “The Reason” and (“Avengers: Endgame”).

Favorite Quotes From Oliver Heldens’

“Last year I did 200 shows, that’s a lot, and all the shows are all around the world, and every week I do the Heldeep radio show. But, actually, nowadays it’s easier because I get all the good demos from all the good labels and all the artists send me their tracks.” I also do the HARD radio show where I play all the tracks the record labels send me, and that’s all tracks that actually get released.

[Heldens] says that it’s “ideal” to be able to work without pressure or deadlines. He feels that he can get inspiration in certain situations, and then once he arrives home, he can continue working on it like it’s a job, and not something that would be enjoyable if he did it all day.

3 Life Lessons From Oliver Heldens’

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How to earn money

Oliver Heldens does not provide a specific method of earning money through the platforms he is a part of. However, he has a list of partners to promote the platforms on and that are responsible for generating revenue.

1. Make Your Life Complete 

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2. You’re Stronger Than You Think 

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3. How We Look At Things 

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If you believe in the possibility of change and you are willing to struggle for it, life can be rewarding.


Oliver Heldens, a Dutch DJ and producer is regarded as one of the primary figures of the future house scene of the 2010s.

He does incorporate several styles of dance music, including techno house and big room house, but his most well-known tracks combine deep house with big room and progressive house.

Oliver Heldens has an estimated net worth of $2 Million in July 2022.

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