The 15 Most Expensive Hot Wheels Cars

If you’re into Hot Wheels, then you can’t miss out on this list!

We’ve included everything from a Ferrari with white interior, a white interiors Over Chrome Mustangs, and a Diamond Anniversary Special.

And without further ado here is a list of most expensive Hot Wheels.

The 15 Most Expensive Hot Wheels Cars

**Note: some cars that are not directly mentioned by name in the list have not been removed from the list, but have been listed as [Unsourced] below.

Here is a list of 15 of the most expensive Hot Wheels cars.

15. 1972 Green Open Fire

Estimated Value: $4,000

It was one of four cars from the 1972 series to be produced, and had a light green colour. It was the second of the ‘Fire’ series, after the light blue one that was released in 1970.

It looks like an engine with only four wheels, but there is a huge black rectangle sticking out of it.

It was originally owned by the artist, but it was stolen from his driveway while he was sleeping.

14. 1970 Red Ferrari 312P (White Interior)

Estimated Value: $5,000

The 1971 Ferrari 365P “Scaglietti Spider”, based on the Ferrari 365 Portofino, was produced in Italy and the United States in 1971.

Its interior is what makes the price so high. The interior is only one color, white. Only 20 Ferrari 312Ps with white interior are known to exist.

You might be able to grab yourself a bargain, but you’ll most likely continue to increase in value.

13. 1971 Spectraflame Purple Bye-Focal

Estimated Value: $6,000

During the development of the new car, in-house designer Larry Wood chose to add a yellow stripe to the sides of the fender and change the wheels to yellow. Due to a change in body color palette, the car was not available in the 1971 range – it was discontinued in 1971 and would only be available in 1972. It was one of five new cars introduced during that year.

The car is based on a late 1960’s Dodge Challenger and features two Injected V-8’s under a glass hood on an elongated front clip.

This is a rare lens for the paint job it has.

Purple-spectraflame is the hardest color to find and is regarded as one of the rarest Redline colors.

12. 1970 Red Baron (White Interior)

Sold For: $7,500

The 1969 Red Baron with the white interior is one of the coolest looking Hot Wheels cars ever.

It was designed in 1970 and is one of the first designs ever made with a modular construction.

The car incorporates a WWI German infantry helmet and an Iron Cross motif on its radiator, a reference to the Nazi party.

Red Barons with white interiors are very scarce. In 2018, a collector paid $7,500 on eBay for one!

11. 1969 Brown ’31 Woody

Estimated Value: $8,000

There are only forty of these little cars known to exist and they are considered to be some of the rarest Hot Wheels cars in the world.

The car got its name from an ancient, mythological figure who was said to be created by the combination of the sun and water.

The car can be found with a blue, white, or mint green interior and a wrinkle or smooth top.

10. 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger

Estimated Value: $8,000

This character was created for the 1974 Flying Colors trade paperback.

It’s built on Dodge Charger SE platform with more than 30 years of history.

If you find one in a store, you’ll easily pay a couple hundred dollars though.

So, if you’re dreaming of owning a piece of history, this is where you should start looking.

9. 1968 Python With “Cheetah” Base

Estimated Value: $10,000

The 1968 Python With “Cheetah” Base is the first Hot Wheels car on the list to have an estimated value of over $10,000. This car was given to the winner if the 1968 Hot Wheels Championship race in the UK.

In the United States, the Cheetah is based on a 1963 car by Bill Cushenberry, while in Hong Kong, it is based on a design by Gordon Murray.

It was first constructed in 1964, then in 1966 the Tiger Shark was the first of an American car to get in with the Japanese for the first time.

Only a few of the Cheetahs are available, mostly being the standard red Hong Kong colorway.

It’s worth a lot of money, so if you get a chance, you should buy it before it’s all gone.

8. 1969 Ed Shaver Blue AMX

Estimated Value: $10,000

The car is an interpretation of the Daimler-Benz V200 coupé, released in 1966, and the first car to be released by Chrysler Corporation as part of the Mainline series.

This car is from the USA and has white interior.

to mark their partnership with British driver in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Mattel released a special AMX version, that they were unique by its stickers.

If you want to know more, make sure to check out my book ‘Art of Authenticity’!

7. 1971 Purple Olds 442

Estimated Value: $12,000

The 1971 Olds 442 has a low, wide stance of the tailgate, and a separate bumper. It also had a removable


for easy access to the load bed.

it has been thought to be the rarest Redline vehicle out of all the rest and is highly sought after among collectors.

> – The color combination is also one of the rarest Hot Wheels colors from the Redline era.
> – The car itself was made by VIN and is a real Hot Wheels, not a knock off.
> – This car is also in almost perfect condition, save for the paint and vinyl.

6. 1969 Brown Custom Charger

Estimated Value: $13,000

In 1969 the Ford “Brown Custom Charger” was released as a production car in 1969 and was a limited edition car released by Ford to celebrate the opening of their Ford Motors Plant in Dearborn. The car was available as a Ford (or Mercury) personal luxury car or a Ford cargo van. The vehicle was available in 2 and 4 door versions with the 4 door version having an optional removable second and third bench seat to seat eight passengers.

It is based on a real-life 1969 Dodge Charger. It was manufactured in the United States between 1969 and 1971.

However, the black and yellow ones are the most sought after on the market (I have seen several new ones go for $5,000 – $8,000 on Ebay).

5. 1970 Mad Maverick Base

Estimated Value: $15,000

The fifth most expensive Hot Wheels car is the 1970 Mad Maverick with the ‘Mad Maverick base’. The most expensive Hot Wheels car is the 1947 Hudson Hornet with.

The second most expensive Hot Wheels car is the 1970 Mad Maverick with a base of .

The car was designed by Howard Rees and built from the ground up, based on the 1969 Ford Maverick.

It was introduced in 1970, and produced for 27 years.

The body is full of custom parts from Skelanimals that’s why this is the rarest of the rare.

The only known model to have ‘Mad Maverick’ cast into its baseplate is the ‘Mad Maverick’.

The original name was called Roadsters, and it was the first generation of Hot Wheels produced after the release of the line in 1958.

4. 1968 Over Chrome Camaro

Estimated Value: $25,000

In 1968, the first production model of the Camaro was equipped with small air bags and an automatic transmission.

These cars are very hard to find and are quite expensive, because it’s only 20 units but they are quite rare.

The “Fury” has never been a common car in the Hot Wheels series. So this one is a real rarity. However, when you look up the price it’s easy to see why this car is so expensive. The black paint job alone is expensive. The wheels are painted in a rare silver color, and the decal was hand-painted with only a few of them produced.

3. 1968 Over Chrome Mustang

Sold For: $40,000

The Over Chrome Mustang was not released officially as a Hot Wheels model. Its popularity, together with the fact that it was sold at a garage sale in the 90’s, has made it a coveted collector item.

It was another car made for advertisements as well as for the purpose of selling Hot Wheels cars and collecting them so they could be sold at a premium price, and then for collectors to hold onto.

This is the only one that I bought in person. It was found at a trailer park, and the story behind it is a mystery.

2. 2008 Diamond-Encrusted Custom Otto

Sold For: $60,000

The “Diamonds in the Ruff” watch is a limited edition of 200 and comes with a custom-made box and a certificate.

From the looks of it, Mattel has gotten a bit more into the movie industry.

The car is made of 18k white gold, and has 2,700 diamonds. It’s also got red rubies for its rear taillights and comes with a custom-made diamond case.

The Custom Otto was valued at $140,000 and sold at auction for $60,000.

The original, unmodified version of the text includes the full text of the example sentence, including punctuation and spaces. The original version of the modified text, including the example sentence, is:

The Custom Otto was valued at $140,000 and sold at auction for $60,000.

1. 1969 Pink VW Beach Bomb

Estimated Value: $175,000 

This is the most expensive Hot Wheels car.

The 1969 Pink Beach Bomb, known as the “Holy Grail of Hot Wheels,” is thought to be one of only two models in circulation.

The reason it was never released is because it was a prototype and wasn’t ready for mass production, but it was a prototype of a device that never made it to market, and it was never commercially released either.

Instead, it was replaced by a version with a full-length sunroof and a roof rack. A variant with a side-mounted surfboard was also available.

It’s a bit of a risky move, and if nothing else, it means you’ll get a free trip back to the US.


Now we’re going to end in a different fashion. We know that there are some Hot Wheels fans out there that prefer the smaller scale versions of our Hot Wheels cars. So we’ve made a list of the Top 20 Cheapest Hot Wheels Cars.

We were shocked to find out how much they are worth.

You’re buying a piece of history. I wouldn’t say invest, but it’s an amazing piece of history.

In 2016, the most expensive Hot Wheels car was the 1:64 scale replica of the 1966 Ford Mustang Mach I, priced at $1,000.

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