10 Reasons To Chase Your Passion & Not The Money

But I just want a cup of tea. This is not the kind of tea I want. I want a green tea.

The truth is that we are really interested in both, and the reason why the story is so rich is because it includes both. It’s actually kind of a story about not knowing who to follow. The thing that you want to do in life is to make money, but you also want to make a difference, you want to help people.

We need to make ourselves heard.

You can never know if your passion is enough until you follow it. When you start living your passion you will know why you chose to follow it. Your inner feeling will tell you how to live.

10 Reasons to Chase Your Passion

In our daily life, we never think about what we are passionate about and how to make money from that. Today I want to share with you the reason for why you should chase your passion and how to make money from it.

1. Becoming really good at what you’re interested in can bring you even more money, even if you think it can’t

I’m not one of those spiritual gurus who will tell you that you can lose infinite money with any skill or passion or interest you can think of. If you can’t make money in the long term then you shouldn’t be doing it.

You do have a point. However, it is almost impossible for someone to come into town and start a business. Even if they want to start their own business, it is almost impossible for them to find a location.

But you will watch porn on your laptop, sitting on a couch.

I agree but most people think that you have to be an expert in the subject. A lot of people think that you have to have a college degree to do it. But the truth is that you can develop skills that will allow you to start as a beginner and become an experienced professional in the niche that you choose. There are many people who are making a living on topics that they did not study in college.

But what I find when I look into it, is that what you’re describing is the same thing that was happening in India in the 1700s. What you’re describing is the colonial power structure. It’s why the government of England created a tax system. It was because it was a political statement.

2. Money can act as a crutch you depend on

They are very well-to-do people. They live in big houses, are often driving big cars, and have huge sums of money to buy whatever they want, whenever they want.

They use money as a status symbol.

Some people use money to show off to others. Some people use it to show their superiority. And Some people buy all these expensive things just because they are told that this is what success is.

They feel like they have not done everything they wanted to. But they don’t feel that they have missed what they want. They feel they are good.

When you do not need to worry about your income, you are free to spend your life doing the things you want, rather than working in order to pay for things you do not necessarily want.

3. Money can come and go

While there are some things we can fully control, there are many other things that we have very little control over.

If you have no self-esteem, you are vulnerable to being controlled by other people’s desires. If you do not have enough self-esteem to stand firm in your beliefs, you can be easily swayed by other people’s ideas.

I realized that I would be willing to do many things if I had a chance of living another 10 or 20 years. I decided to live more fully, for the moment, for the next year. So I made decisions in January to give up my driving, to stop worrying about things that didn’t matter and to enjoy life, and I have to say that I have been rewarded with a lot more enjoyment.

Sometimes we feel like we have really good things in life but all of a sudden everything is taken away from you. Things like health, money or relationships.

You can still find love and joy even if you have a lot of money. It wouldn’t do to depend on your wealth to make you happy.

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4. Money will not bring you as much happiness as you think

But now, the scientific research has revealed that it is important to take care to look after our health, to have a satisfying job, to spend time with our loved ones etc.

To me, happiness comes from a place of contentment. It comes from appreciating what you’ve got. It’s not necessarily the case that everybody has the same ideas on the meaning of happiness.

I do not think I would agree that science has shown the amount of extra long-term happiness, as you’re increasing how much you earn, rapidly diminishes after you hit a modest first world middle-income.

The greatest part of modern society is the fact that 99% of people still give way to the belief that they’ll have an incredible boost in happiness if they have enough money. Do yourself a favor and get some money.

5. If you start with money, you can end up miserable

If you are in a job or business that you do not like it is time to get out. You MUST do. If you are not happy with your situation I suggest you take a pay cut. That extra money will be better spent anyway.

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They absolutely hate every single second that they spend working in an industry that they hate, so they don’t want to be there.

I don’t think people “should” be successful. I think it’s a natural outcome of putting in time and effort into a project that you are passionate about.

6. By chasing money first, you can end up in a cycle of constant never-ending chasing

I’ve known a few people who chased money first and ended up in an addiction of money; they constantly chase money and never really achieve their financial goals.

The scientific term for this process, where we don’t think about things that are so basic to our lives, is called the hedonic treadmill.

There are many companies that have chosen to use React Native for their app.

It’s not that money shouldn’t be one’s main concern; there are just other things that take precedence. There are always other things that are more important!

Some people eventually learn that this cycle is not the right way and they turn to purpose, passion and fulfilment.

You should never take money and you should start with a passion and a purpose, and you should figure out a way to make it happen. You can’t start with no money.

I have no problems with money. More money and more of a certain standard of living is always nice, and I think it’s good to live a certain standard of living. I just don’t see that as the only way to be happy. I would like to be able to earn enough to live in my house but earn a lot of money. It doesn’t mean that I would stop working.

7. Status, Validation and Ego end up being meaningless

I would rather strive my entire life for the happiness of others.

Many of these people have the same characteristics that it’s healthy to have in an entrepreneur, but they’re coming at it from a different place.

I think if you want to make money – or you want to get a job – you have to prove yourself right. If you ever feel like you are not good at something you need to take responsibility. The only way to get better at something is to make mistakes. Once you have made mistakes you can take advantage of that information and use that information to make your success.

People don’t want to work with those who spend most of their time chasing recognition, who spend most of their time trying to have everything that other people have, who spend most of their time trying to be successful. The people who spend their time in the company of success, not only love them but they also get the recognition and respect that they are after. They don’t have to chase or seek recognition or respect, it just comes spontaneously. The people who spend their lives chasing after people and seeking their approval are doomed to failure as they will die old and alone.

If you love somebody then you would do anything for that person. You would do anything that that person tells you to do because you love them.

The reason I believe people still mourned for the rich people who passed away is because they were the people who were once part of their lives. When they were alive they were simply there for the sole purpose of using them.

8. Money gets old

It’s very tough for someone who never had much money to really understand why someone that hasn’t had much money would want to be rich.

What was once a childhood past time seems like a thing you do for work now, but in reality, you’re not working. You are doing something you used to love and look forward to. Something that used to be a childhood hobby is now the job that you have.

This could be your clothes, the food that you can buy, or just the privileges you have. for me, it is the indoor plumbing and ice cream that makes every day a better day.

In addition, some people will need to start wearing a tuxedo to the bar every night for the rest of your life.

Businessmen in the golf industry are not like others.
They sell many businesses they are very passionate about so they can play on the golf course every day.
And after a couple months or years of playing golf they get bored and they return to business.

So for instance, if we had the chance to be born into a rich family when I was younger, I would have not wanted to pursue it since I felt like my family was having a hard time and I wanted to help them out. I also never really felt passionate about anything growing up.

People who live and stay home are usually boring and not as interesting as other people. I have a hard time with the idea of sitting back and watching the show where there’s only one main male character in a show.

9. With a passion, you have something that is with you no matter where you go

The truth is, there’s no better feeling in the world than helping others.

No matter how tough your life is or how much money you have, you always know that your life will mostly be filled with enjoyment because you love what you do.

10. A passion is like wine. It gets better with age (unlike money)

Some people get more and more interested in their craft as they progressed in their craft and they get to become MASTERS at their craft. These people tend to do more interesting, sophisticated and complex pool things as they get older and have more practice under their belt.

The more complex, the more skills you can build. The better you can do an assignment, the better you will prepare for it.

When you are young, your body doesn’t mind doing some hard work. The kids are playing outside. They don’t even care about getting hurt, as long as they have fun. But when you get older, your body gets hurt more easily. And the kids eventually go inside and play video games and computer games. They don’t go outside and play with rocks.

– I’ve become a bit more cynical in life, and while I believe that this is a good thing, it’s definitely taking some of the enjoyment out of life.

 Most things in life are meant to be enjoyed while still young.  I don’t find much point in being married to someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with.


You should also have a plan to get there. But if you can’t get there, you should definitely have a plan to get back. This is because sometimes the road can be long and winding. No one is ever guaranteed to hit the lottery or get lucky. If you don’t have a plan A you might run into obstacles that you didn’t see on the way and it may set you back.

It’s a good idea to look for other answers as well, but it doesn’t have to be your end-all-be-all grand answer. Just start moving towards it or testing different things out.

You will get to the point where you stop complaining about money because you are making more money. It will be based on your purpose and passion and you will enjoy it.

This leave you with a castle built with a solid foundation. Instead of just a castle of sand made by a fragile man or fairy tale.

Some people build their castles of sand, which they use to chase money, but when they end up quitting a lucrative job. They end up losing their profit for the time they worked.

Wrapping up

I want you to think about what comes first, your health or your wealth.

What’s the number one reason that really impacted you on this list?

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