Tyler Ninja Blevins Net Worth

Tyler Ninja Blevins’ net worth is estimated at $500 thousand.


Tyler Ninja Blevins worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 million. Tyler Blevins is one of the biggest names in video game development.

He’s also the President of Ninja Theory, a video game development house.

He is known as the “Ninja of the North” and for playing the Fortnite Battle Royale and The Culling.

Justin has been streaming for over half his life and has amassed over 14 million followers on Twitch.tv. There has been over 50,000 viewers per week on average.

Early Life

He was born on the 5th of June, 1991, from Detroit, grew up in the Chicago suburbs, and went to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, where he majored in business administration, with a minor in engineering.

Blevins began playing basketball at the age of six. He grew up in Grayslake, IL. He attended Grayslake Central High School. Blevins played soccer and was also an avid video game player.


The journey from being a recreational gamer to being a professional gamer is one of true interest and admiration.

Blevins first played competitively in 2009 by entering a Halo event in Orlando. He was defeated in the second round, and told tournament organizer Matthew McConaghie that if they hosted another tournament, he would play. This was the beginning of a new life for Blevins, whose passion for the game had been building, but was yet to be unleashed.

In 2012, Blevins started streaming his gaming life on his own Twitch.tv channel. Blevins competed against other competitive Halo players in Halo 4, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and other similar games.

In 2019, Blevins played for Team eLevate in both MOBASA and the PUBG Invitational Championship. He also won the PUGS Invitational in the 3rd Person Squads classification.

On September 13, 2017, he had about 500,000 followers, as of March 14, 2018, the number had exploded by 250 percent. At the same time, he set the Twitch.tv record for a single individual stream while playing Fortnite after he hosted a game with Drake, Travis Scott, and Juju Smith-Schuster.

Tyler Ninja Blevins is most well-known for his work with TylerBlevins.com. He’s also got a YouTube channel with over 200 videos of him doing stunts, which has over 27 million views, and a podcast called The Nerdy Nest, which he co-hosts with his wife, Kelly.


When he made the national team, Blevins’ talent caught the eye.

Favorite Quotes from Tyler Ninja Blevins 

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3 Awesome Lessons from Tyler Ninja Blevins

No matter what you’re working on in your personal or business life, you always need to be learning and growing. In addition to that, Tyler Blevins has helped you increase your net worth by helping you learn how to start and operate a successful online business.

1. Be You

You can’t take away anyone’s self-esteem.

2. You Can Do Anything 

The most successful people are the ones who use the most efficient tool for what they want.

3. Use Your Words, Wisely 

Make sure you always think about how your words and actions are going to affect others.


Yes. I’ve been working with the online community for over 3 years. I currently operate an online video game development firm, and have been making games for the site for 6 months.

Ninja is a gamer who has a huge fan following of over 5 million people. And with this huge fan base, the man’s social media presence has a lot to learn.

Tyler Ninja Blevins is the highest paid Twitch streamer.

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