50 Bold Rick Santelli Quotes

My favorite Rick Santelli quotes are about the financial crisis.

According to his book, “The Things That Matter”, his father wanted him to become a psychiatrist but he ended up being an engineer. He believes that everybody has a purpose in life and that we should not try and suppress the dreams of other people.

His credentials are as the vice president of a trading and hedge fund, which deals with futures-related products.

During his time on CNBC, his career was on the rise, and he eventually landed a spot as co-host of the ‘Financial Markets and Institutions’ show, where he got to work with the likes of his co-host Jim Cramer, whom he has not stopped working with since.

Rick Santelli’s comments have become a classic. They were made on February 19, 2009, during the last official hearing on the proposal to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He was yelling at the congressmen who were not in favor of the bailout and explaining the problems created by the government guarantee on mortgages.

50 Bold Rick Santelli Quotes

The president is not the person that controls what will happen in the financial markets in the United States. The market is controlled by the people with money and the people with influence.

Rick Santelli, a founder of the Chicago tea party movement and a radio host, made a comment about the credit markets that he’s been quoted by a number of news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg and CNN.

Santelli said that it will be more of a beer summit than a White House summit but that he doubts that President Obama will attend.

This is a time where in the investment world everyone has a winner and a loser. You have to be willing to admit when you are wrong about something.

It’s what the government does to help the people is wrong, and we should be doing things that are good for the citizens of this country.

In case one needed to know, it’s because of the president and his team’s lack of experience in running the country and working to correct the problems that are all but inevitable if nothing changes. We’re losing jobs as companies are shifting production to the countries with very large economies with far less of an effect on our wallets.

I feel the same way. I’m a little less concerned about the computer than the people who have jobs or can’t do their job without a computer.

I would like to share an idea that the financial sector is not only responsible for the housing crisis, but is also responsible for the current lack of demand, and that is why we need to break up the banks.
I call on all of us to write to your congressman and demand that a bill is passed to break up the banks.

I know most Americans are afraid of fire. Just because your home is not on fire, does not mean you should not worry about it.

10th of 50 Rick Santelli Quotes

I was the face of the Tea Party, the angry black guy in the hat who started the economic movement.

The unique thing about our people is that they don’t go behind politicians, politicians go behind them.

I think that the health care system is a mess and that it should be a free market, but you can’t even have a discussion about who should have access to what if you don’t know what the costs are.

There are many types of markets. The main ones and the ones that have a greater effect on the stock market and the economy are the foreign exchange market, the futures and futures contract market, the equity market, the debt market, and the equity derivative market. Each of these markets have their own set of rules, their own unique structure, and their own challenges for the investors.

The US government needs more people to perpetuate a myth so it can continue to operate.

The great thing about America is that everyone has the chance to succeed and everyone has the chance to succeed.

In the real estate market, you can’t afford to buy a house unless you borrow money. In the stock market, if you can’t borrow money, you won’t be able to buy stocks.

He’s right, because if we don’t solve this issue we are going to be in a worse position in the future. We are spending more money than we are bringing in and the debt is going to get worse.

Rick Santelli says that people who make decisions for others are not going to have the same attitude as when you are on your own.

The financial markets do not create their own wealth and that is why they are considered to be the root of all evil. The system that has been set up by the elite to enslave the masses is called fiat money. Any time the monetary system collapses, the elite are out. This is why they are so desperate to keep the system going.

20th of 50 Rick Santelli Quotes

 Rick Santelli was not the first to say this, but it was the first that the mass media heard, and it became the defining moment of the Tea Party. The problem is we don’t even know what he was saying. He said, “Do I know a solution? Not really,” but he left it open for us to think he did. He certainly didn’t say anything that we have any experience with, so it sounds like he was saying something we weren’t aware of before.

The Rick Santelli comment was the beginning of the Tea Party movement; the picture is from Cuba and shows missile sites that U.S. intelligence had long suspected had been planted there.

The government is interfering in the housing market by favoring the losers, which is not how you make America better.

It’s actually quite simple. A republic is a system where the government is run by the people, and a democracy is a system where the government is run by the majority. Both systems are pretty much identical.

Rick Santelli went on to make a point about the current debt and the fact that it’s growing without control. He thinks it’s important that people know that the debt is growing out of control right now. He also made a number of other good points.

I think there’s only one regulation in life that works: failure.

In “The Big Short” Rick says that he is in love with Wall Street. What he means is that he feels the same love he felt when he was young and on a trip to Vegas with his dad.

Rick Santelli said that the U.S. government could do anything it wants if it wanted to, just as long as it’s legal. However, the government was able to pass laws that prevented people from profiting from owning homes. Rick Santelli said that he was opposed to this law, so he became an investor activist.

 Rick Santelli was a well-known and controversial radio host in the 90’s who went on to host the CNBC show “The Rick Santelli Show. “He has a daughter who got sick and couldn’t afford her medical insurance. It’s the height of hypocrisy for Obama to talk about free market solutions when he has a special interest in this area.

When there were no jobs and unemployment was at 9% or more, I never said that people might be better off paying for their neighbors’ mortgage.

30th of 50 Rick Santelli Quotes

One of the founding principles of the United States is checks and balances. In order for the government to work, the president can’t pass all his ideas through Congress. He can’t use his position to make political points. He’s just one person and everyone else has a role.

I am a trader who trades technical analysis to maximize returns and minimize risk.

I am going to look at the market in a number of different ways including a variety of technical analysis tools.

It was Rick Santelli. He was the spark. He is the father of the Tea Party movement.

Mr. Santelli is a man who represents one of the most marginalized in a system that is supposed to be run for the benefit of marginalized people; and in a society whose political leaders constantly point out that the richest 0.3% of the population have about 10% of that country’s wealth.

I also have children and I feel that we as people are responsible for the next generation and we should do our best to ensure that the next generation will be better than the one we have now. This bad behavior should not be rewarded but we should all be held equally responsible for the decisions that we make.

I am very happy at CNBC. It’s the passion, it’s the movement – there are a lot of moving parts. And spontaneous TV and spontaneous debates – I don’t know that there’s anyone that enjoys their job more than I do.

W. D. Gann was a man who was incredibly insightful about the market, and had a remarkable ability to anticipate the market in advance. He would send notes to the Wall Street Journal, which accurately predicted tops and bottoms in grain market months ahead of time.

It’s not the markets that are the problem, it is what the markets represent.
A lot of the problems we see in the economy and in our society are due to the fact that we have become an economy that values transactions over results.
We have made our success dependent on the number of transactions that occur rather than the quality of transactions that

I will close this video with a thought from the book that may be interesting to think about.

Rick didn’t make a good compromise and so his house burned to the ground.

Rick “I will do anything for me and my family” Santelli said on the day of the March 19th, 2009, Tea Party launch that he is proud to be a citizen of a country where people can question those they put in power.

40th of 50 Rick Santelli Quotes

The Founders didn’t have a good understanding of law or even an understanding of natural rights.

As I’ve said time and time again, no law or institution can ever prevent a civil war – including the 2nd Amendment.

The people need to be able to go out and eat, without buying from a huge corporation, and they need to have the opportunity to sell their goods and services.

Rick Santelli is an American broadcaster, stock trader, and activist. His comment was made in the context of discussing the issue of the government bailout of the financial sector in the United States.

The first question the great Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci asked was “what are the chances of a rabbit surviving one year in the wild?” He then asked how many rabbits could be found in a year after the first year. He then calculated the odds that one rabbit could survive in the wild.

You can only watch the media and not realize that the mainstream has been saying that most of the media is just not telling you the truth.

When I look at it, and the way in which our country is being run, I say “the country is not going to be able to withstand a couple of years of Hillary Clinton,” and I said this on CNBC.

The hack was not due to Target’s servers being infiltrated. It was due to the payment mechanism being compromised, and the retailer being left exposed. This is the same as a bank or credit card being hacked.

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, protest. Rick Santelli had a point. He was trying to make it in the middle of a CNBC interview, but he didn’t do a very good job of it.

I think that hacking is important. Any American should be concerned about it. Whether they are on the left, the right or somewhere in the middle.

The government should be fighting back against the big banks and other financial firms. We should not allow them to run this nation. Rick Santelli has spoken. We are taking on the big banks.

* Santelli was not quite clear on whether by “politicians” he meant only those who seek office or politicians in all their permutations.


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