The 10 Most Expensive Coins In The World

When you go to the supermarket and buy a bunch of bananas, they might be worth more than what you paid for them at the check-out counter.

However, it’s very possible, as we’re going to show you, and really just comes down to factors like age, rarity, printing errors and historical importance.

So you’ll get a lot of money when you eventually sell your old coins, but you might have to wait a few centuries before you can do that!

Here’s a list of the 10 most expensive coins in the world, including the most expensive coin ever made.

The 10 Most Expensive Coins in the World

The figure of 10 trillion dollars and the ten-dollar bills are a reference to the fact that Bitcoin is a 10-trillion-dollar market. Bitcoin is the first ever cryptocurrency and the “T” is actually “Ten”.

Here is the list of the


10 most expensive coins in the world.

10. Liberty Head Nickel (1913) – Hawai Five-O Star

Cost: $3.7 Million

This is a commemorative coin minted in honor of the 50th anniversary of Hawaiian Statehood.

Many of the coins were used for any close-up work in the series, and coins from lesser value were brought in to help out on any more dangerous work that could potentially devalue the coin.

During the 1970s, the coin was stolen from the mint by an ex-employee and somehow made their way into private auctions and coin collections.

In 2007, the Liberty Head nickel was sold at auction by Heritage Auctions, for approximately $3.7 million.

9. Bust Dollar – Class 1 – Dexter-Poque Specimen (1804)

Cost: $3.8 Million

We also have an 1804 Bust Collar Class 1 coin, worth over $3.8 million dollars.

This particular coin is extremely valuable due to the fact that it has such a unique history of ownership and ownership, as James Dexter, a prominent numismatist of the 1800’s, and the fact that it was issued during a time period that the coin was extremely valuable due to the fact that it was a small “D” and its value was based off of the rarity within the coin, due to the fact that it was only issued to one owner and that he was a very important and wealthy person.

This rare coin was first discovered in Germany in 1804 and is highly sought after by coin collectors, as there are only eight known class 1 coins ever made.

One of the most important events in the history of the US dollar occurred on 31 March 1795. This was when the US Dollar was formally introduced as the first US denomination.

8. $1 Million Gold Canadian Maple Leaf (2007)

Cost: $4.02 Million

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (CAGL) coin was created by the Royal Canadian Mint as a response to the growing demand for bullion.

It was the worlds only ever million dollar coin and was minted in 2007, the coin was called the “Canadians 1 million dollar” and was produced by the Canadian mint.

A gold bar of this size is worth around $50 million.
This would normally be enough to satisfy a king. However, the king is actually a very wealthy merchant, and he demands even more.

Royal Canadian Mint was looking for a way to promote their new line of coins and have created “The Coin For All Ages” coin series.

There are five silver coins that have been purchased by collectors from around the globe.

7. Silver Dollar Class 1 – 1804 – (The Watters-Childs Specimen)

Cost: $4.1 Million

The Silver Dollar, Class 1, 1804 has made it to our list of the most expensive coins in the world. It can be found in mint condition in the best known example of the Philadelphia Mint, a U.S. Mint coin-production facility. These coins are highly collectible and are extremely rare.

The dollar coin is one of the few coins in the world with an officially recognized name, despite their low value, so many collectors and investors buy and sell them often. There’s a very high demand for silver dollars because of their high value compared with other silver products.

It has been graded, PCGS proof 65, by the Professional Coin Grading Services and, in 1999, it was the worlds most expensive coin, beating out the previous leader by more than double.

One of the big collectors of the coin was British born businessman Henry Chapman whose collection was auctioned in London in 2007.

The coin, that was created in 2013, was put up for auction and received an enormous amount of money. It was the most amount ever offered for a coin.

The coin could not sell for any amount due to the low supply and high demand.

The first option is the best one as it does not sound wrong at all.

The 1804 Silver Dollar Class 1 Watters-Childs Specimen, which is worth $4.1 million dollars. So, that’s the 1804 Silver Dollar Class 1 Watters-Children Specimen. It’s an 1804 Silver Dollar with a $4.1 million dollar value.

6. Liberty Head Nickel – Morton-Smith-Eliaspberg (1913)

Cost: $4.5 Million

The Liberty Head Nickel reached $4,560,000 dollars at auction earlier this year.

I have only found a few pieces of the original, but this is one of four known pieces of it.

Because of its reflective surface, it is valued in the market.

It is the only one that’s made like this, makes it more valuable to coin collectors. It’s also the only coin that we’ve had in the entire history of the Mint. That goes to show how rare it is.

Therefore, there is a possibility that, in this coin, no actual coins were struck and the person is really showing off a fake.

As a silver coin, the rarity of this specimen is high because of the limited production.

Just like the real thing, this one has that authentic, old-style look.

5. Edward III Florin (1343)

Cost: $6.8 Million

While a single coin may not be worth as much as any other monetary item, in the grand scheme of things it’s an interesting number.

The value of the silver coins is derived from the fact that the coins are from a period of time that no other coins of that size and age exist.

A rare coin is one of the most expensive coins in the world. They are also extremely scarce, so it’s highly likely that no other identical coins will ever be found.

The coin was discovered in 2006 and was sold at auction. It’s currently worth 6.8 million dollars.

Two of the remaining coins were found in 1857 in the River Tyne and are currently on display in the British Museum.

4. Brasher Doubloon (1787)

Cost: $7.4 Million

The 1787 Brasher Doubloon, had the idea of a person who wanted to save the gold in the New York State.

Therefore, with the help of Ephriam Brashers, the state decided to do away with the old coins and made new ones.

A very capable Goldsmith, Mr Brasher decided to ignore the state and mint his own new coins, mainly in bronze, but also minting a few 22-carat gold coins on the side.

The ones that the Nazis never got, with the hidden meanings and all the symbolism and the interesting stories behind them.

A Wall Street investment firm bought a coin and they paid over $7.4 million for one coin.

3. Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle (1907)

Cost: $7.6 Million

The Double Eagle 1907 was a big hit, but was produced in such low numbers.

The original version of this sentence contained the typo “of” in its original form, but has corrected it for the sake of readability.

The complex design of the new tank lead to a holt in production, meaning something had to change.

The decision was the responsibility of Charles Barber, the United States Mints chief engraver. He chose to remove the words, “In God we trust” from the coin.

The Indian government has a rule against minting coins with more than 40% of silver. The coin was produced anyway and is now worth an absolute fortune… $7.6 million dollars to be precise!

2. Double Eagle (1933)

Cost: $7.6 Million

The 1933 Double Eagles got recalled from public circulation and melted by the mint to keep the gold supply under control to avoid any inflation.

This was a mistake and he tried to cover it up, but some of his security guards were greedy and sold some of the coins to a fence.

The fact that these coins exist at all is because of a loophole in the legislation.
It is legal to own one if you bought it before 1992.
The coin was created in an attempt to stop people trying to claim back the value of the franc.

The coin in question was originally the property of King Farouk of Egypt, but he was forced to sell it and split the proceeds with the United States Mint.

The 1933 Double Eagle sold at auction for a little over $7 million.

1. Flowing Hair Silver/Copper Dollar (1794/5)

Cost: $10 Million

The 1794/5 Flowing Hair Silver/Copper Dollar is the second most expensive piece of coin in the world.

Some experts believe this was the first U.S silver coin minted because it does not circulate as much as other silver coins in existence.

This coin is considered one of the most valuable coin in the world because of its large size, weight, and striking value.

The United States Mint first opened its doors in 1792, and operated under that name for a few years, before making the move to the New Orleans Mint.

Coin collectors buy coins for its historical significance, or to preserve the physical object as a tangible reminder of the past or for their personal collections. Some coin collectors purchase old coins as a means of investment or for the interest of numismatics.

The most expensive coin in the world is the Flowing Hair Silver/Copper Dollar, which sold for $10 million dollars in 2013.


With a world market capitalization of nearly $900 billion dollars, it’s no surprise that the world of cryptocurrencies is attracting an increasing amount of investor attention.

It is astonishing to think a one million dollar coin, or even a one hundred dollar coin could be worth millions of dollars today, just because of a few missing words or printing errors, but that’s the facts!

Starting a coin collection is a great idea if your goal is to start making money by investing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

It is definitely a popular investment because it has a lot of economic interest, but it is also a popular investment because it has a limited market. There are a lot of investors who want to invest in it because it has a limited supply and limited demand. There are a lot of investors because of the limited supply and less demand.

I’m sure many of you have been waiting for the latest Bitcoin news, so let’s take a quick look at the most expensive coins.

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