29 Inspirational Mother Teresa Quotes About Giving

Saint Mother Teresa was from Albania and was a nun and a Christian Missionary.

Mother Teresa was a big fan of a lot of things: art, philosophy, physics, and she was also a patron of the arts. She was also a supporter of the rights of women. She was the first to help millions of poor people all over the world. She was a big fan of science but her biggest fan of was the Gospel!

The quotes here show just how much love Mother Teresa gave to her fellow man. Even when she was just a poor nun with no money. She saw the need and helped out as much as she could. Take a look below!

29 Inspirational Mother Teresa Quotes

It is our moral and religious obligation to love the little people and to do the little things with great love, for that will help the little people.

You know, people can be so kind to each other. We can all have a positive impact in the world if we just care enough to take the time to say something nice. Being genuinely supportive of someone means more to them than anything else you say.

Love is the cure for loneliness, and I don’t think that anyone can be alone without being unloved.

Feeding one is much more difficult than feeding a hundred.

Even if you do something that seems wrong to me about a person, I will do something to build a bridge with the person.

I love to hear Mother Teresa’s words of encouragement because I am a big fan of Jesus that I have been sharing her words since I was in school.

Lessons come into life as we experience life. They come in our lives as a part of our growth. As a part of our development of soul and spirit. Life is not ‘dumb’. It is not random. It is not accidental. It is not without meaning. And it has purpose.

It’s not loving someone until it hurts, it’s loving them, and then you hurt because you can’t stand it anymore.

Mother Teresa taught us that we are all equal before God and the only thing that divides us is the self-centered attitude from which we try to justify our behavior. She taught us that we belong to each other.

10th of 29 Mother Teresa Quotes

If you smile at each and every person you meet on this journey, I promise you will never know all the good that a simple smile can do.

Let us begin with our prayer. Let us begin with God. Let us begin with love. Let us begin with all the things we are grateful for. Let us begin to make it a habit to be happy, instead of a habit to complain. Let us begin living, instead of living by rules. Let us begin today.

Be faithful in small things because they’re the most important ones. In the end, you’re only going to be as faithful as you are in the little things.

I am doing the best I can. I don’t want to say that I am doing the best I can. If I said the best I can, I would be lying. And, so, I lie by omission by telling you the truth because I don’t know what is the best I can do.

We often ignore the hunger for love and the things that make us most unhappy because we want to be loved. Even when we do love, we are often happy with it. There is rarely love enough for us and so the love we have remains like a shadow, a vague memory of something we don’t have anymore.

Poverty comes in many forms, from not having anything to eat, to not having a house. Not enough money to meet your needs, to lack of love.

You have not really lived until you have done something that will give the people around you joy and satisfaction.
It is said that one of the most difficult things to do is to see the good in someone.
The first step towards it is to be able to see good things in yourself.

Helping people who don’t have other options is important. Doing what you can to help people who are falling is kind. Sometimes it is the only kind thing you can do.

Jesus gave himself as a sacrifice to enable us to trust in his love. When we make the decision to trust, we give ourselves to him. This act of giving ourselves to him enables him to use us to accomplish great things because God’s love is more powerful than our weakness.

19th of 29 Mother Teresa Quotes

I am a very helpful person and always try to help out people who need it. I don’t like wasting time or resources. I am really focused on helping the people around me.

We often wait for leaders to start a movement. But, we can start movements on our own.

Mother Teresa, who has a very close relationship with Jesus, says that we have received pain as a sign that we are so close to God that we can receive a kiss.

Be happy in the moment and not too serious about it because it will make you stressed and unhappy. Each moment of a day is enough. I am living like a tourist in a touristic place, I don’t need one thing, one moment, I need my life to be full.

Whenever you smile, you are actually expressing your love for the person you are smiling at. That is the greatest gift you can give to that person.

At the end of our lives, we will be judged by whether we were faithful to God. We will be judged by how we treated people. This includes how we treated people when they were hungry, when they were homeless, and naked, and others. The judgement will be based on whether we treated those who were our brothers and sisters.

We will always be together, but not always in the same room. Together we can do great things.

This quote is just the beginning of how a person can be happy. The secret to happiness is to start loving. The more we love, the more we find joy.

We are thankful that we have been given the opportunity to serve. Our happiness lies in knowing that we serve the needs of others, and because we are happy, it is an opportunity to fulfill our greatest purpose.

Don’t be selfish because you think that you can make a difference in the world. Think of the people in the world who really need you to be a light. Be selfish because someone deserves it.

There has been much debate about Mother Teresa and whether or not she was a saint. In this verse, the author simply invites us to consider one thing in particular about the Mother. Was she a saint or was she just human? We can’t know for sure.

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