22 Sheldon Adelson Quotes For Entrepreneurs

His other businesses include an ownership stake in the Sands Macau casino and The Venetian Macau. As of 2015, Adelson’s net worth was estimated at around $30.7 billion.

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Adelson is a billionaire casino billionaire who used the money from his business interests to buy the Republican Party back in 1996. He also has a history of donating all of his money towards the religious right, which has been to the benefit of his business interests, because they sell religion, which is used to promote conservative politics.

22 Sheldon Adelson Quotes

He said that a long-term strategy is vital, so his company does not need to change.

We must realize our vision. Do so carefully and do it well.

A business needs to make money to have a positive economic impact.

I don’t think it’s fair that you’ve been treated unfairly, but it doesn’t stop me.

A lot of people do not know who he is, but he is an incredibly rich man who will donate a lot of his money to support Trump. In this case, Adelson is talking about Israel, where he is also hugely influential, and his decision to fund the campaign of Donald Trump will pay huge dividends for Israel, in fact, for all of America.

There is never a new hand coming up. You’ll have to play better than you’re playing now.

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This is the new American way to look at business. You should look at all businesses and figure out how short they can last, and then think about how you can change them. This is how all businesses should be run.

The billionaire casino mogul does not aim to make as much money for himself as he can, but rather does so in order to make as much money for himself as he can.

Adelson, who is 85, is the current head of casinos-gambling giant Las Vegas Sands Inc. which has investments in Macau, Singapore, and a casino on the Vegas strip. Sheldon’s father, Moses Adelson, founded Las Vegas Sands in 1972, before his son was born.

What happens is you do things differently. And then you create opportunity for other people. And you attract people who can do things differently, and who have the same purpose as you. And they look at what you’ve done. And they think “wow, I can do that. I can do that too.” And before you have to convince them. You just have to attract them.

Don’t wait for your business to succeed. Start now. If you don’t get started, you’ll never succeed.

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13. “Entrepreneurship is essentially identifying the path that everyone takes; and choosing a different, better way.” – Sheldon Adelson

Entrepreneurship is a risky process which has the potential to give reward. The reward is not the risk, but the satisfaction of working on something that is useful and beneficial for others.

Entrepreneurship is not about making tons of money, it is a mental and physical challenge. You need to be brave and have a lot of faith in yourself and a willingness to learn from your failures and succeed.

After starting online gambling Adelson realized how much money he could make; however, he became so addicted to the business that he decided to make casinos in Las Vegas.

“Sheldon Adelson” is one of the most famous Republican donors and a close friend of Newt Gingrich. He is the founder of the Las Vegas Sands and has been a very active Republican donor.

There is a reason why I pay more taxes than you do and that is because I earned every penny I have and you paid none.

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There never has been a real destination resort in Asia, and there will be no Venetian Macao when it opens in 2019. There are far better places for foreign investors to do business, such as Singapore, Dubai, and London. There are far worse places for investors to do business, and that is Macao.

Israel will be a democracy, but the state will be Jewish, and no one will be allowed to be a Jew who is not Jewish.

“The state will be Jewish, but the state will be secular” … Adelson’s argument is that Israel should be a theocracy, in order to prevent the country from being “taken over” by secularists.

______________ I formed an opinion that if I did things differently than the way everybody did it that it would add value to every effort I made. __________ You take care of the customer with the best product and service you can make and profit follows you like your shadow.


I thought that Sheldon Adelson could be one of the most important people in the world. I have been a big fan of his for a long time and I was super happy when he donated $30 million dollars to aid our education system. It is amazing how he has done so much for education.

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