50 Iconic Agnes Monica Quotes

I know that now there are things we will never be able to tell the other.

Indonesian singer, Agnes Monica, is a very famous and famous singer. Monica is a very well-known singer and many fans of her. Monica is also a very popular singer.

She is one of very few Indonesian artists who has become popular with the international audience. She has been listed in Billboard Hot 100 since 2011 and has been ranked by Billboard, Rolling Stone magazine, and other mainstream media as one of Indonesia’s most successful artists since 2007.

She released her first international album in 2017, with songs in multiple languages which charted in 9 different U.S. Billboard Charts, making her the first Indonesian artist to do so. She has also collaborated with fellow famous international musicians, such as ‘Timbaland’, ‘Chris Brown’, and ‘Steve Aoki.

Agnes Monica is a well-known Filipino artist from the 80s. Her art is based on the Filipino culture. One of her most famous art works is the ‘Widow’ painting.

50 Iconic Agnes Monica Quotes

We’re looking at Agnes Monica’s Instagram post again because we wanted to remind people about it.

As human beings, we are all imperfect. We all stumble. We are all prone to sin. But we are also capable of being wonderful, as Jesus Christ demonstrated when he walked among us and lived among us.

Dare to start dreaming and see what you can’t do.

My actions were due to the way that I felt, not because of what I knew. I acted out of love and sympathy and respect. It is important that I do not let my personal opinion be taken as a truth. Do not assume I agree with what you say.

Your response to what happens in your life shows you who you are. Your reaction to things happen to you shows you who you are.

It is not only because I am a creative person. Sometimes I want to dream, believe, and make it happen. I have come to live by the phrase “Dream, Believe, and Make it Happen”. I have come to believe that I can achieve my dreams if I just believe and persist.

The greatest power of the world is the power of your mind. If you control it, you can do all things.

A dream can’t be made real through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

As a woman, your words and actions speak volumes, so be careful who you associate yourself with. As a woman, you have the power to change the world. In turn, the world has the power to change you.

10th of 50 Agnes Monica Quotes

Being able to be a mother is the hardest responsibility in life. The most important thing you can do for your child is to love them, but they are more likely to be loved when they are loved.

You can put the world before you but your heart can only be moved by something that makes its way into you and is then something you keep.

Smile from the inside, feel the pain from the outside.

I think you are absolutely right! Action speaks louder than words!

Your success is not connected to our imperfections, but your impact can make an impact.

Judges are not supposed to make you think of them as stupid. They are supposed to be fair. They are supposed to not allow the lawyers to control the court. They should keep their job.

Also, I think you mean “I was not supposed to make the judge look stupid”.

You should refer to judges as “judges” or “court”.

There may be people who leave us because we are bad people and they want to give us a better life than we have. We must remember this.

An invaluable friend is one you can use for your craziness, your fun, your troubles, and you can let her know your craziness!

Agnes Monica said that she likes quiet places. She loves museums and the library. Oh, and she doesn’t like shopping.

20th of 50 Agnes Monica Quotes

Agnes Monica is my name. I am the same person that was born in the United States more than 25 years ago but I also am the person that was born in Africa. I am the same person that is from the United States and I am also from Senegal. I am not my version of me; I am just me. I am not someone else’s definition; I am my own. I am not someone else’s idea of me; I am just me.

Love is not an easy thing; it takes hard work, consistency and commitment. If something you love, you’d do all that to that thing to make it grow; you’d also love it.

In the end, what people say and those who make the decisions are different.

It’s impossible for someone to judge someone else. Even if the person tries to judge, that person is just being egotistic. That person also feels that they are God’s only son.

I’m not inspired at all. All i do is work everyday and pray of success. I’m not inspiring to anybody. I am just like my mother. I stay calm in my life. I don’t try to be like someone else that may be successful.

As a lover of words, I love this quote for its simple message, and for the way it reflects the many ways in which we can be a “gift” in someone’s life.

“Someone, who has been given a big opportunity, was once in a small situation”.

Agnes Monica is one of the leading women entrepreneurs in Dubai. She is known for inspiring and empowering women through her work. Her company, Ecomost is a UAE based organization, which is known for bringing women on board as equal stakeholders.

If you look at the word “fear” in the dictionary, the meaning is to be afraid of a certain person, place, or thing. But for Agnes, she is afraid of herself and what she is afraid of, which is her weakness, her fear, which makes her a weak. She has this fear from the time she was a kid, but she refuses to accept it and she is afraid of what will happen if she doesn’t accept it.

We’re the enemy of being the best, it’s the best that you need to work on.

30th of 50 Agnes Monica Quotes

In our life, we should be ourselves to avoid doing something wrong. Otherwise, we should not say anything when we know we are lying.

If you want to enjoy life, you need to be a little bit more proactive about it. Don’t be a spectator on the sidelines.

I can’t take your future away, but if you keep trying to take my future away, I’m going to take your future away.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the saying, “laughter is the best medicine”, and this quote by Agnes Monica confirms it. It is always a good idea to be happy and smile a lot.

Having knowledge is important but being proactive can get you farther than anything else.

My mother always tells me this. It’s so true. If I truly believe in what I’m doing and want to do it and truly want to be great at it, I’ll win.

Loyalty is one of the things I value in life. I am one of the few people who cares about the people that have been loyal to us.

What do you say “yes” to when it comes to your business, whether it’s clients, referrals, contracts or partnerships? No one is going to recommend you to others if your answer to this question is “no”.

Many people get stuck because they believe they don’t have the ability, skills, or knowledge to make an impact on the world. Agnes has created a way to get out of the rut by focusing on the things we all have, including faith and dreams.

Agnes Monica loves to be in the process of doing things. She is enthusiastic about all things creative: sewing, photography, and writing. She is also a photographer and filmmaker.

40th of 50 Agnes Monica Quotes

Work hard and smart. Focus on your own shit. People will only talk about how you can’t make it, while you keep making it.

You live every day. You don’t have to live once. The idea that the only thing that could possibly destroy your life is ____ is ludicrous.

The most important word in this sentence is “earned.” You won’t trust someone who gives you something you don’t need or doesn’t deserve.

It’s nice to help people in need, to love, forgive even if it’s tough, to be kind.

One of my friends says this phrase to others all the time. It’s short yet simple to understand the message behind the meaning. It’s about being who you are, and sharing that light that you have inside you.

You can’t reach or make progress by being idle. If you’re not busy, you’re wasting time.

There are women who go for the same guy but they get him on the back of their men. But a woman who is successful and already has a job will be part of his struggle, survive it, succeed together and build an empire. Even though she might not be able to do the same as he is doing.

If you are in a position of leadership, people will talk about you. That is because they don’t like the way you are handling things.

As a black woman, I feel like I can’t choose my blood or my DNA. For me, what matters is how I use my blood. People can’t take my blood away from me.

Learn from other people’s mistakes and try to avoid making them for yourself.

She has a thing for technology and a knack for it. A woman who’s nerdy but not too nerdy.


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