What are some Expensive Dental Procedures

Generally, there are many dental procedures. Each procedure varies from one clinic to clinic, but some procedures are more expensive than others. This write-up will explain some of the common expensive dental procedures to help you decide which procedures you might need. These procedures include:

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a restorative dentistry technique that uses a metal screw that acts as a root to a tooth-colored crown.

In most situations, the metal screw is constructed of titanium. This replacement is like a natural tooth considering its performance and appearance. It does not move during chewing, and it is robust enough to allow you to eat all your favorite dishes.

Anyone missing one, two, or more teeth can benefit from dental implants. However, not everyone is a good candidate. Before getting dental implants, one must have healthy gums. Then you need enough bone for the titanium screw.

Bone graft surgery can help if you don’t have enough bone. If you need a bone graft, your treatment will take longer. Generally, Implant treatment takes longer than other restorative dental procedures considering that it takes up to 18 months to get a fully functional dental implant if you need a bone graft first.

That said, you could cut off the treatment duration by getting yourself an implant. Also known as same-day, one day implants are dental implants that take lesser time to fit in the mouth. They function pretty much like normal dental implants or natural teeth. They are usually fixed in one day, although you will need to see the doctor a few more times before the implants can be fixed. You could talk to us if you are looking for one-day implants in Randall Road.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is typically reserved for kids, but more and more adults are giving it a try. With this procedure, the patient’s smile will be improved by correcting the alignment of his or her teeth. Braces can be utilized to straighten crooked teeth and improve the appearance of one’s smile. 

The procedure is a bit expensive compared to most, but it is always worth the cost. It perfects one’s smile and makes their teeth have the perfect alignment, improving their smile. A beautiful smile can improve one’s confidence and make others want to smile more. After all, smiles are infectious.

Gum Contouring Surgery

A gummy smile isn’t a medical condition, but nonetheless some people feel insecure about the size of their gums. There are a few ways to correct this condition for those who feel held back by this insecurity. 

Among the more expensive approaches to minimizing the appearance of the gums is to reduce their size through surgery. Also known as a gingivectomy, this process typically costs between $50–$350 per tooth, so completing a full mouth can be quite expensive. 

That said, this option can change the gumline to better suit your aesthetic preferences. During the surgery, your doctor will remove some gum tissues to reveal more of your teeth, thus improving your tooth to gum proportion.

Teeth Whitening

Some individuals used to be afraid of teeth whitening because they believed it would be harmful to their teeth, but research has shown that it is completely safe.

As a result, teeth whitening procedures are now available at practically every dental practice. This procedure comprises the application of bleaching substances and the application of specific heat or light. 

The procedure is considered a cosmetic procedure. For that reason, most dental insurance covers do not cater to its cost, and you will have to pay for it out of pocket. Luckily, the procedure is not very expensive, and it is always worth it because it perfects your smile within one visit to the dental clinic.

Dental Veneers

Unfortunately, some teeth cannot be whitened with the available teeth whitening procedures. If that’s the case, you should consider trying dental veneers. Veneers are thin porcelain layers placed on weak or discolored teeth to improve their look. They can help fix chipped, crooked, or broken teeth. 

The treatment is simple and painless, and sedation is rarely required. Because dental veneers are stain-resistant, you can eat whatever you want.

However, you must still avoid staining meals and beverages since, like genuine teeth, they can stain over time. The procedure is slightly expensive, but it is worth every dollar.

Why are Dental Procedures Expensive?

Dental procedures are not super-expensive. They are just charged right to cater for professional’s experience, materials used, and bills for the clinics where they are performed.

Expertise must be paid for since dentists go through expensive training like other professionals.

There are many dental procedures. Some are a bit cheap, but others, like dental veneers, teeth whitening, and dental veneers, could get quite expensive. Still, the procedures are charged just right, and they are worth every dollar.

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