CBD Oil for Dogs with Osteosarcoma: A New Hope

Cancer is a predominant cause of death in dogs, and osteosarcoma is a particularly aggressive form of the disease. There are not many treatment options, and the prognosis is often poor. 

However, there is new hope for dogs with bone tumors in the form of CBD oil. Statistics reveal that this oil can significantly improve the quality of life and extend the lives of dogs with bone cancer. There is also evidence suggesting that this oil may help shrink tumors.

Osteosarcoma in dogs can be challenging to diagnose, as the early signs are often subtle. The most common symptom is lameness, which may come and go first and then become more persistent. Additional symptoms include pain and swelling in the affected limb, which may be warm to the touch. 

If you observe and find these symptoms in your dog, it’s essential to take them to the doctor for a diagnosis as soon as you can.

You will be surprised to learn that CBD oil may be a viable treatment option for dogs with osteosarcoma. This oil is made from the cannabis plant and contains high cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is non-psychoactive and will not make your pet high. Instead, it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to produce various therapeutic effects.

A report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has shown that dogs with osteosarcoma treated with CBD oil lived significantly longer than those who did not receive this treatment. 

What is osteosarcoma?

Do you know that one in every three dogs will develop bone cancer? Osteosarcoma (OSA) is the most common primary bone tumor in dogs, and it’s fatal if left untreated. Research suggests that 6,000-8,000 new cases are diagnosed in the US each year.

Bone cancer is more common in dogs than it is in humans, and it poses a significant challenge to any canine diagnosed with it. Fortunately, there is a new treatment on the horizon that many pet owners are turning to: CBD oil.

How was CBD oil discovered as a potential treatment for osteosarcoma in dogs?

Researchers discovered the potential benefits of this oil for dogs with OSA quite by chance. A team of researchers at Colorado State University studied the effects of cannabis on human cancer cells when they made a surprising discovery. They found that the CBD in cannabis was more effective at shrinking tumors than the THC.

The researchers decided to investigate CBD oil as a potential treatment for OSA based on their findings. To their surprise, they discovered that it helped slow tumor growth, improve quality of life, and extend the lives of dogs with this aggressive form of cancer. 

If you’re worried about your dog developing osteosarcoma, it’s essential to know that there are steps you can take to help reduce their risk. 

  • Keep them healthy: Obesity is a risk factor for OSA, so keeping your dog at a healthy weight is essential. One study found that every 5 kg of excess weight increased a dog’s risk of developing the disease by almost 30%.
  • Encourage regular exercise: Exercise is also crucial for reducing the risk as it helps maintain healthy bones.
  • Limit their exposure to toxins: Dogs exposed to certain chemicals and pollutants are also at an increased risk of developing tumors. To help protect your dog from these dangers, make sure that its environment is clean and free of toxins.
  • Keep up with their vaccinations: Having your dog vaccinated against common diseases can also help to reduce their risk of tumors. 

Advantages of CBD oil for osteosarcoma

Several advantages to using CBD oil to treat osteosarcoma in dogs, including: 

  • Safe and Effective: Unlike conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, this oil has no harsh side effects and is not cytotoxic (meaning that it does not harm healthy cells, only cancerous ones).
  • Easy to Administer: You can give this oil orally or apply it topically, making it easy to give it to your dog. A topical form is excellent for treating localized areas of pain, while you can use an oral dose to provide relief throughout the body.
  • Affordable: It is a relatively inexpensive treatment option, especially compared to more traditional treatments like chemotherapy. For instance, one CBD oil product costs $99.99, while a single chemotherapy treatment averages around $3,000.
  • Natural Treatment Option: CBD oil is an entirely natural treatment, unlike conventional cancer treatments that rely on harsh chemicals and drugs. It means it is free of dangerous side effects and is gentle on your dog’s body.
  • Fast-Acting Results: CBD oil begins working immediately to help reduce pain and improve quality of life. Many pet owners report seeing a difference in their dog’s condition within just a few days of starting treatment.

What is the recommended dosage of CBD oil for dogs with osteosarcoma?

It is crucial to start with a low oil dose and gradually increase as needed. The recommended starting dose is 0.25mg per kilogram of body weight. For example, a 20kg dog should start with 5mg of oil per day. It can be administered as a single dose or divided into small amounts throughout the day. 

If your dog doesn’t experience any adverse side effects, you can increase the dosage by 1-2mg every four days, depending on their individual needs. You should always consult with a veterinarian to determine the correct dosage for your dog and ensure that they are getting enough nutrients they need. 

Tips to Buy CBD Oil for Dogs

There are a few things to consider before purchasing this product.

  • The FDA does not regulate CBD oil, so it’s essential to find a reputable supplier that produces high-quality products. 
  • Always purchase a product from a trusted source, preferably one that your veterinarian has recommended. 
  • Make sure to read the label carefully and choose an oil that is safe for dogs, as some products on the market contain ingredients that can be harmful to your pet. 
  • Always consult with your veterinarian before starting any new treatment, especially if your dog takes other medications.

As you can see, CBD oil may be the best treatment option for your dog with OSA. It is safe and effective, but it is also affordable and fast-acting. If you are looking for a natural treatment option that can improve your dog’s quality of life, it may be a perfect choice.

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