66 Good Night Texts For Her To Sleep With A Smile

I haven’t gotten one of those. Not to brag or anything, but I usually send a text to my parents every night.

If you’re looking to share the important moments in your life, this will be a great article for you.

We’ve scoured the web, and put together a collection of the best good night texts to send a loved one. We’ve also curated the collection so you can always find the best one for you.

66 Best Good Night Texts for Her

I can’t believe you said that. You can’t be serious. I just can’t believe what you said. Good night my queen.

“Every night I make sure that I sleep with the thought of you close to me, so that I can be more confident that you’re not out there in that world full of bad people. I love you. Good night.”

I hope you understand if I find this situation hard because it means that I have to choose between my work and you.

I’m glad you called while you were awake. I love you too. I wish you a restful sleep. I am here for you whenever you need me. And I’m dreaming of you.

If I wake up in the morning, I will find you in my Reality. We love you. Good night.

5. May the stars bring you closer to my love and may the moons show you that I love you more than ever. Good night.

When you have a relationship, you always have to face challenges. My hopes for us is that we should never be apart and that our love keeps flourishing till the end of our time together; that’s my greatest hope. Good night.

7. My pillow is my companion for nights since you are not here to show me your feelings, I am sending my own through message. I love you. Good night.

So many people have come into my life, and some of them have come with good intention and some with bad intentions, but no one have ever given me that amount of joy as a gift, so now it gives me a great joy that you are my friend. Good night.

Thank you so much for the wonderful night we had. I hope that you will sleep well and that you will have dreams as beautiful as you are.

10th of 66 Good Night Texts

Thinking of you has been my daily routine and now my nights seem incomplete without your thoughts. I love you. Good night.

I love you with a passion that will break all of my heart and leave me broken and empty until the day I die. I want you to be my wife, my partner, my soul mate, and everything I need to make me happy. No matter what life throws at us, I will always have the hope of finding someone like you in this world.

I’m alone and really think about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband, sleep well my love.

I don’t know if this is a standard thing in Japanese or something very common for some people in that country.

This is the same as above. This is what I think is a valid, neutral usage of this sentence type, but it’s not what I see much, so I’m not sure.

I really need to hear those words from you. Let’s talk about what we want to do together in the future.

You are the first person whom I ever met and I have not seen for a long time. You are everything I had ever dreamt of, even when I am not with you. But I am jealous of the night because it’s always there to guide and see you smile but I’m always happy to know I am the cause of your immersive happiness. Good night.

I am so sorry that tonight I have to work late. I wish I could be with you. Sleep well my love.

I got so happy when I saw the post on my husband’s Instagram. My little boy did it. He is a great boy who loves to play with blocks and likes to take care of his baby sister. We love you my little boy. You are a great boy like your daddy, always taking care of me and your sister. I will love you forever. I will give my everything to you so that you will be happy and healthy. Good night little boy.

I enjoyed our dinner, and I sleep like a baby. I hope to have a wonderful night of sleep. I look forward to seeing you in the AM.

20th of 66 Good Night Quotes

I can’t even explain how happy this makes me.
I love that he’s happy and he said it.
It’s such a beautiful sentiment.

I have been through so much in my life and nothing could ever compare to the amount of love you brought into my life. Goodnight.

Goodness, this is such a lovely photo. Love the setting, the soft look of the light, and the feel to the pose. Love the way you made the viewer have a desire for a better look into it. Lovely work.

I will never forget your beautiful, lovely voice, your sweet voice that I heard many, many, many times. Your beautiful, lovely voice will never be forgotten until I die. I love and care for you with my final breath. Thank you for loving and caring for me throughout our life together.

I can see they are looking at me, their eyes are looking deep in my eyes. I am a star and I’m in love with them, they are in love with me. I am unique and I am a wonderful beauty, the stars are looking at me too.

There’s a part of me that still believes that you belong to me; you know I need a lot from you more than words. I was a little bit depressed after the divorce and I know it’s not fair to get your hopes up, but I know my feelings for you are stronger than ever. I had to stay in my house for weeks, I missed you too much. I still feel the same way and I wish that you could make me feel as a woman deserves.

The man wanted his wife to read his love letter. He was not able to communicate with her any other way. But, as it was a secret, he was worried.

I pray for you and for myself because I know with you my dreams will be well achieved. God bless you. I love you.

30th of 66 Good Night Texts

I love you with my whole heart and my whole existence. I wish I could be able to share with you my whole desire, but as for right now, I want to be able to share my whole desire with you tonight. Good night my treasure.

I made your favorite color my bedsheet, so the feelings of your heart can be closer to my heart. I love you. Good night.

The most common (and most preferred) paraphrase is one that uses “heart”.

My life is filled with your smell and I have begun to wonder how hopeless it will be without your smell in it. I love you, Good night.

Your shining smile is now part of my night and I love you too, and good night.

We will be back for an encore performance on Monday at 8:30pm. Enjoy the show and the rest of your weekend. I am very proud of you, darling.

The fact that he is happy is not a surprise, as the narrator has explained it in the beginning of the story. There is also the fact that it is always night, but that is something that will be confirmed at the end of the story.

He met her at the bar of a music festival where he was DJing. He said he felt like he could tell right away that he wanted to get to know her before the end of the night. She told him she was a waitress at a nearby restaurant. He walked across the bar and asked her if she would like to spend the next four years together.

I hope that you can feel my love for you, and I know that your love makes me very happy.

I think about you whenever I am depressed. That’s why it is important to move on happily. Good night.

40th of 66 Good Night Texts

The two stars and the moon are flying to the sky, and they will fly together all night. The night is getting cold.

The last part is the most difficult to paraphrase, as the rhythm has changed and the syntax is more complicated. The original English has a very long line which gives it a staccato effect.

When I said those words, the words I would whisper in the night to my good night wife, I meant them with a very different meaning than I did back then. But I can honestly say that that little nighttime scene is my favorite from the film, because it truly shows the character and the real man behind every bit of this film. It’s just so very, very sad.

There are some things in life that you never forget. Love is one of those things. Good night.

“Thank you very much, he said, smiling, and he then closed the door.
“I’ll have a nice dream also, but I am always so tired and it takes me a very long time to fall asleep,” said the woman, almost to herself.

I love you more every night, and that’s a beautiful thing.
I love you more every night,
and that’s a beautiful thing.

I’m jealous of the moon because it always watches my sleeping face. I wish I could touch my sleeping beautiful face with my hands. I love you. Good night.

I want to give you my best wishes for a sweet dream.
I love you and I’ll keep calling your name.

Here’s what I think is the most likely translation for your questions.

50th of 66 Good Night Texts

After he took of his boots and his left glove, he took out the ring that was hidden in a fold and put it in his wife’s hand. Then he took off his right glove and placed the ring into it as well.

I have come to the conclusion that my life will never be the same with you. I love you. Good night.


In all cases, the first letter is capitalized. That means either a different language is being used (e.g., Spanish) or that it’s being converted from upper case to lower case (e.g., German).
It’s not clear whether any of the following is a real-life example. The following are fake-example sentences.

Sleeping beside you is really a big assurance of our love, but still waking up and thinking about you is an evidence I want to spend the rest of my life with you, my angel. Good night.

Whenever I think of you, I find myself smiling. I can testify that your love has taken over my mind. Good night.

When they have a conversation that ends there, the girl and the guy get to know each other. (In the beginning, they only talk about what happened to them and nothing else) After the time passes by slowly, the girl and the guy start to talk about their likes and dislikes.

I miss going to bed with you at night and waking up by your side. I can’t wait till I get home. Good night dear. Have a good night.

He wants to have a meaningful relationship with her even after he is dead. He says that he will wait for her and wait for life after death.

60th of 66 Good Night Texts

If you look up to the sky and see how the stars are dancing and showcasing my deepest love for you, you can do nothing more.

I feel incomplete without you in my life. Your thoughts fill my mind with your sweet thoughts. Good night my queen.

I wrote this on my blog as a comment to someone who asked me on how I felt. I believe that love is not fake but real, and the best thing about a relationship is the fact that there’s nothing fake about it and that I think this has influenced the way I feel about my relationship with you. Good night.

My wife and I have only been married five years; my husband’s family has been living with us for almost two months. As his family begins to pack their bags, they are moving into a two bedroom apartment that I share with my wife.

Your love for me is the best thing in this whole wide world. It’s the light in the darkness, the warmth in the cold and no matter the day or night, it will never be too late to say “I love you” to you. Goodnight my love.

The world may turn their back on you, but believe me, if the world say “No” to you, I will always be here with my arms wide open just for you. Good night.

The translation looks like it is missing something, as it does not correspond to the original content.


It’s possible that you lost the first two lines.


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