Tyrese Gibson Net Worth

Tyrese Gibson is famous for being one of the original cast members in the popular hit movie, “Friday After Next”.


As of January 27, 2020, Tyrese Gibson’s net worth is estimated at about $2 Million.

He became famous and his work has been successful due to the fact that he is very talented artist. He started his music career when he was 15 years old. His first song was called “I Wanna Be Like You” that was with Sean Combs.

Early Life

After high school, he became a bodyguard for rapper DMX and worked as a barber. After a while he began acting in small roles and had some success on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Gibson made his directorial debut with the 2004 film Four Brothers, but was unable to land more roles.

He spent his childhood and adolescence in London which instilled a love and passion for the English language and his English accent was so bad, it was considered a sign of intelligence.

He was a student at Florida A&M University.


He debuted in a Coca-Cola commercial after winning a talent competition he was only 14 years old. Then he went on to win another talent competition. But it was at this time he started to do other modelling assignments after winning the talent competition.

In 1999 Tyrese released his debut album It’s Tyrese, it contained his first single ‘Nobody Else’ which reached number 36 on the charts. He followed that up with the equally as successful single ‘Sweet Lady’ and it got him a Grammy nomination.

While the other members was out and away, he was getting better at playing and being more confident as a singer, on this, he was able to get a lot of attention for being the youngest in terms of age and most of the time, the youngest in terms of talent.

He released his second album called ‘2000 Watts’ which was a big success.

His acting career started in the early 2000s and ended with ‘Four Brothers’, ‘Annapolis’, ‘Flight of the Phoenix’, and ‘Waist Deep’.

In 2006, this was the first time in the history of metalcore.

In 2012 he released a 5 song EP under his own label, Voltron Records, the EP was called ‘The Other Side of Me’. It featured the song ‘The Other Side of Me’ released as part of his ‘Painted On’ album.

TGT got together in 2007 because Tank wanted to do something with Ginuwine. He wanted to sing with Ginuwine again and had Ginuwine in tow so TGT got together.

He also released two albums ‘Black Rose’ and ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ both of them made it to the Billboard charts.


Favorite Quotes from Tyrese Gibson

“Don’t be friends with people just to hang out, and don’t date someone just because you want a free meal, go for someone who gives.

“Your actions help you find what you want and how much you value yourself. Your actions help you feel that you deserve what you seek.”

Let’s do another example.

If you grow through the experiences you go through, then you will always grow.

You should create your own life and not depend on the dream of others.

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3 Rules for Success from Tyrese Gibson

Take a lesson from Tyrese! Don’t settle for what you have! Believe in you! Look at the road less traveled.

1. Every obstacle you go through has a purpose.

Life is always changing and I have always felt change can be good or bad, but the way I have always viewed it is life is always changing, and while you never know what is going to come your way, you always have room for growth. Keep your head up and always be willing to learn.

2. Work hard and good things are sure to follow.

3. Your actions are a direct reflection of how much you value yourself.

The more you treat yourself the better you will treat others. The more you love others the more you will grow your self-confidence. The more you help others the more you will be helping yourself.


Tyrese Gibson is a well-known American musician who has been in the industry for over two decades. Throughout his career and with his own production company, he has had an impact on the music industry.

Tyrese has been able to create a large fortune for himself.

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