28 Powerful Mel Gibson Quotes That He Actually Said

In the first three Mad Max films Gibson played Max Rockatansky, a tough man who goes rogue following the events of the nuclear war. Later, Gibson took part in the Lethal Weapon trilogy, where he played a tough, smart, but sometimes sarcastic police detective.

We think that no one should ever be judged by their words or their thoughts or their words. We think that everyone has a valuable life on this planet. We think you shouldn’t hurt other people just because they’re different from you. We think that your words can hurt other people and that when you say something, you should think about the other person and how your words will affect them.

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28 Mel Gibson Quotes 

Experiences, good or bad will make you stronger and wiser. Life-experience, whether in the form of a painful experience or a pleasant one, will serve as a lesson for the better.

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who have experience, and those who have feelings.

3. “I have never treated someone badly or in a discriminatory way. Period.” – Mel Gibson

I’m not so worried about the original sentence though, since you may not use multiple adjectives anyway.

3. The original version uses what you’d expect, which is a series of consecutive adjectives.

Creative people must be able to express themselves by creating, not merely by talking. So, stop talking and go away and do something creative. If you are afraid to do something creative, then you are not a creative person.

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 After he was arrested for drunk driving, Mel Gibson was quoted as saying,  “ I don’t make things complicated, that’s the way they get all by themselves.” He was arrested after allegedly hitting a manâ€(tm)s car with his Hummer. He has yet to be arraigned, and his attorney says he might not speak with the police.

(A) Mel wanted to be happy, but never found the right person.
(B) He found the right person through conversation.
(C) The right person was found through conversation and chocolate.
(D) He found the right person through conversation and chocolate.
(E) He found the right person through conversation and chocolate.

During a hiatus, you will be able to take into consideration the choices you made and the decisions you made that you feel were good ones. However, they may not be the choices you would have made if you had made fewer mistakes.

In the Bible when Cain finds Abel being killed and doesn’t tell anyone it’s a sign that he’ll kill everyone.

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It is hard to talk about the history of the US without talking about its first colonies in the Americas. These initial thirteen colonies were not a unified group and fought for independence for a number of years. It is important to understand that during this time period, the US had no real way to defend itself. Colonial wars were fought in many of the colonies, with the British army fighting on one side and the rebels on the other.

The statement is a paraphrase of a quote attributed to the character of the same name in the film Braveheart.

Mel Gibson believes there is no salvation for all people who are outside the Catholic Church because of their sin.

Mel thinks this film has the power to evangelize, that its message will affect Christians and non-Christians alike. That it’s all an open book for anyone to read a lesson from. Mel sees this as an opportunity to reach out and make a difference in people’s lives. He also believes that the movie will teach others how to be better people.

Conspiracy theorists often claim that governments or other powerful institutions are secretly manipulating the world around us, usually in ways that benefit said institutions. The idea that such an event could prove to be true requires the conspirators to be completely unaware of the consequences of their actions, and even more importantly, completely incompetent to carry out their actions.

Elijah left to set a plate for himself, almost forgot to.

Don’t worry, don’t fret. You can’t control your destiny. What went before you is the past. Don’t dwell on it. Accept it and move on.

Mel Gibson had a very strict, God-fearing father who taught Mel how to be a man. Even though Mel was an alcoholic and made a lot of bad decisions, Mel said he always spoke the truth.

Mel Gibson says he is going to give us an action movie with a bit of mythic proportions.

“I went to a chiropractor that went to a chiropractor who went to a chiropractor and he gave me a 15 minute miracle.”

– Mike Tyson

The British actor, writer, TV presenter, and activist, is known for his “gruff, and sometimes offensive, and often bizarre behaviour”.

In the context of this movie, The Passion of the Christ is an allegorical representation of the Jews and Roman Catholics. The movie shows a Christian and Roman soldier being crucified by Jews while carrying out their duty. The film is a dramatization of the Bible story of Jesus being crucified by the Jews.

Mel Gibson is a millionaire and he doesn’t care what critics say.

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– The movie is based on the real-life story of Mel Gibson as a child of an alcoholic father. You’d think that the character would be a good role model for his children, but it’s the exact opposite. It seems Mel has an anger problem and a violent streak to him.

I don’t think that there has to be some kind of order and some moral code. I don’t know how people can function without a belief in some sort of deity.

Mel Gibson is for love, not war. We’ll have a beer after the fight.

– The actor and director who’s been married three times, two of them with his ex-wife, said he wasn’t thinking about his career, but his family in announcing in November that he’d be ending his public feud with a former girlfriend. “My family means more to me than the artificial trappings of my career,” he told E! News’ Paris Hilton.


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