9 Essential Qualities Of Good Role Models

Everyone has their own individual role model. A good role model is someone who you admire, and whose actions you can adopt as your own.

In the case of the French women, they were all in the same group, and the way they carried themselves and the way they acted was really something that taught us how to behave, how we should act in public, and so on.

You can choose great mentors and learn from them. You can also choose bad role models and end up doing the exact opposite of what they’ve taught you.

Well I mean of course a lot of people who are successful in life have mentors that guide them and if they have siblings they probably have different friends. My parents always talked about how important that role playing was and how I needed to surround myself with people that better suited my character and that I could learn from.

Who Are My Role Models?

I have several different good role models in life, simply because there are different areas that I’m passionate about and therefore I look up to certain people from within each area.

I also look up to people like singer/actor Tyrese Gibson and motivational speaker Eric Thomas, as the dedication and drive they have when faced with adversity is impressive.

It’s very hard to build a successful company, but the most successful people in the world, it’s all because of their incredible tenacity and their ability to recognize and analyze what’s going on around them.

To put it into perspective, when I was in high school, I was very interested in history, and my father would pull me along to the bookstore whenever he came across a book on the Napoleonic wars. I was intrigued by these big events, and my father showed me how easy it was to start a business and make a nice living off of it. I was very naive, but I could see the potential for it to do well.

9 Essential Qualities of Good Role Models

You’re talking about being a role model. Well, I already feel like a good role model, don’t you? In fact, I feel like one of the only role models I have in life.
And I’m not kidding.
I mean, in my life, I feel like I’m really good at mentoring and really good and really inspiring.

1. Optimistic

The key to being a good leader lies in motivating and inspiring people. A good leader will have to be optimistic enough to see the opportunity in everything, and willing enough to attempt things no matter what others think they may be impossible.

 A role model is someone who can inspire you to become the best you. If he is optimistic and you are in the same frame of mind, you’ll be inspired and want to be optimistic too.

If you want to be successful, you must realize that it is not impossible to be successful. You have to believe in yourself and your work ethic, but you have to know that something will always get in your way when you are trying to accomplish something.

2. Confident

We often see it in the workplace, and it can be just as bad. Confidence shows through in everything the person does, and even if you’re an optimistic person, that may not count for anything if you’re not a confident one. They’ll pick up on it, and it won’t work. It’s just like a mirror… If someone is not confident, they’re not going to have the same confidence in you.

You feel like you’re not good enough to compete with others and you’re too scared to step out of your comfort zone.

It also doesn’t help when role models don’t have confidence, because it doesn’t send the right message for one to anybody looking up to them, and it can be really hard being a mentor when you can’t communicate effectively.

3. Hardworking

Just like you want to be a role model to your children, so they emulate you in hardwork, and you want your employees to emulate you.

In the context of the company, it may be less important for a role model to be hardworking. It’s more important to encourage the individual to be flexible, adaptive and team-oriented.

The example I give is how a great musician influences the people who listen to his music.

I am so hardworking.
I know you are.

4. Unique

We are currently providing a great service to our customers at a competitive price, and we aim to be the most efficient and cost effective business partner with a focus on customer satisfaction.

There are many people who have become very rich of different industries. You don’t even need to be an expert to get into one of the best industries.

When the word “unicorn” is on your business card, I want to know who you are and how you make a difference in people’s lives.

5. Communicative

Communication is not just about the English you speak; it is also about the way you present your ideas, your gestures, and your emotions.

In order to learn something, first you have to understand it. Then you can try to explain it to someone else. If you don’t know why it works, you won’t be able to explain it.

If you pick someone who’s not very well known, does not share a lot of information about their work, and does not do much interviews, then it might be difficult to learn more from them.

– You have to find a role model that you’re going to learn from and who is well respected.

There are many people whom they can learn how to be a good person from. But if you choose someone with the same knowledge and all other similar qualities, but they actually communicate well with others and share their advice in a good manor, and they’ll be a great role model to learn from.

6. Respectful

In the same way, you should only be friends with people who you respect and can respect you, and likewise, you’re not going to be friends with someone who doesn’t respect you or who can’t respect you.

In everything you do and say, don’t show anything but a good attitude in front of others. If you are successful in sports, study, or school then show a good attitude in your work to those around you.

Not all people who go to university are looking for good role models in their lives.
So the answer to this question is yes.

7. Knowledgeable

 It’s not that I don’t know what I’m talking about, I just know what I’m talking about.

The lack of a mentor that knows what they are talking about can be a problem, since having someone around you that can help you make better decisions, who also happens to be a professional that does something different than you can lead to problems if they don’t know the things you know.

So, when selecting the right mentors and role models, make sure they possess the knowledge you would find helpful. Also, make sure you want to model your behavior after them.

if it’s mentoring, you have to mentor, you have to be the leader, you have to be the mentor and I want to be the mentor to somebody who is a mentor.

8. Well Rounded

A well rounded role model is a good role model. You know, only as strong as your biggest weakness. So, if you have a role model that has two or three great characteristics, and then severely lacks in all of the others, then you shouldn’t follow this role model.

A well rounded role model helps as they could potentially help you in multiple areas.
I would also add that in a community you should be able to meet people who are from similar or in a similar field to you.

Being a fitness fanatic, I find it easier to relate to fitness-gurus and athletes that happen to be into self-development and business.

People are showing not only their knowledge about a subject, but also whether they have the ability to manage multiple things at once.

9. Empathizing

If you’re empathetic to other people, then it’s much easier to work with them.
The whole point is that it’s not just about the content of what you say, but how it’s delivered.

This is why it’s so important to find a mentor who can give you valuable advice. If you choose someone who doesn’t care about your goals, they’ll just give you more reasons for not pursuing them.

What Qualities to Avoid in Role Models?

No, it is you who should feel ashamed to having a bad example as role model. I’ve made no such claims.
Let me remind you that I’m not talking about the qualities of the person himself, I’m making a distinction between the qualities that the individual person has and the qualities a person should strive to have in any situation.

Most of the reasons why people choose role models that just don’t add up actually have to do with the fact that people choose role models and the way that they choose their role models is influenced by everything (or more than everything) else.

Everybody wants to be famous and everybody who is famous has their own story to tell. Whether we like it or not we have the power to change our lives, that’s the power that people have to make a difference.

When the people of the Middle East started speaking out, they were told to shut up and to put our troops, our military in the Middle East and our money in the Middle East. But now they are speaking out even louder. But they are still told to shut up and to do their part, but now they are out in the streets. And they are out in the air, they are out in the sea. And now we have to start listening to them.

popularity is definitely a very bad base of a role model, and even when younger people tend to get persuaded by popularity more than anything else.

Arrogance isn’t a quality that role models should have–since people see you as a representation of something you’re not just for yourself. Look at all the people who are arrogant, and they usually end up getting nowhere with their lives. You need to pick people you can look up to, or at least look up to yourself.

While most of us do want to be financially successful, what I’m saying is that you should aim to be successful in whatever you are trying to accomplish.
I believe that the world is constantly changing, and you have to learn to embrace change, rather than try to stop it.

But if you really want to make an impact in this world, you need to be able to help your own community, rather than just looking at the money you can generate.

The idea that you can be successful being a good person will never work. You are an expert in what you do, so you need to prove yourself in order to attract the right clients.


Now that we have looked at the qualities that you need in a great role model, we are going to move into the more realistic side of this topic.
In this section, we are going to give you some tips on how to gain wisdom from being around the right people.

And it looks like your ideal role model, is someone who may or may not know you. They can be anyone. Someone who’s never heard of you, or someone whom you don’t know at all. But for some reason, you feel a connection with them. You find yourself looking up to them. You find yourself thinking that you wish you could be more like them. And you feel like you can relate to them.

I can’t find it, but I remember that, a while back, someone told me that, there was a time a few million years ago where it was cool to have a dinosaur as a role model, but then it all became ruined after they got killed.

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