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Although he is a rapper, he does not earn an income from the industry. He was able to grow his net worth over the last several years by working in high-end brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. He became one of the highest-paid entertainers by being the face of the clothing line.


As of July 2022, Tinie Tempah’s net worth is roughly three million dollars.

As of January 23, 2020 he has a net worth of $700 thousand dollars.

He is from London and is a rapper, singer, and songwriter.

The main reason the project took so long is because I had to really focus on the track and get the beat right. If you know the song already then you can just go in and change things up a bit, but a song like this is really about the whole project.

Early Life

In addition to his professional career, he is also an active advocate for the prevention of drug use.

Tempah started singing and writing songs at the age of 4. The local pastor and his parents would encourage the young boy, and in 2003, Tempah had his first professional audition. After performing at a local church, the artist was given the opportunity to be part of a gospel choir.

Tempah was born in Peckham to Nigerian parents who met whilst working in the US. He was raised in Plumstead where he started making music as a teenager.


In 2006, he released his second mixtape, ‘Chapter 2: Verse 22’ through ‘Aftershock Records’. The song ‘Bitch’ was a very popular song in the South Korean music industry.

After releasing his debut single, ‘Pass Out,’ he released another single, also produced by Max Martin, in July 2010.

His first solo album, ‘Disc-Overy’ was released in October 2010. It was the main reason behind him achieving the number one spot in the UK. His 2nd album, ‘The Return,’ which came out in 2015, achieved platinum status a few weeks later, making it the second biggest selling album in Britain at that time.

 In 2015, he appeared in the film ‘Spectre,’ playing the iconic character James Bond. He also played a part in ‘Suicide Squad,’ a film that was released in August 2016 and which was a box-office success.

All of Tempah’s three albums became top ten hits.

[Originals]: In February 2019, his fourth album, ‘The Manchurian Candidate,’ was released. The album reached number four on the ‘UK Official Chart.’ Thus, all of Tempah’s albums are top ten hits.

He is worth more than $3 Million in July 2022.


The singer was born in London and raised in west-end of the city.
He made his debut when he was young and got a head start in the entertainment business
through the popularity of his song “Pass Out”, which was well received by the British audience.
He was part of the UK hip hop group Kano and has performed at the Royal wedding of Prince George.

Favorite Quotes from Tinie Tempah

I make music because I love making music. You can make all the money in the world and all the power – as long as you’re not happy, you’re not fulfilled and you’re not getting the success that you want, then you’re never going to be happy. I make music because I love making it, and because I want to be successful, and I want to be the best at what I do.

Tempah says his parents had to work a lot harder to provide him with the necessary things to be successful. Tempah says he was raised by his parents growing up and that they taught him right from wrong.

“The thing I’ll always love is the streetwear. When I was a lot younger and when I used to go with my friends to places like Oxford Circus and Carnaby Street, it was all about having fun and doing stuff.” – T.I.

Dizzee Rascal is really inspiring to me, having come from my background and being from a similar place as him. It’s great that he has had so much success.


3 Style Lessons from Tinie Tempah 

To gain success, you must know who you are and who you are not.

Now that you know all about Tinie Tempah’s net worth, and how he achieved success; let’s take a look at some of the best lessons we can learn from him:

It’s time to write some money-making code.
Build your own empire from the ground up.

It’s time to write some money-making code.
Build your own empire from the ground up.

1. No Collar Is the New Collar

An easy way to dress up your casual wardrobe and bring some polish to your look is to add a simple collarless shirt to your wardrobe. Wear one with jeans for a business casual look, or add one with a dress to dress it up for a special evening out.

2. Give Green a Go

Green shades are a great choice this spring and summer. You could wear them in the winter, but it will be harder to match up the colors. This bomber is a great option because it’s a versatile military style option.

3. Master Warm-Weather Formal Wear

The heat might make it tough to get dressed up, but you can choose from a ton of outfits and accessories.

The first things you should do if your suit is too bulky or baggy is to check your jacket properly and not to overdo any of those jacket buttons. Remember, the more buttons you have on your jacket, the smaller your waist is perceived to be, which is a good thing. Next, you need to check for any unzipped pockets that are sticking out. If you notice any patches on your jacket, it’s good to take care of that right away. Finally, never, ever wear a tie with a jacket. Don’t be that guy.


When Tinie Tempah releases a track, it is usually a hit, even if he is not a household name. His music is influenced by the sounds of hip-hop and R&B. He uses samples from other songs/albums. His songs are usually about real life situations, and can be used for party or club playlists.

As of July 2022, Tinie Tempah’s net worth is roughly three million dollars.

As of January 23, 2020 he has a net worth of $700 thousand dollars.

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