The Most Expensive Spices in the World

These delicious seasonings will spice up your life! Find the best spices from around the globe, including rare pollen and exotic seeds.

The Most Expensive Spices in All of the World

What makes some spices more expensive than other spices? This is partly due to the high costs of production as well as the high import cost. However, spices have seen a decrease in their general price over the years.

Spices were considered a status symbol in Roman times. They were consumed in large quantities by wealthy people. Spice traders traveled to India and Arabia to bring pepper and cinnamon back to Rome. Find the most expensive spices around the globe

In Europe, spices were very expensive during the Middle Ages. They were used in cooking, but also as medicinal and religious purposes.

The Dutch East India Company was founded in 1602 to transport spices from Asia to Europe. This period was known as the Dutch Golden Age. The Netherlands became one the most wealthy countries in the world.

15. Black Pepper: $10/pound

This spice was previously known as black gold, because it was purchased by the Romans with gold. It now accounts for 20% of all global spice trade.

The Piperaceae family of flowers produces peppercorns. They are made from the fruit of the Piperaceae vine. Black pepper can be as high as $10 per pound.

Black pepper from Tellicherry, Kerala, India is regarded as one of the most prized peppers in the world. Black pepper has many health benefits. It is rich in the bioactive compound piperine, which can improve cognitive function and have anti-inflammatory properties. Whole black peppercorns are the most expensive spices in all of history

14. Cloves: $11/pound

Whole cloves can be expensive due to a number of reasons. These flower buds are made from the Syzygium aromatum or clove Tree which produces only 2 to 3 kilograms per year.

Cloves are sensitive and must be picked by hand once they reach a certain length. These fragrant spices can be used to make fragrant pomanders and as an ant repellent.

Cloves are used to season meats and fruits. Hot drinks can be made with cloves by adding them to lemonade. Whole cloves – The most expensive spices in all of the world

13. Pink Peppercorns: $23/pound

Pink peppercorns, despite their name, are not peppercorns. These dried berries are from the Schinus Molle evergreen.

This bush is native to the Peruvian Andes and is not related to commercial pepper. These berries are also known as the California pepper tree and Peruvian pepper tree.

Pink peppercorns are a great addition to salads and with chicken. You shouldn’t grind the berries as they are delicate.

Pink pepper, rich in dietary fibers and antioxidants is believed to lower blood sugar levels and relieve muscular aches. Pink peppercorn berries

12. Ceylon Cinnamon: $27/pound

Cinnamon is made from the bark of the Cinnamomum tree. It is a very popular spice all over the globe. There are two types: cassia from China, Indonesia, and Ceylon from Sri Lanka and the Seychelles .

Ceylon cinnamon is more expensive than cassia. Cassia cinnamon can be purchased for around $11 per pound, while a pound of cinnamon from Sri Lanka costs about $27 per pound.

Ceylon cinnamon is lighter in color than cassia cinnamon. It also tastes sweeter and less spicy. It also has less coumarin compound, which can be harmful. Garam masala spice mix is often made from Ceylon cinnamon.

Cassia cinnamon makes up more than 90% of all cinnamon sold in America. Ceylon cinnamon has health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and regulates blood sugar. Ceylon cinnamon ticks, ground ceylon cinnamon

11. Black Cardamom: $28/pound

The Queen of Spices is the name given to black cardamom. Its scientific name Amomum Subulatum. This spice grows on the Himalayan slopes in India and Nepal. It is very similar to green cardamoms.

Black cardamoms, however, have a stronger flavor. These seeds are grown in pods that contain dark-colored seeds. You can use the entire pods in recipes.

Black cardamom can be used for cooking and Indian medicine to control stomach acid and improve digestion. It can also balance blood pressure.

Black cardamom pods

10. Pasilla de Oaxaca Chile: $29/pound

This is a rare chile pepper that comes from Mexico’s Oaxaca region. This version is much hotter than the traditional Pasilla chiles and is smoke-dried.

This particular pasilla chile is available in Oaxaca for $16 per pound. It can be purchased in the U.S. for $40-60 per pound.

These expensive Mexican chiles can also be eaten stuffed with cheese and deep-fried. Pasilla de Oaxaca Chiles

9. Green Cardamom: $32/pound

The green variety is more expensive than the black, but it has a strong flavor that can be used in sweet and savory dishes. Black cardamoms dry over a firepit while green cardamoms can be harvested before they reach maturity.

They are popular in Indian cuisine and can also be used in Scandinavian cooking to make pulla (a Finnish cardamom bread). You should remove the cardamom pods from their pods before you use them. Then, grind them with a pestle & mortar.

Green cardamom Powder is believed to reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure. According to some studies, quercetin, a flavonoid found in cardamom, lowers anxiety levels and depression. Fresh green cardamom pods

8. Grains of Paradise – $33 per Pound

The grains of paradise, also known as alligator pepper or melegueta, are derived from a West African plant. This herbaceous perennial is known scientifically as Aframomum melegueta. It is a member the ginger family.

Because of their peppery, aromatic flavor, grains of paradise seeds can be used as spices. They are often found in the spice mix ras El Hanout.

For medicinal purposes, this rare spice can also be sold as grains of paradis extract. Whole grains of paradise may also have aphrodisiac properties.

7. Kaffir Lime Leaves: $36/pound

Kaffir lime leaves can be expensive because they must be picked manually from the long, thorny branches. They are also known as makrut lime and are very popular in Thailand.

Kaffir lime leaves can be used as spices in soups, curries, stir-fries, and rice dishes. You can find dried kaffir lime leaves in specialty grocery stores around the world.

California and Florida now grow fresh kaffir leaves. Kaffir is rich in Vitamin C. You can also use it for cooking by crushing it in your hands. Leaf of bergamot, also known as kaffir lime, is one of the most expensive spices in the world.

6. Black Cumin Seed: $39/pound

Black cumin is a variant of regular cumin seeds that are brown. This type of cumin, which is darker and thinner than the nigella variety, should not be confused with black caraway or nigella .

To flavor breads and tagines, as well as vegetables and meat dishes, the seeds can be toasted whole. Black cumin seed can also be used in the Middle East and South East Asia to treat conditions like bronchitis or rheumatism.

Organic black cumin oils are used for both cooking and skincare. It’s packed with more than 100 vitamins and minerals, and is thought to reduce fine lines and blemishes. Black cumin seeds, black cumin oil – the most expensive spices in all of history

5. Long Pepper: $47/pound

Long pepper, also known as Pipli, is the fruit of a flowering vine. This expensive spice has a conical shape and was popular in Indian, African, and Mediterranean cuisines.

Alaric I, King the Visigoths, was offered a ransom for long pepper, silver, and gold during the first siege on Rome. This ransom was used to lift the siege. Long pepper is more difficult to find because of its high price in West.

This unique spice is hot and earthy, so it can be used in rasam spicy soups, lentil curries, and marinades. Ayurvedic medicine uses long pepper with herbs. Finely ground long pepper and dried long pepper are the most expensive spices in all of history.

4. Mahlab: $69/pound

This spice, sometimes called mahalepi, mahleb or mayleb is the kernel of St. Lucie cherry. Mahlab is expensive because it takes a long time to crack open cherry pits.

The kernels of the seed are dried and then sold whole or ground. Whole mahlab is better than ground mahlab if you can. It can be ground with a mortar and pestle or a peppermill.

This spice is used extensively in Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine. Mahlab is less well-known in the United States and Europe. Mahlab seeds are made from the seeds of a specific species of cherry.

3. Vanilla Bean: $200/pound

Vanilla is costly for a few reasons. Madagascar is home to 80% of world vanilla production. Cyclones can sometimes affect the crops.

The 1980s saw a rise in demand for synthetic vanilla. Therefore, vanilla farmers had to stop producing it. The theft is another reason why vanilla has a high price.

Vanilla beans are often stolen and some farmers end up picking them before they’re ripe, which reduces their quality. Vanilla vines mature in between two and four years. Vanilla flowers only bloom one day per year and must be pollinated that day in order to produce vanilla beans.

Vanilla pods with tiny seeds are real vanilla, while essence is artificial. Vanilla bean pods

2. Fennel Pollen: $450/pound

Organic fennel pollen is the second-most expensive spice in all of history. It is not difficult to grow Fennel but it must be picked manually. The pollen yields only about a gram per time.

The Tuscany region in Italy is where most commercially produced fennel pollen is grown. If you are patient, you can grow your own fennel. Simply put the yellow flowers in a ziplock bag and let them dry.

Fennel pollen is a unique flavor with notes of anise and citrus as well as liquorice, pepper, and saffron. Some of the most renowned chefs around the globe love it.

The seeds and pollen of fennel have been used to treat a variety of ailments, including digestive problems, as well as as as a natural detox food and for weight loss.

Fennel was thought to be beneficial for eye disorders and in reducing the incidence of cataracts in the elderly. Fennel was used in ancient Chinese medicine to treat snakebite. Organic fennel pollen containing fennel flowers & seeds

1. Saffron: $1000/pound

Pure saffron is the most expensive spice in terms of weight. Saffron, also known as red gold, is highly valued for its rich taste.

Saffron Spice is made from the Crocus flower. It must be handpicked. One pound of saffron would require 170,000 flowers. Each flower only has three red stigmas. One gram of saffron could cost as high as $9.

Although saffron is mainly produced in Iran, it can also be harvested in Afghanistan and Spain. Once they are picked, the saffron threads are designated with the crocus stigmas.

You can use saffron to make a shellfish paella, risotta alla milanese or tahdig, a crispy rice dish. Drinking saffron water can give your skin a radiant glow and help to reduce blemishes. The finest quality saffron threads, most expensive spices in the globe

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Here is a list of the most expensive spices around the globe:

  1. Saffron
  2. Fennel pollen
  3. Vanilla Bean
  4. Mahlab
  5. Long Pepper
  6. Black Cumin Seed
  7. Kaffir Lime Leaves
  8. Grains of Paradise
  9. Green Cardamom
  10. Pasilla de Oaxaca Chile
  11. Black Cardamom
  12. Ceylon Cinnamon
  13. Pink peppercorns
  14. Cloves
  15. Black Pepper

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