The Most Expensive Luxury Cats

Although time spent with a pet can be priceless, there are some cat breeds that come with a high price tag. The most expensive cat breeds, much like the most costly dog breeds are often of a pedigree type. Purebreds tend to be more exclusive and thus more expensive.

Are you unsure of the most beautiful feline types? We will show you the most expensive cat breeds and their approximate values, while also demonstrating their regal personalities.

Top Extravagant Cat Breeds

These fine felines will charm you, regardless of whether you are just curious or a buyer. Below are some of the most rare and expensive cat types in the world. The most expensive cat breeds worldwide

19. Selkirk Rex (500-$800).

Because of its unique and whimsical coat, the Selkirk Rex is affectionately called a sheep cat. The distinctive curly hair of this cat breed adds to its unique characteristics.

Selkirk Rex cats are a great family pet because of their easygoing personality.

A Selkirk Rex cat

18. Norwegian Forest Cat ($500-$900)

This fierce feline, also known as the Skogkatt is also from Norway. To protect themselves from the cold, Norwegian Forest cats have thick, unruly hair.

Important to remember that the Norwegian Forest cat is very sharp-clawed. Keep a good scratchingpost close by. A Norwegian Forest cat

17. Egyptian Mau ($800-$1200)

The Egyptian Mau, a rare and sought-after breed, lives up to its name. This is the only cat with spotted fur.

They are the fastest domestic cats. They can travel more than 30 mph with their longer rear legs than their front legs. You’ll notice the resemblance between ancient Egyptian illustrations and these cats as they whiz by. An Egyptian Mau cat

16. American Shorthair (900-$1200).

The direct descendant of foreign cats brought to America in 1600s to guard food from mice, is the American Shorthair. The American Shorthair is known for its affectionate, easy-going personality.

American Shorthair cats are characterized by a muscular body, round face and a short, lustrous coat. Two American Shorthair cats seated on an old wooden shelf

15. American Wirehair (1000-1200 USD)

This breed was born in New York, USA. Its distinctive feature is the wavy hair. They are playful and easy to care for, making them great for new owners. American Wirehair cat

14. American Curl (800-1300)

This breed is well-known for its curled ears. It also has a unique origin story. The American Curl breed was created in 1981 from a random mutation.

These curly beauties are a rare find with a rich background and unique features. It’s not hard to understand why they have such a high price tag. American Curl cat

13. Ragdoll ($1000-$1300)

The Ragdoll is a perfect furry companion. It has soft fur and turquoise blue eyes. With the right breeding background, their price can rise even higher.

Amazing Ragdoll cat

12. Siberian ($1000-$2000)

The Siberian cat is bred to resist the most severe conditions. It has a thick, long, water-resistant coat.

The Siberian cat is one of the largest cat breeds.

Siberian cats are friendly, playful pets, despite their appearance. A Siberian cat

11. British Shorthair ($1500-$2000).

The British Shorthair is one of the most rare cat breeds. Although these plush cats prefer cuddles on their terms, they can also be very adaptable and easy to live with.

A shorthair blue British cat

10. Scottish Fold Cat (800-3000).

The Scottish Fold, another interesting eared feline is a charming addition to this list. This breed is loved for its small ears and round face.

These unique ears are only available to 50% of Scottish Folds, but their prices can be outrageously high.

Unfortunately this rare breed of cat suffers from some hereditary health issues including osteochondrodysplasia and cardiomyopathy.

A Scottish Fold cat

9. Russian Blue Cat (1000-$3000).

This cat, another Russian breed, is known for its grey fur that hints at blue under certain lighting. Their unique coat is hypoallergenic, which is a bonus. A Russian Blue Cat

8. Sphynx Cat (1200-$3000).

The Sphynx cat, easily identifiable by its large ears and hairlessness, is a popular choice for those looking for unique pets. These hairless cats have a unique look and were created through selective breeding.

Do not assume that Sphinx cats are easy to care for due to their lack of fur. Sphinx cats have oily skin that requires frequent bathing. A Sphynx cat without hair

7. Maine Coon (1000-$3500).

Large cats with long hair and a large build have a fluffy, long-furred coat. The Maine Coon is not like other expensive cats. It has rugged elegance and can withstand harsh weather conditions. A Maine Coon cat

6. Toyger ($5000)

The Toyger, a breed that is appropriately named, looks a lot like a toy Tiger. This cat is a mix of the Bengal cat and the domestic shorthair.

The Toyger is a popular exotic cat choice because of its cute personality and stripy elegance. A striking Toyger cat

5. Peterbald Cat (1700-$5000).

The Peterbald is a unique cat that stands out from other house cats.

There are many cat coats available, from fuzzy to bald. These distinctive coats are delicate and should be treated with care. Peterbald is one the most costly cat breeds

4. Persian (1800-$5500).

These kitties are known for their luxurious coats, soft faces and loving nature. The Persian cat breed is one of the most loved in the world. There are many variants.

These include the Himalayan Cat, which is a mix of a Siamese and Persian cat, and the Exotic Shorthair, and the Chinchilla Longhair.

The Persian cat is very demanding in maintaining its hair. You will need an efficient cat brush.

A cute Persian cat

3. Khao Manee Cat ($10 000-$11 000).

The Khao Manee breed, which is known for its unique, jewel-like colored eyes and rare appearance, is very special. Some have one blue and one green eyes.

These cats hail from tropical Thailand and are sometimes called White Gem or Diamond Eye cats. Many believe the Khao Manee cats bring good luck. If you spot one, be sure to consider it a sign of good fortune. Khao Manee is a distinctive cat

2. Bengal ($5000-$25 000)

You will have to do double-takes when the Bengal comes in. The Bengal cat’s leopard spots and stalking nature will make you believe it is a wild animal. The Bengal cat, another hybrid breed, is a cross between an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat. A beautiful Bengal cat

1. Savannah Cat ($10 000-$50 000)

This exotic breed is a cross between a domestic cat, and an African Serval. Their DNA contains a mix of wild and tame.

Savannah cats have long legs and a triangular face. They are characterized by a spotted coat, long legs and a spotted fur coat. According to the Guinness Book of World Records they are up to 17 inches tall.

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First-generation Savannahs aren’t recommended if you have never owned a cat.

Another rare breed of cat, the Ashera, may be mentioned. Original claims were made by the breeder that Ashera cats were a mixture of an Asian leopard cat, an African wildcat and a domestic cat.

However, DNA tests revealed that the Ashera cat was an F1 Savannah cat. Since 2008, there have not been any Ashera cats.

Partly, the high cost of breeding Maine Coon cats has contributed to their high prices. Reputable breeders will have to pay for genetic screening, and food high in protein. Savannah cat breed

Last Thoughts on the Expensive Cats

Many households consider the domestic cat a beloved family member. It’s easy for cat lovers to see the joy in their cats, from their playful nature to their pink-colored toe beans.

Due to their rarity and desirable lineage, the most expensive cat breeds are often highly sought-after. These highly-priced cats will be a great addition to any home, whether you are a cat owner or a cat lover.

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