The 10 Most Expensive Cheeses In The World

Some of the most expensive foods in the world are cheese.

Rare and expensive cheese comes in a wide range of tastes and textures. It is produced from milk from cows, goats, and even sheep and can be topped off with luxury truffles and gold flakes.

This article explores the best luxury cheeses currently available and includes a number of popular cheeses from Italy like the Caciocavallo to the ultra-rare Pule produced with milk from Balkan donkeys.

The Most Expensive Cheeses In The World

Enjoying cheese has never been easier with a wide range of boutique cheeses available, take your tastebuds on a cheese adventure with our guide of cheese you should be eating!

Cheese prices have increased over the years.

10. Cacio Bufala – $43 Per Pound

Cacio Bufala is an expensive cheese from Italy which, as the name suggests, is made from whole fat buffalo milk.

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This cheese resembles a drum-shaped pizza, or as I call it, a drum cheese. It has a thick yellow casing, which gives it a slightly hard texture.

The aging process for Cacio Bufala is typically carried out in natural caves of Casa Madaio dairy farm or underground cellars and happens between eight and ten months to mature.

The creamy texture of cheddar cheese is also due to the large amount of cream used to make it, and the high percentage of fat and protein.

The cheese is made by first soaking the milk in salt water for 24 hours and then leaving it to dry for at least 60 days. The mixture is then tested and if it is not right the process is repeated.

In the early days of the 20th century, the French state monopoly was in decline due to market deregulation and the arrival of national brands like Chevallier. These changes and new products led to a rise in milk prices that encouraged the dairy industry to move from milk processing to the sale of fresh milk.

Buffalo steaks are delicious and often used as a topping on salads. If you serve it with some nice red wine, you will enjoy a special food and wine pairing.

9. Beaufort d’Ete – $45 Per Pound

Savoie cheese originated in the Savoie region of France from the raw milk of cows and is appreciated by cheese lovers for its smooth texture.

Beaufort cheese is a French cheese that is made from cow’s milk. The cheese is pale yellow in color and rich in flavor.

This cheese is created in the Alps of France, specifically in the Savoy region, and derives from the milk of the mountain breed of cow called the Taurine.

The Beaufort d’Ete is named after the Beaufort family who established themselves in this region, having been produced here for centuries. Its popularity during the French Revolution is what made it so famous.

Cheese is typically pressed. This is why there are few holes to its structure so that it can look smooth and appetizing.

Production of the Beaufort d’Ete cheese is certainly on the most expensive cheese available with around 52,000 wheels being produced each year commanding a price of $45 per pound.

8. Old Ford – $30-$50 Per Pound

Cheese is a staple in England. The most popular cheeses are cheddar cheese and Red Leicester.

Cheeses made by Neal’s Yard Dairy and other British companies are among the most expensive, especially the Old Ford Cheese and the Stinking Bishop.

This cheese is made from raw, unpasteurized milk. It is then left for a period of time before being pressed into a particular shape.

The cheese is rarely eaten with your hands so you don’t need to worry about the texture. The cheese is covered by a thin layer of salt, so you can appreciate the flavor that each bite of cheese gives.

Old Ford cheese has a bright white appearance, with its rough, spotted texture contrasting with Old Ford’s rind, which resembles a millstone with its rough, spotted texture.

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The cheese is semi-hard and often contains goat’s milk. It has a distinct taste often found in cheeses made from goat’s milk. It is chewy rather than crumbly.

In addition to the Old Ford itself, parts of this car are often covered in the same brownish pigment that may be found on the body of the Old Ford itself.

Mozzarella is traditionally made from buffalo milk and is a very fragile cheese that cannot be stored for too long. It can be made in the winter when the milk is fresh, and it can be used quickly and is only good for two-three weeks unless you can find a farmer who is willing to let go of the cheese.

7. Jersey Blue – $45 Per Pound

A hard-to-find variety of blue cheese that tastes quite different from your average blue cheese, the Jersey blue cheese is similar to Colby but has a milder, more tangy taste.

It is a delicious soft cheese, riddled with blue, white, and gray, mold veins which run through its body.

The cheese was produced in 2006 using raw milk from the Jersey cow, but has been on the market for only a few years.

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As you would expect from a creamy blue cheese, it has a somewhat musty smell which gives way to its smooth and buttery texture.

The French restaurant has been described as the best in the world, with the most expensive menu in the world.

6. Caciocavallo Podolico – $40-$50 Per Pound

Caciocavalli Podolico cheese is the result of centuries of experience in producing milk cheeses thanks to the specificities of the territory. They have been made using milk from traditional horses from the Podolico area and are aged for three years.

Made from a mix of cow’s and sheep’s milk, Caciocavallo Podolico is also similar to other Italian cheeses in that it has a strong, sharp flavour.

It’s also one of the oldest cheeses in the world. It is thought that cheese production began here in the early 14th century, by a local cow-breed that has been called Podolica.

What they do is that cows give a little bit of milk from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

Although you can make Queso de Bola yourself, the cheese is typically made in a similar way. Traditionally, it’s made by hanging the cheese up in pairs – sometimes called “par de bolas” in Spanish.

Podolica is the name of an Italian breed that produces milk with high nutritional content, but also has high levels of cholesterol.

Caciocavallo is a type of Italian cheese that is sometimes grated over pasta and is also commonly served with fruit or wine to further accentuate the cheese’s different fruit flavors.

5. Bitto Storico – $150 Per Pound

Bitto Storico is a traditional sheep’s milk cheese, produced on Mt. Etna in the Volturno region. The cheese is typically aged 10-12 months but Bitto Storico can be aged for up to 18 years.

The Bitto Storico is a good cheese to accompany the most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world. Its taste varies depending on the season each batch of it was produced.

Bitto Storico is aged for around 10 years, and this beer is brewed with a blend of 20% Orobica goat milk, mixed with the milk from cows that graze the pastures surrounding the Bitto River Valley & Valtellina Valley in Lombardy, Italy.

Bitto Storico is made by using a minimum amount of goats’ milk, which allows the cheese to mature longer, thus developing more flavor.

It was made by 12 different people in the region, with each master cheese grader using the traditional copper cauldrons placed over wood fires, which their ancestors used for centuries.

Being a cheese made from milk that is naturally rich in natural flavors and with no added ingredients, it has a unique flavor.

The town of Gerolo Alta is located in the area known as Valle d’Aosta, where the famous Gantner cheese is produced in some of the most amazing conditions and where the cheese is made in caves just like in the Middle Ages.

4. Wyke Farms Cheddar – $200 Per Pound

The company’s flagship cheese is the Cheddar Cheese. It is made from raw cow’s milk and is crumbly. It elevates a hamburger to the next level.

The name comes from the time when it was produced by William Wyke, a farmer with a family. He named it after his sons, who were named after their farm.

Today, it is widely available in supermarkets throughout Australia as well as in a range of specialty retailers like cheese mongers and cheese counters. The varieties of Gubbeen cheese range from the traditional white Gubbeen to the more intense green and red varieties, along with a range of other specialty varieties.

This cheese is made in a special wood box. The box has an upper layer that is the cheese and a lower layer that is a mixture of wood, water, and salt. The cheese is wrapped in a special cloth that has a wax coating. The wax coating is for water resistance.

It can be consumed raw, but you can also make tasty and nutritious granola out of it. It can even be added to your favourite recipe.

What makes this the most expensive cheese in the world is the inclusion of golden flakes and truffle, which creates a different taste than other more affordable cheeses.

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If you’ve been having beer cheese pairing dreams come true, this place is the way to go. It’s a small, locally sourced and small-minded cheese shop that offers a few options (both aged and straight) for you to try. And if you’re feeling ambitious enough, you can also pick up a few bottles and have a party, as they specialize in wine pairings.

3. White Stilton Gold – $400 Per Pound

Another expensive cheese is stilton with gold leaf. It’s made by the same process as stilton cheese, but the gold leaf is added at the end to make it look fancy and expensive.

Made from cow’s milk, the white stilton gold cheese earns its hefty price tag with the inclusion of gold cinnamon schnapps — a pricey mix produced from a single distillation of liquor.

It’s the creation of Long Clawson Dairy, a British dairy company located in Leicester, England. It is the largest dairy in the county. It was founded in 1917 and is currently owned by Pernod Ricard.

A stilton cheese that is aged for a long time will result in a rich, aromatic cheese. The high price is elevated by the long aging process, the result of which is a rich and aromatic stilton cheese that has the kind of depth of scent you’d expect from the world’s most expensive cigars.

But if you have the chance to visit some of the famous British Cheese shops in London(s)
or, have an invitation to visit one of the famous cheese farms in the UK, that’s when the real magic starts.

White stilton gold is a delightful blend, which adds a tanginess and a creamy undertone to your cheese.

There’s also a bit of a lemon character to this one.
And that lemon flavor is from the apricot, and the ginger.

It is protected in the United Kingdom under European law and it can only be produced in Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, and Derby from local pasteurized milk.

Now this is the most expensive, and the most expensive thing, white stilton gold, the most expensive of them all. It’s from one of the oldest and most expensive things of all, the white stilton cheese, one of the most expensive things you can get in a shop. And this is one of the most expensive cheeses one can buy anywhere in the world.

2. Moose – $500 Per Pound

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his team of scientists have developed a new form of cheese so tasty that it can be injected into the nasal cavities of humans.

Moose cheese is an excellent cheese because it comes from a very small amount of milk, and only around five liters of milk can be produced daily.

The Elk House in Bjurholm, Sweden makes moose cheese in four varieties and they are sold only at the local area or at a select few restaurants.

This is the only place in the world where three moose are milked for their milk. If the owners are not careful, the moose will get so accustomed to them that they will eventually stop breeding, and so they have to be very gentle when milking them to avoid annoying them.

They only give milk in the summer which is a really short time because it’s the only time they can give milk, and then they have to go back and get food for their family and for the winter time they have to eat frozen or they have to eat their own body.

Moose milk is very high in protein, and the resulting cheese has a higher than average fat content, and a texture and flavor similar to Camembert.

With only 300 kilograms of moose cheese produced each year, it comes with a high price tag of $500 per pound and is the only place in the world that uses moose milk for its products. It’s a very high-end product that has no competition.

-If you’re looking to add a touch of elk to your next meal, the Johanssons will be happy to prepare you a delicious meal using their elk meat.

1. Pule – $600-$1,300 Per Pound

Some of the most expensive products are not made of gold or diamonds, but of donkey’s cheese.

The price of moose cheese can vary between $600 and $1,300 per pound. The price of moose cheese was $100 cheaper than the old price and was a large step forward in the struggle to end the over-consumption of cheese.

Pule is produced from milk collected from the female Balkan donkey. The donkey produces this milk as a part of its diet, and it does so in the wild.
The milk is harvested once a year. After it is gathered, it is processed into Pule.

Pule cheese is a very special cheese that has a unique flavor and texture. During its production, the cheese undergoes a process of smoking.

They make a soft cheese from cow’s milk, but I like this cheese made from goat’s milk better.
I will not go into the recipe that I found because I do not know what it is.

It’s good because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, the donkey milk is the best for digestion.

But who was this Pule? The one who lived among men. The one to whom the gods listened. The one whose soul was so pure that he could eat cheese after having sacrificed his own life for her.


The variety of luxurious cheeses spans across the width of Europe, each cheese bringing their distinct taste and texture profile from creamy natural cheeses to ones with a robust and nutty flavor.

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[Original]: Cheese is an important food group for many people. It also has a lot of uses, so there are a lot of different types.

These cheese prices are incredible Lets take a quick look at the 10 most expensive cheeses in the world.

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