20 Of The Most Expensive Things in The World

It is likely that the most expensive items in the world would be rare and exclusive. Most importantly, these items are not available to me or you. Only the super-rich can afford them.

It might sound absurd to spend huge sums on the most expensive items. If you have lots of money, it is not surprising that you will want to buy the most beautiful and expensive items.

The super-rich want to own a collection of exclusive items to show off. We will discuss 20 expensive items that would be impossible for the average person to afford.

The 20 Most Expensive Items in the World

Here is a list of 20 most expensive items in the world, along with their prices.

Let’s take a virtual tour through these expensive and beautiful things without further delay!

1. Yacht History Supreme

Cost: $4.5 Billion USD

History Supreme, which is valued at approximately $4.8 Billion, is the most expensive yacht on the planet. The yacht was designed by Stuart Hughes, a renowned luxury designer based in the UK. It took nearly three years to complete. A Malaysian businessman purchased this 100-foot yacht for a staggering 4.5 billion dollars.

This yacht’s high price is due to the use of approximately 100,000 kg of precious metals such as solid gold and platinum in its construction. These precious metals are used for almost every part of the boat, from the bottom to the dining area, staircases, and more. This yacht’s Master bedroom is made of meteorite rocks.

2. Hubble Space Telescope

Cost: 2.1 Billion USD

The Hubble Space Telescope, which is second on our list, holds the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most expensive telescope in the world.

It was launched for the first time in 1990. Since then, it has been responsible for numerous major discoveries. These include confirmations that the universe is expanding and assistance in understanding its age.

3. Antilia

Cost: 2.25 billion USD

Asia’s richest billionaire Mukesh ambani owns Antilia in Mumbai. The 27-story house boasts luxury amenities such as three helipads and air traffic control. There is also parking for 168 cars, a ballroom, nine high-speed elevators, 50-seat theatre and many other amenities. It can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8.

4. Villa Leopolda

Cost:506 Million USD

Villa Leopolda, second only to Antilla, is the most expensive house in the entire world. Leopolda was built on the French Riviera, which served as the hospital’s location during the second world conflict. It is currently owned by Edmond Safra and Lily Safra.

5. “The Card Players” (painting).

Cost: 295 million USD

This painting is Paul Cezzane’s famous French artwork and is currently owned by Al Thani, the Royal Family of Qatar. Qatar won this rarest painting for 275 million dollars as part of its efforts to be an international intellectual hub.

6. Garcon a la pipe (painting)

Cost:104 Million USD

Pablo Picasso, the genius artist who created this Garcon a la pipe painting, did it in 1905.

Picasso was only 24 years old when Picasso painted this painting. He considered it one of his best early works and a great addition to the art market.

7. L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

Price: 55 Million USD

The world’s most expensive necklace, the L’Incomparable diamond Necklace, is worth $55 million.

It is composed of a 407.48-carat, nearly flawless white diamond and 90 white diamonds weighing around 230 carats. It was found in Congo almost 30 years ago by a young girl.

8. 1963 Ferrari GTO

Price: 52,000,000 USD

Bloomberg reports that this car was bought by an anonymous buyer who is Paul Pappalardo (a creative patent attorney) in a private transaction. It is the most expensive car in the world.

Jean Guichet drove this GTO to victory in the 1963 Tour de France.

9. 201-carat gemstone watch

Cost:25 Million USD

Luxury watch collectors are passionate about finding rare and exclusive pieces. This watch, made of 201-carats of gemstones, perfectly fits the criteria for a great timepiece.

It was created by Chopard watchmakers. It contains 874 diamonds, a total of 219 carats of precious stones and fancy heart-shaped diamonds.

10. The Perfect Pink

Cost:23 Million USD

Christie’s Hong Kong sold the perfect Pink diamond for a staggering 23.2 million dollars. Vickie Sek from Christie’s Asia’s jewelry department says it is the most valuable jewel on the Asian subcontinent.

11. The domain “Insure.com”

Cost:16 Million USD

The record for Insure.com to register its domain name in Guinness Book of Records is under the most expensive category of domain names ever sold.

Quinstreet, a California-based marketing company that is publicly traded, purchased it for 16 million dollars.

12. Diamond Panther Bracelet

Cost:12.4 Million USD

The most expensive bracelet made of diamond panther is the Diamond Panther Bracelet. This piece of jewelry sparked a love affair between Wallace Simpson, an original socialite, queen of style, as well as Edward VIII.

13. Dead Shark

Cost:12 Million USD

Damien Hirst created this piece of dead shark art. Officially, this artwork is called “The Physical Impertinability of Death in the Minds of Living People”. This artwork was spotted by an anonymous financial wizard working in the hedge-fund sector.

14. Gold-plated Bugatti Veyron

Cost:10 Million USD

American Rapper Flo Rida has the Bugatti in gold. Amazing speed allows the car to go from 0 to 100 in just 2.8 seconds.

After his purchase, the car was given gold plating. Flo Rida proved that it doesn’t take a billionaire or a millionaire to have this beautiful car.

15. ‘Rhein II’ (photograph)

Cost:4.3 Million USD

Rhein II is the most valuable photograph in the world. This photograph was created by Andreas Gursky, a German visual artist. It was taken in 1999. This photo shows the true nature of man and nature.

Gursky’s artwork is simple, yet shows great confidence in its effectiveness.

16. Crystal Piano

Price: 3.2 Million USD

This piano is entirely made of crystal, as the name implies. It is one the most expensive musical instruments on the planet.

In 2008, the piano was made public for the first time during the opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympic Games. It was performed in front of a half a million people online and offline.

17. iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose

Cost: 2.9 million USD

This Stuart Hughes mobile phone isn’t your average handset. No one will ever lose it or break it. iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose, the most expensive smartphone in the world, is available only to iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose.

It is made with 75 flawless diamonds, and 4 pink baguette d’agate diamonds, each weighing 2.5 carats. The wallet is hand finished from genuine Ostrich foot and features a luxurious wallet.

18. Magnetic floating bed

Cost:1.6 Million USD

This Magnetic floating bed is a seven-year project that the proud owner can boast about. The bed can hold up to 2000 lbs and floats at 1.2 feet above ground.

19. Manhattan Parking Spot

Cost:1 Million USD

The parking lot is located in Manhattan’s city center and is estimated to be worth approximately 1 million dollars. It is six times more expensive than the average American home.

Manhattan residents are well aware that Manhattan’s real estate market is expensive.

20. Feather of Huia Bird

Price: 10,000 USD

Huia feathers are symbolic of friendship and respect. Because the Huia bird feather is rare, it is extremely expensive.

Because it is the last known remaining feather, it is often considered the most valuable feather on the planet. It was sold in New Zealand by an anonymous bidder.

All these high-end items are truly amazing!

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