The 10 Most Expensive Cigars In The World

The most expensive cigars in the world are made by the House of Davidoff. They measure at 50x30x15 millimetres, and they are made of the finest tobaccos and hand rolled by the best rollers.

You’ve always wanted to buy a special present for your cigar smoker.

I was thinking that twenty bucks are expensive for a cigar, I think we all would agree on that. Once you pay over that, we would accept an element of prestige and rarity. That was the thinking.

One of the most luxurious items in the world is the cigar. It’s a luxurious item that you can not live without, but you can only enjoy it if you have the money to do so.

Premium cigars are often expensive because of the cost of the materials that go into production. You can find the best cigars made from premium tobaccos. You can also find cigar boxes that are designed to contain the cigar. You can choose from several designs and finishes. Many people find that cigar boxes are perfect for storing a collection of cigars. You can also find cigar bands and cigar bands that are sold separately.

So you might ask yourself, what is so special about premium cigars? Premium cigars do have an amazing taste, but the quality of tobacco is more important than the taste. Premium cigars are rolled by hand using the best tobacco leaves, ensuring the smoke has a better, smoother and stronger flavor.

 Cuban cigars are world-famous and have been appreciated in different parts of the world for decades now. This cigar brand is from the Cuba’s best tobacco region, Pinar Del Rio, and it delivers a great smoking experience to the consumer.

Cigars are well-known for their pedigrees and some of their more expensive ones are among the best in the market. You can find them in many online shops, but you should try to buy them from stores that offer great customer service.

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The 10 Most Expensive Cigars in the World

The thing is, a cigar is one of the most common and versatile cigars. It’s the kind of cigar that can be enjoyed every day.

The delicate process of the cigar is not always the same, so each cigar that you buy comes with its own flavors. They’re made of tobacco leaves that are rolled and shaped, and they’re wrapped in a special way, and you get the flavors from the type of tobacco leaf, the wrapper, the size, and the time it’s exposed to the air.

One of the reasons why cigar smokers love Cuban cigars is for the prices that you can get. As it is the case with most of the best luxury cigars, Cuban cigars are a real value for money, and can also last a long time.

When I found out that I am allergic to almost everything, I realized I have to find a way to enjoy my life. A real cigar smoker knows the importance of a right cigar and enjoys it accordingly. The cigar needs to be smoked at the right location, with the right atmosphere, and at the right time.

There are people out there who like to roll their own cigarettes, cigarettes, or cigars. It takes skill and effort if you want to roll your own.

I have also made a few assumptions about the cigar-like plant that has the closest likeness with a cigar. This is a combination of the pareja de monos plant and the pomme bise plant.

These are the 10 most expensive cigars you can buy because the prices are outrageous.

10. Arturo Fuente Opus X “A” – $79/Cigar

Arturo Fuente Opus X is a smoking experience. It’s a delicious cigar with a complex and rich taste.

The most common sizes have been four, five, six, seven, eight and nine. But there are some other sizes on the market.

You will have a very smooth taste that will remind you of a sweet espresso. This cigar will definitely delight your senses.

9. Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario – $163/Cigar

As a medium-bodied cigar, the Arturo Fuente Especial Maduro is one of the best cigars Cuba, because it is the right size to keep a light flavor and full taste.

The rich soul has a complex flavor of milk chocolate, cedar, and holiday spice. It’s best known for its flavors of milk chocolate, cedar, and holiday spice.

The Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario is a strong brand, it has a history of 100 years within its incredible folds.

8. Arturo Fuente Opus X – $30,000/Box

The Arturo Fuente Opus X cigars are made from Dominican tobacco, and the flavor of the cigars are very different. The Opus X cigars are made with very high quality tobacco.

The Connecticut Broadleaf is a robust, full-bodied cigar. This will be an excellent cigar if you are looking for an everyday cigar to add to your rotation. A great cigar for an experienced cigar smoker.

You’d need to pay $30,000. You can also spend $30,000 to buy a single stick.

7. Cohiba Behike Cigars – $470/Cigar

The cigar is a smooth experience from start to finish. After the first third, it starts getting a little bit more bitter, but it also has a nice sweetness. I’m going to try this after the second third.

The Cohiba Behike cigar has made its way to the markets. The cigars come in three different sizes. The standard ones including the Cohiba Behike 52 and the BHK 54. The BHK 56 and the Behike 54 editions are also sold to cigar stores.

Cohiba Behike is a great blend that packs a flavor that brings out the best in the cigar. It’s full of flavorful notes, and it’s perfect for most any taste. This is a great cigar at an amazing price.

If you plan to get this magnificent cigar, you’d probably have to pay $470 for a whole box.

6. Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve – $750/Cigar

Gurkha cigars are created in a special factory in Kentucky every year. If you are thinking about it today, you should really consider buying them.

The Connecticut Maduro is a maduro cigar that has been aged for a total of 12 years as well. The wrapper is a blend from Connecticut, and the filler has been added with cognac. Both the wrapper and the binder have been aged, and the filler is infused with cognac, which gives it a unique flavor.

It is a cigar that will fill your head with amazing aromas and the taste is something that will make you think that you have been in paradise.

5. Gurkha Black Dragon Cigars – $1,150/Cigar

The Gurkha Black Dragon cigars are a very limited production cigar, but that doesn’t mean that they are expensive to get.

The cigar is made from Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, which is a wrapper from Connecticut Broadleaf Farm in Danbury, Connecticut.

This is one of Gurkha’s rarest cigars. It’s perfect blend of the best tobacco from both Nicaragua and Honduras, aged in a new American made cedar box. Every cigar is unique and different.

This cigar is from the finest tobacco I can imagine. And it’s rolled in Honduras.

4. King of Denmark Cigar – $4,500/Cigar

There is no doubt that a king can afford to pay $4,500 for a single cigar. The cigars are made up of eight different types of tobacco along with two types of wrapper. The wrapper is wrapped around a tobacco core along with a filler in between it. The King of Denmark are handmade in Honduras.

You can also get them with diamonds and other lavish metals as well.

This cigar comes with both a humidor, which will be engraved with the name of the person who purchases this cigar. In addition, it’s also comes with a silver crown. With the silver crown plated in 24 karat gold.

This cigar is expensive. It is worth a lot of money.

3. Regius Double Corona Cigar – $52,785.20/Cigar

Regius is a cigar that you go into the tobacco fields and plant the seed. It’s something a little more special than your common cigar. They are very limited and numbered, so you’ll have to get it while you can.

The purchase price for this cigar is $2,000 USD and the last time someone paid that price for it was in 2013. There’s not many people that would pay that kind of money for a cigar.

2. Mayan Sicars – $507,000/Box

There are two theories about the existence of this cigar: The first, the most popular one, is that it was buried as part of a ritual, by the Mayans who lived there. The other theory claims that it was the cigar of an explorer who had already been dead for some time.

The next video, `Cigar vs. Cigar`, is about a famous cigar-smuggling incident.

When it comes to cigars, history does not get any better than this. The cigars were once owned by a person that is now dead, but if you can pay big money, you should be able to get your hands on them.

The total price of this box of cigars is a whopping $507,000.

1. Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar – $1.36 Million/Cigar

This Gurkha Royal Courtesan cigar is the most expensive in the world. It’s so expensive, that the total cost of the cigar alone is more than the price of a first-class ticket on the London Underground!

The cigar is hand made in the Dominican Republic and Honduras in a cigar factory with Himalayan tobacco and Fiji water.

The cigar has gold leaves that are wrapped around it. It’s held together via a band covered in diamonds. The people who make these cigars are made to work blindfolded to prevent distraction.

According to Cigar Aficionado, the name “Royal Courtesan” refers to the royal status of the tobacco in the blend.


We hope you enjoy this list of the ten most expensive cigars in the world.

Cigars are best enjoyed when something special has happened in your life. Maybe you just won the lottery, or your best friend just got married.

In today’s economy, cigars have become a luxury item and a mark of distinction. Some cigars are made for everyday use, but many are made for those who enjoy indulging in a fine cigar.

People the world over have enjoyed the fruits of its success. In the last century, it has become associated with power and wealth.

The finest cigars come with the highest production costs. The manufacturing process is expensive in terms of time and money. The cigar industry has been around for decades and has undergone many improvements.

The Mayan Sicars are one of the most beautiful cigars ever created. You’re going to see an incredible amount of smoke here. You know, as you see these cigars being lit, you can take in the aroma. I think there’s a certain smell that you get that is very, very pleasant.

I was raised in Honduras, so I’m pretty traditional with cigars, it’s my favorite cigar.

Many people from the United States smoke cheap cigars. It’s no big deal to be able to afford
cheaper cigars. However, most people smoke more expensive cigars.

In a world where even the most valuable cigars are sometimes worth less than $500, these are the most expensive cigars.

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